Harun Yahya

A superstitious religion in modern times: The new age

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The 1960s were a turning point for Western societies… The ruinous effects of two world wars, the atom bombs dropped over Japan and a string of events such as the Vietnam War provoked a huge reaction against the established order by American youth.
The situation was no different in European countries. Young people opposed existing orders and became caught up in perverted movements in a flagrant desire to “rebel” or “to attract attention.” Degenerate behavior and perverted beliefs were spread by the day.
Young people claiming to be opposed to war established a movement that would leave its imprint on the 1960s: This was the beginning of the hippy culture.
It seemed that the world was full of young people ready to fill the world with flowers all for the sake of peace. They believed that the way forward was to be natural and free.  
In reality their perverse philosophy led them only to degeneration.

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