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Harun Yahya's books, as well as CDs, and video and audio cassettes based on his works, are offered free of charge to Internet users.

On www.harunyahya.com, you can read all of Harun Yahya's books, including those translated into foreign languages, without charge, watch documentaries and listen to audio cassettes. On the sites of the world's Islamic organizations, various scientific institutions and universities, space is allotted for the author's comprehensive Internet site. Some of these Internet sites are shown on the following pages.

This is a very comprehensive site prepared to present Islam. Under the section titled "Biographies" in which famous Islamic scholars are introduced, Harun Yahya's life and works are reviewed.

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Some E-Mails Received at www.harunyahya.com:

It's a great job to explore the truths and astonishing aspects of Holy Qur'an and not only the non believers but even muslims need to strengthen their beliefs. I appreciate the work you are doing.

Khurram Jahangir / Pakistan

Accept my commendation for the very good job you're doing by challenging age long scientific "truths"! The first book I read from your series was "Evolution Deceit". I was in Nigeria then and I could not leave it until I almost finished the book. It was when I came here to the US that I discovered your website and have downloaded a couple of books from there. However, I will really like my colleagues back in Nigeria, especially those in the university environment, to have the opportunity of reading your books and hopefully, be positively influenced by them. Many of us studying for higher degrees see you as a role model in applying our scientific knowledge for the progress of Islam.

Musodiq Bello / USA

I'am very very interested with what you have written in so many books. I have downloaded about 30 books from the internet. May Allah bless you with the service that you have done for Islam and the Muslim and the whole mankind.

Amdiar Amir / Indonesia

We are overwhelmly impressed with your works, and we pray that ALLAH (A.W.) continues to guide you, increase you in Iman and knowledge (amin). Your books are of utmost interest to us.

Universal Muslim Assembly / Nigeria

Mr. Harun Yahya's books are very important. My major field is Chinese government and politics, so I have to need time to reading his books and thinking some questions. I will collect and read them for long time.

Zhu Guanglei, Dean, School Of Law And Government, Nankai University, Professor In Political Science, China

I am a born Muslim who has lived in the U.S. most of my life. By the Guidance and Mercy of Allah, me and my brother Omair began reading on Islam and we came across your videos and your books. Although I have always been a muslim I had never read the Quran, and once again b/c of ALLAH's mercy I saw your tapes and have begun to read the Quran. This may not mean much, but I have great respect for what you are doing and if their is anything I can do to help, Please let me know....

Sohaib Jamal Khan / USA

I watched your documentary on our National Television Station on friday 24th May 2002, on Our Maolud Nabiyyi day. Please i will like to know how to get these following books/video tapes.

Sina Dairo / UK

I have read several of your books and am amazed by the length, breadth and depth of your knowledge. This is a special privilege from Allah to you and must be cherished. May Allah reward you for all of your good works and increase you in knowledge. Ameen.

Husman Bacchus / USA

I would like express my thanks concerning the books of Mr.Harun Yahya. I think it is a great meditation about our problematic world at this time of sorrow and hope also. I deeply recommend the books of Mr. Harun Yahya.

Jose Esteves Pereira / Portugal

I am Muslim Physician who is finishing my training in the US. I would like to ask the information about and how to get permission to translate the book by brother Harun Yahya into Thai languages. It is estimated that more than a millions of muslim living in Thailand. We need to have access in the book that can bring the truth of islam, Quran and Sunnah in matter of things surround us to the People.

Surasit Issarachai, MD / USA

I am very grateful for your website and books for they have given me so much knowledge and understanding. Being a muslim in England it is still very hard to find information on Islam in a language I can read. Your books help me to see everyday things in a different light. I have reconmended your website/books to all my friends. May Allah reward you for what you are doing.

Nosheen Mirza / UK

Alhamdulillah you are doing an excellent job. May Allah reward you for this and may He give us strength to participate in spreading the words of Allah. We are arranging a programme for children colors of Islam summer camp. We desperately need your videos.

Sabina Khan / Pakistan

I have read the Book titled "The Evolution Deceit" and there is no need to describe how delighted I was by reading it. I have already distributed 10's of copies to everyone I know at work by purchasing it from the book store here in Riyadh.

Omar Zahaby / Saudi Arabia

I live in the USA and I want to buy some books in order to spread Islam to my family who lives in Romania. May Allah reward you, inshAllah.

Rodica Marin Shahabasi / USA

As long as I've read your website, I've been glad that Islam has good scientists who can speak honestly about the truth. I'm a student at Padjadjaran University, my departement is Biology. So I like to read your books. The books give me some knowledges which I've not been known.

