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harunyahya sites



harun yahya sites



harun yahya websites



harun yahya websites


www.islam.ru, This is a site with Islamic content in English and Russian. Its purpose is to provide information for Muslims and those who have recently converted to Islam. It gives information on recent events that have occurred in Russia and the rest of the world, and news from the Islamic world is also included. In the section in Russian called "Islam and Science" various excerpts from Harun Yahya's The Creation of the Universe appear.

perso wanadoo

http://perso.wanadoo.fr/islamnet/verite.htm is an Islamic site in French that has detailed accounts of Islam and the moral teachings of the Qur'an. It also includes articles by renowned Islamic scholars, and a section has been reserved for the French translation of Harun Yahya's Ever Thought About the Truth?

avez vouz

www.arvo.net, is a scientific and cultural site in Spanish. It includes Harun Yahya's article entitled "Islam is Not the Source of Terrorism, But Its Solution".

arvo net

The Italian site, www.islam-online.it has a huge Islamic content. The home page devotes space to an illustrated presentation of Harun Yahya's The Evolution Deceit. When you enter this section you will find a comprehensive site in which The Evolution Deceit is introduced in Italian translation.

The Italian site

www.muslimworld.co.uk is one of Britain's most important Internet sites. Here information is provided about the reasons why some people have converted to Islam. On this site, under the heading "A Closer Look at Nature," such articles as Harun Yahya's "Rain," "The Miracle of Honey," and "Mechanisms of the Body" are included.


A special section has been created on the French site www.ifrance.com for Harun Yahya's works. This site provides links to access Harun Yahya's English and Turkish-language sites. Under the headings of faith, science, politics and nature, sections from Harun Yahya's various books and articles are included.

 French site

www.iquebec.ifrance.com is the official site of the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center. This site contains a very wide selection of material. It has verses from the Qur'an, the sayings of the Prophet, and comments from those who have become converts to Islam. In addition there is a special section for children. Harun Yahya's article entitled "The Real Origin of Life" appears on the home page.


www.islamfr.com, is a French Islamic site. A special section has been prepared for the works of Harun Yahya. The site gives detailed information about Harun Yahya's works and provides links to the author's English and Turkish-language sites. In addition, articles by the author are included in four sections: faith, politics, science and creation.


www.jamiat.org.za is a comprehensive Islamic site prepared by South African Muslims, and includes a special section about the works of Harun Yahya. Above is an article by Harun Yahya which explains why the theory of evolution is contrary to religion.


www.overgave.nl is a site that gives information in Flemish about the Islamic world and devotes considerable space to the works of Harun Yahya.


www.evolution-schoepfung.de is a site in German prepared with reference to Harun Yahya's works concerning the collapse of evolution and several others of his articles. The purpose of the site is to demonstrate the great defeat that evolution has suffered at the hands of modern scientific developments. This site has stimulated the interest of people from many walks of life and has an exhibition section that displays various posters relating to the theory of evolution.


Middle East News Online is a news provider and syndicator of news and information about the Middle East and North Africa to a world-wide audience. One of Harun Yahya's articles posted on this news service is titled "The Real Ideological Root of Terrorism is Darwinism and Materialism."

Middle East News Online

www.muslimforlife.de is a site in German containing all kinds of Islamic articles and devotes much space to books and articles by Harun Yahya.


The Islamic Institute of the Americas is an independent Islamic organization that represents recent American and European converts to Islam. In the section entitled "Books," the entire texts of Harun Yahya's The Creation of the Universe, The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity, Perished Nations, The Evolution Deceit and For Men of Understanding are given in Spanish. And in the English section on evolution, there is a detailed review of the author's works on this subject.

The Islamic Institute

This is a site prepared in Mozambique in Portuguese that regularly includes articles by Harun Yahya. In the picture you see the author's article on the "Miracle of Honey."

site prepared in Mozambique www.macua.com


This site has been prepared for French-speaking Muslims and contains various articles on political and faith-related topics. This site is often updated and visited by many people. It devotes considerable space to a presentation about the author and his works.

site for French-speaking Muslimssite for French-speaking Muslims


Harun Yahya's articles in French are published in various sites on the Internet. Here are two examples.

French edition of For Men of Understanding

Living by the Qur'an Guarantees Real Peace - Design in Nature

This site, that endorses religious tolerance, published the article by Harun Yahya shown below on-line.


