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Italy - Marco Polo

Marco Polo is an international political magazine published in Venice, Italy. It is published by a foundation called TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia-A Programme of the European Commission External Relations Directorate-General) This foundation is a European Union platform for the organization of commercial and cultural relations between European countries and Central Asia. The December, 2001, edition of the magazine published Harun Yahya's article on terror.

marco polo

Source of Islamic Terrorism Not a solution.


God calls to the Abode of Peace and He guides whom He wills to a straight path.(Qur'an, 10:25)

Unıted Kıngdom - The Mıddle Path

The Middle Path is a monthly magazine that publishes articles on science, faith and politics. Published in the UK, it carries various articles by Harun Yahya. It referred to Harun Yahya on the cover of its December 2000 edition, under the headline "Harun Yahya on Islam and Science." The same edition carried Harun Yahya's article "In Every Age There Existed An Ignorant Society." In the light of verses from the Qur'an, this article analyzes those ignorant societies that have no knowledge of Islamic morality.

books of harun yahya books of harun yahya

"Harun Yahya is a well known writer from Istanbul who has written numerous books and articles on Islam, which includes the marvels of Allah's creations, the evolution theory, and politics. His articles have been published, not only in Turkey, but in other countries as well. His study aims to convey the message of the Qur'an, and to encourage people to think on issues such as the existence and the unity of God, and the Hereafter." (The Middle Path, October 2000)

Another article that appeared in the October, 2000, edition of The Middle Pathwas "From Caterpillar to Butterfly," which describes the marvelous stages in the metamorphosis from caterpillar to the perfect shape of a butterfly. The article also discusses the wondrous proofs of creation in the lace-like wings of the butterfly and the artistry of their color, shape and symmetry.

expansion of the universe

"Harun Yahya is a well known writer from Istanbul who has written numerous books and articles on Islam, which includes the marvels of Allah's creations, the evolution theory, and politics. His articles have been published, not only in Turkey, but in other countries as well. His study aims to convey the message of the Qur'an, and to encourage people to think on issues such as the existence and the unity of God, and the Hereafter." (The Middle Path, October 2000)

Unıted Kıngdom - Impact Internatıonal

Impact Internationalis an independent magazine published in the UK and distributed to more than 100,000 readers in 18 countries including America, Canada, Germany, Kuwait, Pakistan, India, Mauritius and Sri Lanka. In its May 2001 issue, it published an article by Harun Yahya entitled "The Kosova-Serbia-Macedonia Triangle," which analyzes the latest developments in the Balkans.

In Harun Yahya's "Common Material, Design and Designer," which appeared in the August 2000 issue of the magazine, the latest developments in the Genome Project were discussed. The following is an extract from the article:


Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia Triangle - May 2001

"The recent completion of the human gene map within the scope of the Human Genome Project is an important scientific development. However, some results of this project are being distorted in some evolutionist publications. It is claimed that the genes of chimpanzees are 98% similar to human genes, and this is presented as an evidence for the claim that apes are close to humans, and therefore, logical ancestors of humans as claimed by Darwin's theory of evolution. The argument is misleading… The claim of 98% similarity is deceptive. To claim that the genetic make-ups of man and chimpanzee bear 98% similarity to each other the genome of the chimpanzee also has to be mapped just as that of man and the two have to be compared. However no such comparison results are available, because, so far, only the gene of the human has been mapped. No such research for the chimpanzee has been done yet. …Darwinists are distorting the results of the Human Genome Project. Life did not originate as a result of unconscious coincidences as evolution claims, but as the result of the creation of Allah, the Almighty, the Owner of infinite knowledge and wisdom."

impact magazine, harun yahya

Adnan Oktar writes under the pen name, Harun Yahya. He has published almost 100 titles in Turkish. Some have been translated into English and other languages. (Impact International, August 2000)

October 2000

Pakıstan - The Daıly Jang

daily jang

The Urdu edition of Allah is Known Through Reason / April 2, 2001

daily jang londra

March 28, 2001

The London edition of The Daily Jangnewspaper, associated with one of the largest publishing groups in Pakistan, serialized Harun Yahya's Allah is Known Through Reason in Urdu.

daily jung

1) April 12, 2001
2) April 10, 2001
3) April 11, 2001
4) April 9, 2001

Various articles by Harun Yahya have been published in The Daily Jang at various times.