Evi Kurniawati / Indonesia

I am a student of Computer Sciences at International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan. I am really pleased and felt a whole heartedly joy by exploring ur site and watching & listening to the documentaries that are based on the topics related to science and islam. I really appreciate ur efforts, ur efforts could turn the way of thinking of muslims all around the world. You have the ability to represent islam in a way that it should be presented, so that one could get inspired of Its reality, and ur efforts are a true picture of our beautiful and complete revealed Religion, that is Islam.;

Muhammad Wais Payab / Pakistan

I have read quite a few of Harun Yahya's books and I have learnt alot because it has given me a different understanding about this world. I am glad that i have learnt all this at such a early stage of my life and i can pass this on to other people during my life. I personally think his work is brilliant and i will carry on reading his books.

Aftab Shabir / UK

I am studying at Engineering Geophysics at Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I write this letter to You to express my unlimited happiness that at last there is a Moslem Channel for Global Islamic Science and Education, which relates between General knowledge and Islamic Teachings. I'm very impressed about it. I don't deny that probably there are a lot of websites such as Yours, but I think this is the complete and objective one.

Eechzaan / Indonesia

Salam alaykoum brothers and sisters i just want to thank you for the wonderful work you done, may Allah reward you in this life and the after.

Hamid Jaouhar / France

I have watched a few of your video documentaries on my computer (courtesy of my son Sameer), and am absolutely amazed. The one titled Architects in Nature is both eye- and mind-opening. Please keep up the good work.

Amin Alibhai / Canada

I'm so happy that such a website like this exists. I hope many can learn from this site and clear their misconceptions of our beloved religion Islam.

Shaheedah / Sweden

Some E-Mails Received at www.islamdenouncesterrorism.com:

First of all I would like to appreciate all of your team for doing such a remarkable job for Islam. May Allah give you all the blessings and accept your act in the day of judgement. It has guided me and took me out of the self-deceited concepts. I started taking evolution and materialistic theories as a part of science which were so hard for me to refute due to my little knowledge. Allhamdulillah, now I have restablished my faith. JazakAllahukhair. I am a student in Germany of Engineering (Energy Conversion)and have come from Pakistan.

Waqas Bin Najib / Germany

The entire work of Mr Harun Yahya is really very essential for every muslim in the present era. I came to know him just yesterday when I watch one of the programme on TV and I must say that I am now very eager to get his books.

Fehmina Arshad / Pakistan

I just discovered your site and the books you wrote. I'm very impressed and wish to thank you for the beautiful and interesting books you made. I owe a bookstore in Belgium.

Abu Zakaria / Belgium

I am a German Muslim, living in a small town in Northern Germany and I would like to learn more about Harun Yahya and want to read more of his books. I have converted to Islam three years ago and have already brought some German friends to embrace to Islam as well, but my knowledge in Islam is not that big as it should be.

Abdullah Torsten Behrens / Germany


http://www.islamdenouncesterrorism.com http://www.islamverfluchtterror.com http://www.islamdénonceterrorisme.com

Aloha from Hawaii! I have been involved in biology for more than thirty years and agree with your writings. Good work.

Charles Reid / USA

The Title of your book Allah is known through reasons caught up my eyes, while I was book shopping one day. I bought it, I loved it. I bought 4 more copies and gave them as gifts to a new Moslem convert of my friends where I work, and other non Moslems to explore that Islam through logic. May Allah bless your heart; keep you safe to serve the truth and the word of Allah subhan watallah.

Asmaa Almaliki / Kuwait

Your books are so well-organised and far from personal ideas. This makes me trust you. When I read something in your book, I am sure that it is correct. I wish the continuation of your studies.

Carlo Maria Mazzoni / Italy

Excellent job on "Evolution Deceit", I am a Christian yet I still respect Harun Yahya's tedious work to disprove evolution.

Christopher Bohar

After watching your documentaries and reading books on the internet my point of view about this world have changed abrubtly. You people are doing excelent work. I my self want to become a helper in the propagation of this noble work in all over the world. I am a pharmacist working in peshawar. If i can do any thing in this regard please let me know. So that i may also share "sawab" with you.

Zubair Ahmad / Pakistan

I've been trying to turn christians to muslim and I'm thankful to you cause your this great website has made it possible to explain them about Islam in detail. Thanks a lot to create such a great site CONGRATULAT IONS I love this site and I'm trying from today to let everyone inform about this website. Allah will bless you for this service.

