Harun Yahya


Throughout this book, we have seen the reaction that Harun Yahya's works have received around the world and the ever-growing interest in them. We have seen a few reflections of this great interest in newspapers, magazines, on Internet sites and in letters from readers.

There are several important reasons for the great influence that these works have had on those who have read them. First, because of their intimate and attractive style, they can be simply and easily understood by people from every walk of life and of every age group. The author has taken the wisdom and the striking narrative style of the Qur'an as a model for himself. The second reason must be the variety of his works, that attract the interest of all sections of society with the importance of their themes. For example, Harun Yahya's series of works is not only of importance to those who want to learn about Islam or deepen their knowledge of the Qur'an, but are also a source of reference for those who want to have true Qur'an-based knowledge about topics such as the true face of evolution, biology, astronomy, physics, world and present-day history and international relations.

The basic point about Harun Yahya's works is that they were written with only the will of God in mind. They have been prepared without any commercial interest or expectation of profit and as a result their sincerity has an immediate effect on the hearts of their readers.

For this reason, reading these works and introducing and recommending them to others is a very important service. Anything that can be done in this direction will be a step towards eliminating the environment of cruelty and chaos in which the world has become immersed and, with God's help, this will eventually happen.

God willing, the works of Harun Yahya will reach an even greater audience in the 21st century, and will be a means whereby people will be able to attain that life of well-being, justice and peace that they have longed for down the years.

They said, "Glory be to You! We have no knowledge except what You have taught us. You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise."(Qur'an, 2: 32)


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