USA - Gettıng Back to Qur'an & The Sunnah

A number of Harun Yahya’s articles have appeared in the American monthly magazine Getting Back To Qur'an & The Sunnah . "The World and the Hereafter," published in the fourth edition, says that God created this world as a temporary place where believers are tested. The article "Solution: Morals of the Qur'an", which appeared in the eighth edition of the magazine, relates that in the Qur'an, there is no discrimination between human beings based on sex or material wealth. A person's status is determined by his piety and closeness to God. In another edition of the magazine, an article by Harun Yahya entitled "The Moral Values of the Qur'an" discussed worshipping God in the best way and the behavior appropriate to a believer.

The World and the Hereafter / Solution Values of the Qur'an
books of harun yahya

Values of the Qur'an                 Deep Thinking

USA - Aftab

Aftabis the magazine of the New York University Students’ union. It has also published various articles by Harun Yahya. Its December-January, 2001, issue carried an article by Harun Yahya entitled "The Signs in the Heaven and the Earth." This article says that everything, from the smallest piece of matter to the immense galaxies that contain millions of stars, works according to an order, and that this order is under the control of God. In the February-March, 2001, issue of the magazine, an article entitled "The Expansion of the Universe" presented a discussion, based on scientific evidence and observation, of the fact that God created the universe from nothing.

evrenin genişlemesi

The evidence is in the heavens and on the ground          Expansion of the Universe

The author, Haroon Yahya, has published numerous books and booklets explicitly proving the existence of Allah, emphasizing the marvelous creation of Allah against the materialistic and atheistic ideologies, and of course their most efficient and significant view: the Evolution Theory. Harun Yahya is well known throughout the world and his organization was gracious enough to contribute articles as well as books for our Islamic Center. (Aftab, January 2001)

Germany - Kaaba

Kaaba, magazine, harun yahya


Kaaba devoted its October, 2000, issue to the theory of evolution, and distributed the Turkish and English editions of The Evolution Deceit to its readers as a supplement.

Kaaba is a magazine read by university students in Germany andis circulated throughout the country, particularly to universities. As well as publishing articles by Harun Yahya, it also runs articles which make use of his works.

In its April, 2002, issue it ran Harun Yahya's article "Islam is Peace" as its cover story. This article provides an insight into the concepts of war and jihad in Islam, and maintains that all forms of barbarism, unnecessary acts of violence and unjust aggression are forbidden by Islam. Another article in the same issue, titled "The Real Ideological Roots of Terrorism: Darwinism and Materialism," examines the disasters Darwinism has visited on the world and reveals its connection with terrorism, one of the most important global problems in our time.

Darwin's Magic Box
Darwin's Magic Box

Adnan Oktar who writes under the pen name Harun Yahya is an idealist author who has devoted his entire life to the communication of God's existence and unity, and the beauty of the morality of the Qur'an. (Kaaba, October 2000)

Kaaba, magazine, harun yahya

Islam is peace

Australıa - Salam

salam magazineSalamis published every two months and is Australia's largest magazine devoted to the presentation of Islam.

Almost every issue of this internationally circulated magazine contains articles by Harun Yahya:

The November-December, 1999, issue contains an article entitled "Philosophies that Made the Mistake of Denying Allah," which discusses those scientists who deny the existence of God even though they have closely observed the clear evidence for it;

The May-June, 2000, issue contained an article entitled "A New World," in which some prejudices with regard to religion are dealt with. It says that religion is not only the concern of the elderly, but of the whole of society and that when man comes to know God, Who created him, he will be saved from the false idea that religion is to be avoided;

The July-August, 2000, issue carries an article called "Pondering on the Qur'an;"

The September-October, 2000, issue published an article entitled "Darwinists are distorting the results of the Human Genome Project: THE APE-MAN SIMILARITY IS A TALE!". This article shows clearly that human beings did not evolve from apes but were created by God. The article " A Living Planet," in the January-February, 2001, issue, demonstrated that God created the world in a perfect balance so that human beings could live in it most comfortably;

harun yahya

salam magazine, harun yahya

The March-April issue ran an article entitled "Why Does Darwin's Theory of Evolution Contradict With Religion?" and the September-October 2001 issue carried the article "The Real Ideological Root of Terrorism: DARWINISM AND MATERIALISM". Samples of articles by Harun Yahya that have appeared in this magazine can be seen below.