Navaid Siddiqui / Pakistan

I intend to purchase books of Mr. Harun Yahya. They are very informative books and are worth keeping in the library for the generations to take advantage there from.

Syed Ali Jawad Shah / Pakistan

I have 8 of all harunyahya'VCDs, they are very superb. After seeing them, I feel that my belief increased and I understood about Allah, The Creator. And now, in our campus, harunyahya's VCDs are used for human philosofic lesson. Every student must watch this VCD especially about Darwinism. And we want to collect your all VCDs and Books, especially indonesian version.

Yadi Purwanto, Dean Of Pshychology Faculty Of Muhammadiyah University Of Surakarta / Indonesia

I have read a few books by Harun Yahya including 'The Evolution Deceit'. The work of the author has removed what little doubts I had about the evolution theory and opened up a new world of understanding to my mind. I wish to thank the author for this-keep up the good work. The work of Harun Yahya is one of the most commonly talked about subject around where I live.

Zubair Mohammed / UK

May Allah reward you for your work brother. I am a 46 year old convert to islam from florida and i enjoy your site very much and make sure I tell about it to everyone I know .

David Bilderberg / USA

I am a devoted reader of Harun Yahya's books, since the time I found your web site by chance I always visit it and I almost downloaded all the materials you have there. I would like to thank you from all my heart for your efforts you really do change my way of life and open my eyes to many things that I forgot about my religion Islam.

Mohamed Alaoui / Netherlands

I give kudos to you for the encouragement you are given to muslims all over the world. I am thrilled after watching the well documented video cassette (Miracle in the Koran and the creation of the universe given to us by a brother in Islam it was amazing, seeing the effect it will have on the unbelievers and the believers of Islam a like consequently we had produced more copies for distribution within and environ.

Jamiu Babatunde Abdur Rafiu / Nigeria

My name is Jennifer Dwyer, I work as Assistant Director of QCP I, (Dawa section in Doha Qatar). I just want to say that your website is excellent and you are really able to reach out to the average non-Muslim in a way that they understand! MashAllah. This isn't always the case with other Islamic websites or lectures. May Allah reward you for your efforts!

Jennifer Dwyer / Qatar


Some E-Mails Received at www.islamdenouncesterrorism.com:

Harun Yahya he is the greatest!! Muslim scholar I have ever seen. May Allah bless you, and keep on writing your wonderful books.

Ismael / Tunisia

Dear Haroon, I am student and I have just read ur articles. I am Muslim, but unfortunately I was not able to tell my non-Muslim friend that Islam is against terrorism, but now I have send ur pages to all of my friend around the world. u did a great job sir, and we solute u.

Shahid Riaz Bhatti / Pakistan

Brother Yahya it is very valuable to read your article following the recent events. Your knowledge of Islam is scholarly and allows people to get a true understanding of ALLAH's Deen. Your other work on scientific issues will have a huge impact on those who read and God Willing closer to their Creator. May ALLAH THE MOST MERC IFUL AND K IND give your more energy and good health to produce more authentic and sound literature for all people to read.

Dr. A Shakoor / UK

I would just like to say that this website speaks for a lot of innocent Muslims worldwide. It shows Islam to be a peaceful religion. May Allah bless you for the work put into this site.

Naeem Mirza / UK

I have learned a lot about Islam since Sept. 11th. I am pleased to see this website. To do my part as an American citizen I explain to others that these acts of terror and religion should not be connected. All legitimate religions preach peace and brotherhood.

Jim / USA

Instead of concentrating on "Who committed the acts" you have concentrated "Why such things are happening".That is great!

Ali Shafeeq / Maldives

Most people think and lives islam in definite times, during the preyars, ramadan, reading Quran...And they do not remember Quran in other circumstances. What i see in you is, you do not live islam only in definite times. But you live islam starting from the time you wake up till you sleep everyday. And that`s the right way.

Ahmed Mubali / USA

Your works are notifying everyone about the reality of Islam. People would live best if they live islam. People would think their brothers and sisters before doing something, they would care their brothers and sisters more than they care themselves. You explain these in a brilliant way in your books. Regards.

Fred Covoner / Switzerland

I am living in Tel Aviv. We, Jewish people, do fell respect to people who have helped to our brothers in past. As it is written in your site, Ottoman Empire was land of piece for all religions because Islam advises people to be fair, peaceful, helpful, conciliative, as those are the values all religions advise. We are all in the same way believing in the same values. We all are agains atrocity to blameless people. Congratulations for your hearty studies.

