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Excerpts from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interviews on the Turkish-Islamic Union II


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Kaçkar TV interview, 8 April 2009)

The solution in the Middle East is to love Allah very much, to carry out Allah’s commands, to have deep fear of Allah and to obey Allah’s command to be united. The time for this command of being united has come. For example, what is the time for the morning prayer? It is the time before sunrise. It is now the time before sunrise; this is a religious observance that the Islamic Union is established. By Allah’s leave, we will fasten the Turkish-Islamic Union in this world, and the result will be a splendid atmosphere of well-being, security and joy. Just pay attention and count the days and weeks and months. You will see the Turkish-Islamic Union coming about step by step and, by Allah’s leave, no power on earth will be able to stop it, insha’Allah.

PRESENTER: You know there is the problem of Karabagh. Will this problem be resolved with the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union with your ideas and advice? You have said the Lachin corridor must be opened. Will places belonging to us, such as Lachin-Shusha, be restored to us?

What happens when the Azeri border crossing is opened? What happens when the Armenian border crossing is opened? We will have become a single entity. Azerbaijan will be no different to Eskişehir, or Konya. There will therefore be no question of occupied territory of Azerbaijan, as our Armenian brothers are making that felt now, and they are well aware of the unnecessary nature of that. Also they are not using that land at all, that is a barren land. The masons of the time used that stratagem to distress us and our Azeri brothers, and to drive a wedge between us and the Armenians. But they are now regretting that stratagem. Because we love them very much, they are our brothers and very dear to us. When the Armenian border is opened up, you know they have a genocide monument and they had turned off one light on it, and now they will extinguish them all, insha’Allah. Of course the occupied territories will be given back, but we will embrace the Armenians with love and fervor, and we will go back to the old days, insha’Allah. As you know, we had Armenian generals, we entrusted our troops, our soldiers, to Armenian generals and they commanded them like heroes. They, this noble nation, the Armenians never once betrayed us. I mean, they never betrayed our nation. That is why they had the excellent name of the loyal nation.

ADNAN OKTAR: Israel will eventually come under the umbrella of the Turkish-Islamic Union. They will be able to find comfort, and so will we. Devout Jews will be able to worship as they wish, but they will remain in Jerusalem, it is mentioned in the Qur’an that they will remain in Jerusalem. In other words, they will live in that region but under the security umbrella of the Turkish-Islamic Union. There will therefore be no terror and anarchy in the region. They will do business and worship as they wish there. It is said that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will govern them with the Torah. In other words, he will govern them with those parts of the Torah that have not been distorted. He will approach Christians with the undistorted sections of the Gospels and Muslims with the Qur’an.

An honest question. Will the countries of the world permit the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union?

The model I am describing is one that all the states of the world will embrace with love, joy and enthusiasm. Because there is no suffering, oppression, racism or despising other people in it. What there is in it is respect for all faiths, serving and protecting them all, democracy and warmth, good intentions and transparency, and openness. No country in the world will object to that. This is a belief and institution that will favor and seek to liberate them all.

And terror will go down to zero if there is the Islamic Union?

ADNAN OKTAR: At that very moment, insha’Allah.


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Kral Karadeniz TV interview, 2 January 2009)

What do you do with someone in a deep sleep? You shake them and tell them to wake up… Allah is waking us up. This economic crisis is one that will wake us all up. Allah is showing us the essential nature of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Once the Turkish-Islamic Union is set up, we have the minerals, the oil, the intellectuals, the workforce and a youthful population... We have extraordinary territories, we have friendship, brotherhood, love, faith, fear and love of Allah, I could go on for ever. We have it all. By Allah’s leave we will put them all together and build this system with steel and cement. This will save Europe and America and Russia. Otherwise the world will sink, let me say that. Nobody can find a solution to this crisis. Nobody can find an answer to this whirlwind. The only solution is the Turkish-Islamic Union. That is why it must be made a reality, with profound joy and love, in people’s hearts. The Turkish-Islamic Union is essential. Everyone must do all they can to contribute to it. They must talk abut it in their homes and in the coffee houses, and on the streets, they must write to the authorities on the subject, bring out articles in the papers and talk about in on the TV. That will hasten the process. But I am saying that it will absolutely, definitely happen. This is our nation’s destiny, something set out in the hadith. In other words, the Turkish nation has assumed its duty on the subject and will bring it to a conclusion, insha’Allah. That will be our day of celebration, and the world will attain great beauty and peace, insha’Allah. A nation that does not grow will shrink. Growth is in our nature. We are used to living as a great nation.