Portugal - Al Furqan

A foundation called Al Furqan that operates in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, serialized Harun Yahya's Perished Nations in Portuguese in its magazine. This magazine follows this author's work carefully, and also publishes his articles dealing with evolution.

March-April 1999
May - June 1999
July - August1999
September- October 1999
January- February 2000

Perished Nations seen above in Portuguese ran to 6 editions in Turkish and 4 editions in English. The book has also been published in German, Spanish, Russian, and French and became highly popular in the countries concerned.

Indıa - Islamıc Voıce

Islamic Voiceis a monthly publication in India. In its September, 2000, issue an article by Harun Yahya, "The Obvious Signs in the Lake of Lut," appeared in the "Qur'an and Science" section. This article examines, in the light of archaeological evidence, how the people of Lut were destroyed. In the July, 2001, issue, Harun Yahya's "Miracles in the Eye" appeared. Articles by this author are published regularly in this magazine.

"The Obvious Signs in the Lake of Lut"                                           "Miracles in the Eye"

Pakıstan - Renaıssance

Harun Yahya's "Pondering on the Qur'an" appeared in the September, 2000, issue of this English-language magazine published in Pakistan. Below is an extract from that article:

"Therefore, what is needed in the first place is to correct the wrong point of view about the Qur'an and make people understand that the Qur'an is not a book which is addressed only to the Prophet (sws) but to all people who consider themselves Muslims. Any person who utters this statement: "I'm a Muslim, alhamdulillah" must read the Qur'an and try to understand the meaning of the verses. In the Qur'an, the importance of learning verses and reciting them are especially emphasized.

...Some people believe that the Qur'an addresses only Muslims of the 7th century and some others think that only a small part of the verses addresses people other than the Muslims of the 7th century. A person having such an approach gets satisfied with reading the Qur'an and thinks he fulfils his religious duties by doing so. However, this is not only a matter of learning what is inside of the Qur'an, but also putting them into practice, fulfilling the duties ordered in the Qur'an, adapting moral standards explained in the Qur'an;briefly, bringing the Qur'an into one's own everyday life."

Pakıstan - Albalagh

The August, 1999, issue of the monthly magazine Albalagh published in Pakistan, carried Harun Yahya's article "Hell." Here is a paragraph from that article:

books of harun yahya

"As many beauties and blessings there are in Paradise, that much ugliness and torment Hell is full with. Those who have denied Allah as their Creator are punished with an endless penalty in Hell. ...The common characteristic of the unbelievers who deserve Hell is their rejection when they have been invited to religion."

The March, 2000, issue published Harun Yahya's "The Expansion of the Universe," and in the April, 2000, issue an article entitled "About the Rain" appeared.

This article uses scientific discoveries and relevant verses from the Qur'an to show that every year the same amount of rain falls on the earth and that the stages in the formation of rain correspond to the Qur'an.

"Past Civilizations," serialized in the May and June, 2000, issues gives an account of some of the destructive events suffered by those who denied God and ascribed partners to Him.

An article by Harun Yahya entitled "Righteous Deeds" appeared in the August, 2000, issue. With reference to the Qur'an, the article maintains that believers must do righteous deeds.

In the September, 2000, issue, the article "Pondering" led readers to ponder on the proofs of God's existence in the universe.

Mr. Adnan Oktar writing under the pen name of Harun Yahya is a well known writer from Istanbul. He has written a number of books conveying the message of the Qur'an in the light of contemporary knowledge. His books "Evolution Deceit," "Perished Nations" and "Allah Is Known Through Reason" are irrefutable documents against materialistic theories… His approach is scientific, simple and straight forward. (Albalagh, April 2000)
books of harun yahya

An article describing human creation, "The Mechanisms in our Body," appeared in the February, 2001, issue.

Mr. Adnan Oktar writing under the pen name of Harun Yahya is a well known writer from Istanbul.

He has written a number of books conveying the message of the Qur'an in the light of contemporary knowledge. His books "Evolution Deceit," "Perished Nations" and "Allah Is Known Through Reason" are irrefutable documents against materialistic theories… His approach is scientific, simple and straight forward.