Shimon Zang / Israel

It is a very interesting and spectacular website. I hope it will play a vital role in clearing any confusion or any doubt from the minds of people of the world against teachings of Islam. In this site HARUN YAHYA's articles have clearly and widely opens the doors of the reality in front of the people. This website it self fighting a "Jihad-bil-Qalam" (intellectual struggle) against terrorism.

Muhammad Nadeem Jahangir / Pakistan

I am pleased and take great comfort in your effort to explain to those that wish to know the true meaning of Islam. I am self taught and everything I have learned, including my reading and writing, was through the inspiration I received reading the Quran. I continue to learn and be inspired by the Quran but also by books written by Harun Yahya.

Frank Banales / USA

An excellent site. A real eye opener, and has reinforced my belief that all should be tolerated no matter what religion. As a buddhist I have never lost faith and repsect for my Muslim brothers and sisters but this has reinforced my love for all peoples.

James Phillips / Australia

This is a great job u are doing. wish u every best in this path . May ALLAH bless all of us to convey the right path of ISLAM to all the world.

Nahas Salam / India

Finally, an easy-access site to support what we have been telling our friends and colleagues for years - thank you !

Katherine / Israel

A very enlightening site about enlighted Islam.. Nice job!

David Roug / USA

This is my first site coz its the best..many people from many countries chat with me about islam...wanting to know more or saying its a terrorism religion and i answer them goodly....but this site answers better....thanx and keep on...

Mohammed Adel / Egypt

Thankyou for this website. It is a good resource for informing my students of true information about the Islam Religion. It also has great answers regarding Darwinism. I have been looking for this for some time now as Darwinism is included in our curriculum and I wanted other information to show the students than mere textbooks.

Fiona Milne / Australia

After reading Harun Yahya`s extracts on Antisemitism I felt very hopeful of the future of Jewish/ Muslim relations.

Hannah Graham / UK

The creation of this Website is the best thing that can happen to the ummah. It is a new dimension in Islamic education.

Sideeqah Tunde Lawal / Nigeria

Haven't seen the site like this ever in my life... This site has every thing... Thanks to all the people esp. Haroon Yahya.. and to the people who made their efforts in designing this site, uploading, writing, collecting the data... Now this site is so great i will try to spend more time reading articles in it! And i use to refer this site to the unbelievers and y they should believe in one an only God ALLAH!

Faizan / Pakistan

Thanks to this web site and Harun Yahya's books i continue to be inspired and show people Islam.

Mohammed Bhana / UK

Nice to see a site like this. I especially liked the argument against authoritarianism.

Rupert Tune / UK

For the sake of the name of Islam and its good people, I hope that the message that your site is intending to deliver is received by both non-Muslims as well as Muslims.

Ron / Canada

Al Hamdu Lillah! At last a knowledgeable outspoken muslim has told the truth! May Allah(SWT)reward you with the highest spiritual rewards for your most urgent work.

Omar Boeckman / Sweden

An excellent website Mr. Harun Yahya. I am one of your greatest fans and I visit your websites almost on the daily basis. I have also recommended your sites to many of my friends.


Some E-Mails Received at www.islamdenouncesantisemitism.com:

Truth can never be hidden and these sites would go a long way in removing the misconceptions & misrepresentations of Islam & Muslims. Not only are these important for the Non-Muslims, but more so for Muslims.

Saif / Netherlands

The main idea in your political studies are based on the right ground. There is Darwinism behind every kind of cruelty; racism, antisemitism, fascism, communism...

David Hegher / USA

The Islamic world is desperately in need of people like Harun Yahya who can explain the true essence of Islam to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Shak / UK

A beautiful step towards correcting the deluge of incorrect propaganda against Islam.

Sanzar / USA

As a Jew, I am so relieved to be reading this page. Thank you for showing a more rounded view - it gives me some hope.

Rachel Harriet Silver / UK

I very sincerely love your site since it has a lot of truth and is clear, open minded without prejudices.

Hael (Rafi) Anidjar / Israel

I truly hope that this site becomes known to as many as possible of our Jewish cousins.

Sohaib Saeed / Scotland

I love your website and that after reading your material I am seriously thinking of converting to Islam! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Jake / USA

You have stated the concealed part of the truth in a brilliant way.

Sagra Zuckerman / Germany

I read with great interest your article entitled "A Muslim Call To The Israelis" written by HARUN YAHYA. It truly warmed my heart to read that this Turkish Muslim intellectual has so much love and support to offer.