This is not even a thousandth or a millionth of what is in my heart. I want to enfold the whole world in this way. I want my books and writings to spread everywhere. I want to embrace the world in this way. I have no enmity toward America or Israel or Armenia; I love them all. They are all my brothers. We want to save them. We are a skillful nation. Let them give us the opportunity and we can save them and they can rejoice. We make no claims to any racial superiority, only one of superior moral virtue. We say we are morally highly virtuous and will spread those moral values across the world, and that is all.


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Başkent TV interview, 13 February 2009)

No economic union can survive without a spiritual foundation. Nobody will give anyone money or help anyone else, and no Islamic country will give money to anyone else. The other Turkic states will not help anyone else. The result is a terrible egoism and selfishness. The aim of the Turkish-Islamic Union is a passionate and fervent love. It is fear and love of Allah and a spiritual excitement. People will have no greed in such a climate, and will rather give things away. If they have oil, they will tell others to take it away freely, they will give it as a gratuity. Turkey will send minerals to Saudi Arabia, for example. And they will send us oil. Workers will leave from here and go and labor for Allah’s approval. And they will be paid a lot of money, again for Allah’s approval. These things will flow in a climate of friendship and brotherhood. This foundation will bring about wealth, prosperity will result from that generosity, friendship and altruism and from not being selfish and egotistical. If one approaches matters with egoism and selfishness, with a materialist mindset thinking about economic unity, then there will be an economic selfishness everywhere. This selfishness will even stretch into the families, nations will become internally selfish, as cities and districts. Bonds and love among people will be severed. Wealth is inevitable in a climate of love. I will give money and opportunity to someone I love, and tell him to take free use of my car and home. I will give away all the money I make in my factory. You can have it, I will say. People are very joyous in the face of those they love. But these things are impossible with out love. That is why the Turkish-Islamic Union will be based on love of Allah. This is very important.


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Başkent TV interview, 13 February 2009)

I have wanted a Turkish-Islamic Union ever since I was a child. I am making huge efforts in that direction. Allah is helping me in all my sincere endeavors. Thanks be to Allah.

Wealth becomes the Turkish nation. Being wealthy and generous is one of the qualities of our nation. They need to be wealthy to welcome guests and present beauty, to make pleasant houses and gardens. That is how it was in Ottoman times, as you know. The Ottoman Empire was wealthy, but it built trading centers, baths, roads, caravanserai and other excellent places. These things are done with money and wealth, of course. But the Turkish-Islamic Union is a spiritual one. Our nation can live on bread and cheese, but it cannot live without love, affection and compassion. The most important characteristic of the Turkish-Islamic Union is love and fear of Allah, and living by the love that comes from love of Him. It is seeing that manifested all around and experiencing the peace and joy that come from it. Our nation should long ago have established the Turkish-Islamic Union. This was our right, because the family is dispersed, and the children will now come back together.