(Albalagh, April 2000)

Malaysıa - Magazıne Fıtrah

Magazine Fitrahis a monthly magazine published in English by a foundation called Persatuan Darul Fitrah. In its December, 1999, issue Harun Yahya's article entitled "The Migration of Birds, A Sign from God" appeared.

Presentation by Bro. Harun Yahya respected and prolific author from Istanbul, Turkey. Wrote more than 90 books on faith topics, Science, political issues, the collapse of the evolution theory, and anti-masonic books. (Magazine Fitrah, December 1999)

South Afrıca - Al Haadı

The magazine, published every four months, also carried Harun Yahya's "The Fallacy of Evolution." Here is the introductory passage to the article written by the editor of the magazine:

"Allah Ta'ala created the first human being, Hazrath Adam (A.S.), from sand. This was the beginning of human species. The Qur'an has declared this in several places. However, western scientists are still at pains to try and prove that their forefather was an ape. In their quest to fool others into believing the fallacy of evolution, they resort to the most deceptive means."

harun yahya

March 2001
harun yahya

Extracted from The Evolution Deceit by Harun Yahya.

Greece - Hur Hakka Davet

Hur Hakka Davetis a magazine published in Turkish in the Western Thrace area of Greece. In its February, 2001, issue, it carried an article titled "The Atmosphere-The Protected Roof of the Earth." The July, 2001, issue ran the article "Religion Encourages Science." This article illustrates how scientific discoveries reveal the wonders of God's creation.

The Atmosphere: The Protected Roof of the Earth (Left)
Religion Encourages Science (Right)

Netherlands - Platform

This Turkish-language magazine published in Holland devotes considerable space every month to articles by Harun Yahya.

March 15, 2001
Blind Architects: Termites


May 15, 2001
It is God Who Created the Perfect Heat Balance on the Earth

September 15, 2000
Scientific Miracles of the Qur'an

Harun Yahya's scientific articles are regularly published in Platform magazine.

April 13, 2001
The Miracle of Seed

June 15, 2001
The Perfect Design in Water

Kenya - Iqra Islamıc Journal



June - October 2001

Iqra Islamic Journal is published every four months in Kenya. In the June-October, 2001, issue Harun Yahya's article "A Living Planet: The Earth" appeared in it. Below is an excerpt from that article:

"The 77% of nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% of carbon dioxide as well as other gasses readily available in the atmosphere represent the ideal figures necessary for the survival of living beings. Oxygen, a gas that is vital for living beings, helps food to be burned and converted into energy in our bodies.

If the oxygen quantity in the atmosphere were greater than 21%, the cells in our body would soon start to suffer great damages. The vegetation and hydrocarbon molecules needed for life would also be destroyed. If this quantity were less, then this would cause difficulties in our respiration, and the food we eat would not be converted into energy. Therefore, the 21% of oxygen in the atmosphere is the most ideal quantity determined for life."

In the November 2001 - February 2002 edition of the journal, a review of Harun The Creation of the Universe was published. That review said:

"In this world of modern science where old beliefs and values are fast eroding, Harun Yahya's book is like a textbook. A must for all our boys and girls who today are seeking knowledge all over the world and being indoctrinated into the scientific world where Allah does not exist."

USA - Iqra

Iqra is the magazine of the South Bay Islamic Organization (SBIA) in San Jose, California, a non-profit organization dedicated to weaving the universal teachings of Islam into the fabric of American society. Harun Yahya's article published in the April, 2002, issue of the magazine was titled "In Every Age There Existed an Ignorant Society". An extract from the article reads:.

From the time man was created, there have always been two distinct societies:the ignorant society and the community of believers. All those who fail to observe the limits set by religion, constitute the ignorant society. Despite discrepancies in beliefs, thoughts and ways of living, one fundamental rationale lays the groundwork for the life of all ignorant societies:not to adhere to true religion.

USA- Mırror Internatıonal

Mirror International is a message-oriented weekly newspaper published from New York. 40,000 copies are distributed every week in more than 115 cities in the US and Canada. It aims to encourage Muslims to interact with American society and politics, and to provide intellectual interaction with the non-Muslim elite and masses alike.