Larry Paul, Member Of The Peace Dialog Group, Israel

Thank you for sending me this article. If only it could go straight to the ears and hearts of those in power in the Middle East. Then we wouldn't continue reading such disheartening headlines each day.

Alison Quito Ziegler, Burma Project, Southeast Asia Initiative, USA

It is indeed a thoughtful commentary and makes some good points. Thank you for sharing.

Christina Lee, Religion News Service, USA

It is greatly encouraging for me as an Israeli to find out that there are Muslim intellectuals who earnestly try to form an objective opinion about the Israeli-Arab conflict and propose a way out from the terrible situation. Your sincere appeal to Israeli people deeply touched me. I appreciate your and the author's of the Call good will and humanistic and moral stand.

Dr. Aryeh Finkelberg, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Many thanks! This is a very thoughtful article. I very much agree with the author's position. All best wishes to you!

Dr. Paul Holman, Marshall Center, USA

I thank you for your thoughts and hope that together we sons of Abraham/ Ibrahim will find a way to resolve this political conflict and stand together serving the God that we both revere.

Rabbi Joseph S. Topek, USA

Thanks for the message. I read it with interest. Muslims, Jews and Christians all believe in peace and the dignity of man. It is a pity that these values are being ignored by extremists who stand in the way of a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Philip C. Wilcox, Jr., President, Foundation For Middle East Peace, USA

Thank you for sharing the proposal below. I admire its moderate tone, its respect for Judaism and its interest in Jewish-Muslim co-existence. These are noble aspirations shared by all Jews and particularly Israelis. I sincerely hope that the moderate spirit that inspired the words below finds a home among in the community of nations.

Reid Heller, USA

After reading two of Harun Yahya's books recently, I would agree that he represents the true Islamic spirit. But I hope his message reaches beyond just intellectuals in the Islamic world.

Dr. Fred Singer, The Science And Environmental Policy Project, USA

I agree with what you wrote and I am happy that there are thoughtful Muslims who think like you. In the present atmosphere of blind hatred on both sides it is wonderful to hear clever words like yours. I hope your voice will be louder than that of those who in the name of God defy the moral orders of our common God.

Prof. Ben-Ami Shillony, Hebrew University, Israel

Thanks for writing. Now if only there were more people like this in the Middle East.

Mindelle Jacobs, The Edmonton Sun Columnist, Canada

Many thanks for your email. I have posted this on my University's enet. I think it is a wonderful statement and it is important for all sides to see such a well balanced appraoch. Many Thanks.

Marilyn P. Safir, Ph. D., University Of Haifa, Israel

Thank you for sending the Muslim Call to me. It is relevant and important. I am working with congressman Conyers and other members as well as representatives of different faiths to protect the Holy Sites in Jerusalem.

Marcus Raskin, Institute For Policy Studies, USA

Thank you for the article you sent, which I read with great interest. As you know, an interfaith conference held in Alexandria several months ago was launched in very much the same spirit. Thank you for sending me this piece. I agree with the two-state solution it seeks to promote.

Professor Naomi Chazan, Deputy Speaker Of The Knesset

The letter you sent me was very thought provoking and interesting. I would love to discuss it further.

Simon Feil, Columbia University Hillel, USA

I have read your piece. What I find most impressive in it is the sentence " Is it not a duty in the eyes of God to put an end to the fighting, which is dragging both sides deeper into satanic violence?" I completely agree with that idea. Thanks for showing this essay to me.

Sandor Goodhart, Purdue University, USA

Thank you for your thoughtful letter and sincere concern. would we get more letters like yours, to my opinion, the situation in our region was different. I hope your proposal is seriusly considered and we can start seeing some light.

Shmuel Shulman, Bar- Ilan University, Israel

Thank you very much for your comments and for the statement draft that you sent me. It is absolutely impressive and moving, and I wish that this call could find reverberations in as many hearts as possible among Israelis and Palestinians.

Amiram Goldblum, Ph.D, The Hebrew University, Israel

Thank you for sending me a copy of your eloquent call for peace and reconciliation. I hope for your success with this endeavor. Sincerely.

Charles Morrison, East West Center, USA

I wish the rest of the world could be as thoughtful and rational as this message.

Herb Lachman, M.D., Albert Einstein College Of Medicine, USA

Thanks so much for sharing the Muslim call for peace, which I found moving and relevant, and very important to avoid a false encounter of religions.

Richard Falk, Princeton University, USA

Thank you very much for sharing with me the article. In the main, I fully endorse the spirit of this article, and I find it encouraging that such voices are to be heard in the Muslim world.

Benjamin Perl, Tel Aviv University, Israel


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