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Kaçkar TV interview, 8 January 2009)

The leader’s name needs to be clarified. The leader are the Turks, otherwise there will be terrible corruption and confusion… The leader must play that role right up the very end. The Turkish nation is the leader. There must be no confusion over the leadership and Allah has given us this duty, and we have performed it for centuries. And we really do that in terms of physical strength and strength of faith as the Turkish nation is the most powerful in the Islamic world, with its courage, fortitude, determination, resistance to hardship, altruism, generosity, fear of Allah and spirit of service. And that is why the whole Islamic world and the whole Turkic world wants Turkey to be the leader. This is not just our idea, but the idea of the entire Turkic and Islamic world. For example, if you go to Iraq and ask them who they think should be leader, they will not say Iraq but Turkey. Go to Egypt and they want Turkey, too. Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, everyone, says Turkey. Turkish troops are highly popular. They are welcomed with applause wherever they go, and we can see in the hadith that The Turkish nation will fulfill this task. We can see that the Turkish nation is the leader from the fact that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come from Istanbul, that the sacred relics are in Turkey, from all the evidence, from all the hadith and descriptions and from all social phenomena. There is no sense in denying it. But I am not speaking of any racial superiority, in the sense of the structure of our cells. The Turks will be the leader in terms of superior moral values, of moral values and the ability to serve. This is a highly important matter, of course; the leader is something that needs careful evaluation.

Russia will be one of the important members of the Turkish-Islamic Union, let me say that, by Allah’s leave. Together with all the Turkic states, because there are so many Muslims in Russia and so many Turks. It is like a Muslim, Turkish state, that is what it resembles. But it will grow even stronger, and the Turkish population is rising all the time. Islam is growing apace. From what I can see, the state is delighted with the strengthening of Islam, and that is a good thing.

The ideal structure for Muslims to love one another and protect one another and to coalesce around a single leader is the Turkish-Islamic Union. That is what I am describing.


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Başkent TV interview, 27 February 2009)

There is no debate about this. We have in any event been serving as leader for the last 700 years. After a brief interval, the leadership spiritually continued and has again returned to us. We are again the leader. We are the children, the continuation of the Ottoman Empire. And we ran the region very well. Everyone is familiar with it. They still refer to Sultan Abdulhamit in sermons in many foreign countries. There is no debate about Turkey’s leadership. For example, if one were to ask Saudi Arabia to do the job, it could not. If one asked it to be the leader, it could not, and would not want to be. Turkey is the leader. We have 600 or 700 years’ of experience. The matter is over with. There was a temporary interruption. In other words, yes, the caliphate was abolished. That is true. The empire disappeared. That is true. But we still have the spiritual legacy. The spiritual power still lies with us. And we will maintain it, insha’Allah. It will be maintained with the Turkish-Islamic Union.

And now I am saying… and it makes one have a smile. In other words, not one of these countries has the workforce, or the ability, or the desire. It is us with our workforce, trained workers, intellectuals, army and troops, technology, culture in all respects and 600 or 700 years of experience who are asking for it. Nobody else can do it. And we are effectively already doing it now. We are in Afghanistan and elsewhere and everywhere. We look at events in Palestine, and they want Turkey, too.

Look, if a few people at the head of the state gave expression to it our nation would rise up, I mean 99% of them would rise up. This would happen right away, this is what our nation is demanding with great intensity, fervor and passion. All that is needed is for the press, charities, associations and our brothers to raise the issue. If three or four charities and 3 or 4 newspapers and 3 or 4 TV stations raise the issue onto the agenda the matter will be over and done with. In particular, it will be over and done with if our intellectuals keep it on the agenda. You will not find anyone in our nation who will say ‘no’ to it. Or perhaps a very few, rare exceptions who have lower moral qualities…


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Başkent TV interview, 13 February 2009)

Things will be torn apart due to this economic crisis like the flood of Noah, despite all the precautionary measures. But the Turkish-Islamic Union will bring light and prosperity to the world. You will see that, too. These are things that will be seen in the coming days and also everyday in the following years. For example, I have been speaking of the Turkish-Islamic Union and headlines have now begun appearing in the Turkish and foreign press referring to “A New Ottoman Empire” and “The Turkish-Islamic Union is Coming.” I have been keeping this subject on the agenda for the last 2 years. It is currently on the agenda everywhere. Go to Palestine, for instance, and ask which country should be the leader, ask anyone. The only answer is Turkey.

