Harun Yahya

The prophet Muhammad (saas)

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One night in April 571 AD, 14 bastions of the palace of the fire-worshipping Persian emperors were torn down.
That destruction was a sign and great glad tidings of the coming into the world of the Prophet Muhammad (saas).
His coming would bring with it knowledge, and ignorance would depart.
Justice would come, and oppression be brought to an end.
Civilization would come, and savagery come to an end.
After that, the world would be illuminated by the light of the true faith revealed to him.
In this film you will see the superior moral values of the Prophet Muhammad (saas), sent by Almighty Allah as a mercy to the worlds, and witness how the message he preached from his faith and trust in Allah spread quickly, by His will, across a very wide geographical area.
You will see the persistence and determination of the Prophet (saas), a means whereby millions of people over the last 14 centuries have turned to faith and come to live by the moral values revealed in the Qur’an, and how the impact on the world of the True Faith imparted to the Prophet (saas) is today growing ever greater and how hundreds of people every day are flooding to the true path shown by him.

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