Islamonline.net was launched with the purpose of providing its visitors with all the information they need about Islam and its civilizations. It aims to present a unified and lively Islam that keeps up with modern times in all areas. Harun Yahya's articles are regularly published on this website.


True.Origin was established to provide an intellectually honest response to the claims of the proponents of evolution. It is one of the best-known reference sites on the refutation of Darwinism. The site refers to Harun Yahya as follows:

Harun Yahya's main focus has been the refutation of Darwinism and materialism, two modern myths which are imposed to conceal the fact of Creation, a truth both revealed in the Bible and the Koran.

true origin

Although TrueOrigin is unreservedly committed to biblical Christian faith and worldview, the following article by a wellread Muslim scholar not only demonstrates excellent analysis of National Geographic's unscientific practices, but is also clear evidence that objections to evolution are not limited to any particular religious foundation: Evolution fails primarily on the basis of the facts, not one's faith.

The Revival On-Line is the website of one of the UK's biggest and brightest newsletters. The Revival deals with the issues facing young Muslims today. It came into existence with the aim of producing Islamic literature which was down to earth, readable and entertaining, as well as educational. Harun Yahya's articles that are published on this website deal with scientific and faith related topics.

The purpose of Ummah.com is to provide services for the Muslim community world-wide, as well as anyone looking for information on Islam. The BICNews Global Newsletter Service, a sub-section of the site, broadcasts news and analysis around the clock, covering the whole world. Harun Yahya is a regular BICNews columnist.


IslamForToday.com is an Internet home for Western converts to Islam and a source of information for non-Muslims seeking knowledge and understanding of Islam. Harun Yahya's articles on Islam's peaceful nature have been published on this website.

internet, harun yahya, islam for today islam for today

www.chretiens-et-juifs.org is a Belgian website in French seeking dialogue between divine religions, basically Christianity and Judaism. This website was launched by the International Association of Christians and Jews for the Teaching of Esteem, which was established by royal decree in 1999. One Harun Yahya article published on this website states that Islam completely rejects terror.


www.bosnanskialim.com is a Bosnian site providing Islamic resources for Bosnian Muslims. Harun Yahya's writings on the refutation of evolution appear in the library section of this site.

www.bosnjankinja.net is another Bosnian site particularly aimed at Bosnian Muslim women. The site includes various writings by Harun Yahya translated into Bosnian by the volunteer contributors to this site.

The aim of Islamzine.com is to present Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Articles by Harun Yahya on faith-related topics and on the facts of creation are posted on this website, where a special section is devoted to Harun Yahya.

French articles by Harun Yahya are published on-line on many websites on the Internet. One of these websites, which is seen here, publishes Harun Yahya's articles under the section "Fundamental Principles of Islam."

Hz ─░brahim

Dieu-unique.com, a French website designed to present basic Islamic principles, devotes considerable space to extracts from Harun Yahya's books in French. The extracts seen above are taken from Connaitre Dieu Par La Raison, the French edition of Allah is Known Through Reason by Harun Yahya.

www.islam.at is Austria's most important Islamic site. It includes writings from esteemed Islamic authors and scholars. A special page has been prepared for articles by Harun Yahya.

Some of the author's articles are also available on this internet site, which includes Harun Yahya's biography.

Oumma.com is a comprehensive website in French. The above article, one of those by Harun Yahya posted on this website, reminds Muslims to live by the Qur'an and follow their consciences all the time.

www.aslim-taslam.com is a site in French. In the section entitled "Science," it includes articles by Harun Yahya on materialism and the theory of evolution. The site also features an interview with the author.

aslim taslam aslim taslam 1aslim taslam2

Islam-belgique.com is a website prepared by Belgian Muslims. Harun Yahya's articles posted on this website are titled "The Scientific Collapse of Materialism" and "Entropy and Order"

Islamicity.com is one of the most popular Islamic sites, hosting an average of 2.5 million visitors a day. A special section is reserved for Harun Yahya on IslamiCity under the section "The Qur'an and Science."

Eramuslim is an Indonesian news and cultural service for Muslims in Indonesia. This site presented The Evolution Deceit by Harun Yahya, which is slated for publication in Indonesian.

Islamicinterlink.com is an attempt to make Islamic content on the Internet easily accessible to all. The works of Harun Yahya are included under the Muslim Authors Index, listed under the Contemporary Scholars section.


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