If the leaders of every country were to stand up in the same way as Tayyip Erdoğan, nobody would have questioned the leadership. We have the experience of centuries, and there is also the information in the hadith, and the whole Islamic world knows that the Turks will establish the Turkish-Islamic Union. This is a certain matter in the hadith. The whole Islamic world knows that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come from Istanbul. They all know the Turks will be the leader. This is the result of education and information, and Allah inspires it in their souls. And that is the important thing.

This week’s papers are saying that “The Turks will increase their strength in the region.” One intelligence journal wrote that “Turkey will be the dominant force in a region stretching from the Balkans to North Africa.” What is that? It is the Turkish-Islamic Union. That is from a renowned US strategic journal. And the CIA has also said it. Daily Hürriyet state it quite explicity, saying “The New Ottomans will resolve the problem.”

Yes, I am giving an explicit date. The system of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be completed in 2021. In 2021. The matter will be over and done with by the time, and Turkish-Islamic Union will have been founded. That is certain, insha’Allah.

That is the same as the date given in Surah Yusuf. These are periods of 7 years each. When we go back 700 years we see that the Turks had another great structural institution. Then when we go forward 700 years we see the Turkish-Islamic Union is at the gates. Everything is in sevens. There are the sevens repeated by Almighty Allah in the Holy Qur’an. There is a special verse in the Qur’an. Sevens are highly significant. So 2014 is important, and 2021. My brothers will see this when the time comes, insha’Allah.


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Başkent TV interview, 13 March 2009)

Comments by an analyst, said to be a CIA agent, to the effect a new Ottoman Empire is being born have begun doing the rounds of late. How do you evaluate this?

Be on your guard. He says the Ottomans are coming. Take the appropriate precautions. Do whatever you will. He says they will be the leader. True. He is looking at the course of history, and it is true. He is looking at the sociological facts, and it is true. They look at religious sources, of course. They look at the Torah, the Gospels and the Qur’an. The holy scriptures are one of the subjects the CIA has most worked on. The CIA has special desks. There is one special desk that studies the Qur’an, for instance. A special department. Many experts, hundreds, are working on the Qur’an. In other words, they know that the Qur’an is righteous and true. And they are trying to take precautions accordingly. They draw many significances from the Gospels and the Torah. But anyone can see it, even a child. It is a characteristic of the Middle East. Religion is the heart of matters in the Middle East. There is a huge and rapid awakening in religion. They talk to people and evaluate accordingly. Truly, the whole region wants Turkey to be the leader. Since everyone espouses the Turkish-Islamic Union, the Turkish-Islamic Union is on its way. This is something quite visible to the eye.

PRESENTER: You know the USA always takes a close interest in Turkey and the region, especially the Middle East. Its approach has attracted attention. There is the further improvement of already excellent US-Turkish relations in the next period, the US establishing a genuine dialogue, US President Obama’s visit to Turkey on 6-7 April and his giving an address at a very important meeting in Istanbul. Again, Obama will speak at an important meeting in Istanbul related to the topic of dialogue, following his speech at the Parliament in Ankara. What could be the reason for America’s attaching such importance to Turkey? Because for years the USA has always played an active role regarding Turkey and its neighboring region.

Look, they want Turkey to be the leader from this perspective. Turkey is a very rational country.


ADNAN OKTAR: It embodies Islam very well. It interprets the Qur’an very well. But they do not come to understand things from there alone. The CIA also studies the books of hadith. It also studies the Qur’an. I mean, they really know that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear. And they know this is a fact that cannot be stopped. Their experts and professors are all well aware of this, aware of this phenomenon. But they have some doubts; could such an alliance be harmful to them? Will it do any harm to Europe? What would be the pros and cons? They are trying to determine that. But let me say it will be hugely to their benefit. Very much in their favor. Wealth, plentitude, abundance, peace, security, joy, happiness and everything will come. It will be wonderful.