Harun Yahya's articles published in this newspaper address faith-related and political topics. The article titled "Evaluating Everything From the Point of View of the Qur'an" maintains that everything takes place in accordance with the destiny Allah has determined, and that therefore everything has a purpose. What believers should do, according to the author, is to interpret each event in the light of the Qur'an and react in the way the Qur'an prescribes.

Mirror International, harun yahya

Sıngapore - The Muslıms' dıgest

The Muslims' Digestis a monthly magazine of social topics that concern Muslims. This English-language magazine deepens its readers' awareness of questions concerning belief and science by publishing articles by Harun Yahya on these issues.

In its May, 2000, issue it carried Harun Yahya's "Never Plead Ignorance About the Apparent Existence of Allaah," which says that when a person looks at the world he finds God in every detail, and that God holds everything under His control; He is aware of everything and He has made human beings aware of His existence through the perfection of His creation.

In another issue of The Muslims' Digest (left), the article "Cities Turned Upside Down" discusses the various ways in which those societies that acted arrogantly towards God were destroyed.

The article "The Design in Water" ,describes how water was specifically created for human life; "The Disaster of Pompeii" discusses the destruction of the city of Pompeii in Italy in AD 79, and "Scientists Confirm the Signs of Allah" discusses scientists who have become believers after examining the clear proofs of the existence of God.


August 1999

September 2000                                                     August 2000

May 1999                                                     September 1999

Poland - The Muslım world revıew

In the April, 1999, issue of this magazine, an article was carried entitled "Co-operation Between Animals and Plants," which discussed the life that plants and animals have in common. Here is an extract from that article:

"..One good example is the pitcher plant (Nepenthes bicalcarata) that grows in Eastern India. This plant, that is exactly in the shape of carafe, houses ant colonies in its body. It feeds on insects by seizing the ones that perch on it, captures them and in the end digests them. On the other hand, the guest ants have privilege for this carnivorous plant. The pitcher plant ignores the existence of ants in an incomprehensible manner. Truly the ants and the plant have a deal with each other for their mutual benefit. The ants are under the threat of being eaten by the plant, nevertheless they have gained a home for themselves. On the other hand, the plant leaves remnants of some tissues and insects for the ants and in return, it gains the right to get protected from its enemies by the ants. This example defines the main features of symbiosis between the ants and the plant. The anatomy and physiological structures of the ants and the plant hosting them are so designed as to provide a mutual relationship. However the evolutionists claim that such relationship gradually became widespread in millions of years, assuming an obvious illogical thesis that two living beings lacking intelligence made an agreement and planned such 'mutual benefit' system-somehow."

In one of its issues, the magazine presented the author Harun Yahya with an article titled "Who is Adnan Oktar?"

Indonesıa - Dıalog jumat

Dialog JumatDialog Jumat is published on Fridays as a supplement to Indonesia's largest newspaper, Republika. The articles by Harun Yahya published in that supplement dealt with the miraculous aspects of the life of ants and plants.

Unıted Kıngdom - Dıscourse

Discourse Discourse magazine is published monthly in Britain. In the April, 2001, issue Harun Yahya's article "Darwin's Theory of Evolution: Contradiction with Religion" was run as the cover story. This article discusses the misconception of evolution, and how it contradicts religion. People who believe in God are warned against the dangerous implications of this theory. Harun Yahya's article published in the May, 2002, issue, was titled "The Only Solution to Moral Degeneration:The Values of the Qur'an." Articles by the author are regularly published in this magazine.

Netherlands - Euro Huzur

harun yahya, books

Euro Huzuris a monthly Turkish-language social, news and cultural magazine published in Holland and distributed in other European countries as well. Harun Yahya's article "The Wonder of Creation" was published in the March, 2001, issue. The magazine regularly publishes articles by the author.

It is God Who Created the Perfect Heat Balance on the Earth

Embryology Refutes the Lie of Evolution                                         The Creation of Man                       

USA - Muslım Observer

The Muslim ObserverObserveris a weekly publication to which Harun Yahya contributes articles. One of these was an article called ""Superiority Comes From Character, Not Blood."" (Üstünlük Soya Değil, Ahlaka Göredir)Some of his other articles that have appeared in this newspaper can be seen below.

22 June 2001                                                                15 June 2001

ariel shoran

21 September 2001


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