Harun Yahya

The miracle of respiration

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Every individual sets out goals that are important to him or her. Yet not one of these needs is as important as one blessing you possess at every moment: breathing.
If you had been unable to breathe for a minute, you would have given up all you owned in order to be able to breathe again. In another minute or so you would have lost consciousness. Brain death would follow in another two or three minutes, and your life would be at an end.
This process, which seems so simple and which very few people ever think about, is actually the first link in a miracle. Every cell in our bodies needs the oxygen provided by breathing. The beating of your heart, the movements of your muscles, cell division, thought would not be possible without oxygen.
In this film, you will see what a great blessing breathing is and how each one of the systems which allow you to breathe is a miraculous example of God’s creation.

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