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Başkent TV interview, 13 January 2009)

Let me first of all set out Ataturk’s thoughts on this subject. Then I shall move on to that matter. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk says, “I believe that the Turkish-Islamic Union will one day really come about. Even if I do not see it, I shall close my eyes within that dream.” He says this is his dream. As it is ours. “I believe in Turkish Union, I see it. The history of tomorrow will begin with Turkish Union.” See how pearls drip from his mouth, masha’Allah. “The world will find peace and justice within this program.” An explicit statement. “We feel only delight at the whole Islamic world being united an allied together both physically and spiritually.” The whole Islamic world, he is talking about Islamic Union. “Therefore, in the same way that we are independent inside our own borders, the Syrians and Iraqis can emerge as independent powers based on their own national sovereignty.” And what Ataturk said is coming about today. Whatever he said is coming true. Our Ataturk espoused the Turkish-Islamic Union.

Turkey shaped 3 continents and has great experience. It has experience of state, of empire. We want to revitalize that experience and again administer the whole region as the Syrians want it, and the Iraqis, and Egypt and Iran. Even Armenia wants it, Azerbaijan Turkestan, and East Turkestan, everyone. Everyone trusts Turkish justice, rationality and self-sacrifice, also Turkish troops are loved all over the world. Irreligious people, atheists, Muslims, disbelievers and everyone else loves them.


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Başkent TV interview, 27 February 2009)

They have now given enormous power to (media) Baron. And Baron is doing everything he can against the Turkish nation. Whatever he has in his subconscious, whatever he has heard from the masons or somewhere else, whatever he has heard from atheist Zionists he applies to the Turkish nation. He is therefore reluctant to see such a beautiful thing, such a light as the Turkish-Islamic Union. I look at his news reports from time to time, which are like warnings. Look out, he says, the Turkish-Islamic Union is coming. Whereas the Turkish-Islamic Union as a holy, radiant entity that will save and embrace everyone. It is a mercy and a beauty from Allah, and there is no other salvation for people. We will all see what straits this economic crisis inflicts on people in 3 years’ time. We will see how wretched they become. There will be shortages. But Turkish-Islamic abundance and the light of the Turkish-Islamic Union, will save them. They will be saved in that well-being.

Baron’s people regard the EU as perfectly acceptable. But when it comes to the Turkish-Islamic Union they do all they can to oppose it and attack sacred things and religious believers and Muslims. Or else they attack Turkish nationalists. They are always doing something. But our nation has its own deep consciousness in the face of this. A national consciousness, this needs to rise up. That is why I am always talking about new charities and associations, and how if this is given expression the Turkish nation will rise up. Our nation needs no training on the subject. What logic is there in asking if one should give water to someone in the desert? What logic would there be in asking our nation if they want the Turkish-Islamic Union? They already want it. It is their dream. The Turkish-Islamic Union is the dream of every Turk and every Muslim, because it will do no harm to anyone. It will be useful to everyone. But of course communists or fascists do not want the Turkish-Islamic Union, and masons do not want it. These are the ones with lower moral qualities. One comes across such people in that way of thinking.

Our nation are not keen on the Turkish-Islamic Union so they can be wealthy or at ease. Our nation seeks peace, love, beauty and spirituality. It wants human relations to be good. It wants joy and delight. A bit of bread and cheese is enough for our nation. It has no greed, only a thirst for love. It has a thirst for love and friendship. The most important blessing the Turkish-Islamic Union will bestow is perfection in our spiritual nature. That will bring us wealth, and there will thus of course be human investment. But there are many atheist Zionists, masons and communists with links to the masons who do not want human investment. These people adopt a diametrically opposite perspective.


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Başkent TV interview, 13 January 2009)

This union means salvation for China. Its salvation is in the Turkish-Islamic Union. Because people in China are currently living in just 3 square meter houses under terrible conditions. This is a system that will liberate them, too. In other words, an artificial wealth has grown up in China, but that artificial wealth will disappear in this crisis, and is disappearing. So in that sense, China will be ruined within the next few years. That will also happen in America, and in Britain. Like the staff of the Prophet Musa (as) that turned into a snake and swallowed up other things, this economic crisis will swallow up all the elements of capitalism. No power can withstand it.

Only the Turkish-Islamic Union has the power to promise a future and rescue the world. This is most suitable, natural and logical in economic, politicial, social and historical terms. The Turkic countries are already one single nation. There is no need for this division. They are like Kayseri, Konya, Erzurum and Sivas in Turkey.

Yes, there is no need to regard these Turkic nations as separate. They are one single nation. But that nation still needs to be have a leader. There is none greater than it in terms of power, altriuism, fortitude, moral virtue, courage, heroism and experience of state. The absence of such a leader imposes a spiritual responsibility. They have a historical obligation. There is also, as you know, the 600 years of Ottoman experience. We administered the region with justice and goodness. If the Ottomans made any mistakes, these will not be repeated this time. It will be very, very perfect. It means enormous enrichment for America, and for Great Britain and Europe. It means salvation for Russia and China. It is the only institution that can save Russia. Russia cannot withstand this economic crisis and it will collapse, and this is its only way for salvation.

Every state will be independent. This is a spiritual and social union, a union of love. Whenever terror arises they will unanimously tell it to stop, and it will do so. If one of them undergoes an economic collapse, they will all help out at once and put it back on its feet. When minerals are needed somewhere, they will provide those minerals. In the same way that a family is made strong and healthy by its members helping one another. The Turkish-Islamic Union will constitute a family. But there is no claim of superiority, and no aggression or defiance. Because we plan to include Armenia in the Turkish-Islamic Union and make it a brother within ourselves. We want Armenia to go back to the good old days. It was the Loyal Nation, as you know.

The Jews are very agreeable and well behaved. They will live greatly at ease. They will worship in their synagogues and do business as they wish.


(From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Başkent TV interview, 13 January 2009)

Administration or leadership, you cannot have the Turkish-Islamic Union without it. And that is what everyone wants. Allah wants it like that. We can see this in the hadith, insha’Allah. That is what the hadith of our Prophet (saas) indicate. We can also see that the Turks will be on duty from the events of the End Times. And Allah has proved this over 600 years.

In other words, the result of the Turkish-Islamic Union is global dominion. World rule will result, insha’Allah.

What I foresee is that the time of Obama will be the time when the Turkish-Islamic Union comes into being, and Obama will not oppose or be able to withstand this union. I can say that much. Allah best knows the truth, of course. And Mrs. Hillary, she is a very mild person and they seem to keep away from the fiercness and savage of previous administrations. Allah knows best. And this means a foundation that will develop the peaceful spirit, the social and genuine spirit of the Turkish-Islamic Union. It will facilitate the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union. I can tell you that.

PRESENTER: Obama has been elected for 4 years in America, and can serve a maximum of 2 terms. So under the US Constitution, even if he is elected for a second term, he can serve no longer than 8 years. There is no chance of a third term. So do you mean that the Turkish-Islamic Union will become a reality within 8 years?

ADNAN OKTAR: In my view it will be a reality in 7 years.

In 7 years? Not 6 or 8? On what basis do you give such specific timing?

From 2007 to 2014. I say this on the basis of the descriptions given by Said-i Nursi, and of those in the hadith. We can also see this from the historical perspective, and from social developments. It can be seen from sociological forecasts also. But this is seen in the descriptions of the hadith. And we can see it from what Said-i Nursi says.

People must pray in all sincerity for the Turkish-Islamic Union, strive for it and exhibit great fervor. That is the course history is taking, and we will see this great blessing. They must be keen and determined on the subject. They must keep the pressure up day and night. They must know that it will 100% happen. They can rejoice in that knowledge, insha’Allah. The Turkish nation will be the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union, insha’Allah. We are a blessed nation with great devotion and moral virtue, and we possess an extraordinarily lovely homeland. We will never give away a single stone from Cyprus or anywhere else. We will be a truly great state, insha’Allah. We will found the Turkish-Islamic Union. Insha’Allah, we will live in wealth, well-being and abundance.

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