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Articles by Harun Yahya from International Newspapers and Magazines - 2

United Kingdom - Aagahi

Aagahi is a magazine published in Britain in Urdu and regularly publishes articles by Harun Yahya. One of these articles was "Rain in the Qur'an." This article shows that some of the facts revealed in the Qur'an 1,400 years ago, such as that a specific amount of rain falls every year and how it is formed, have just come to light with recent scientific discoveries. The article also examines further exciting facts of creation.

Aagahi magazine

1 April 2001


It is He who sends down abundant rain, after they have lost all hope, and unfolds His mercy. He is the Protector, the Praiseworthy.(Qur'an, 42:28)

Morocco - Attajdid

The weekly journal Attajdid is published in Morocco in Arabic, and has carried several articles by Harun Yahya. One of these articles is about the camel, which is referred to in the Qur'an. This article considers the physical design of this animal, that can endure the most difficult of conditions.


September 23, 2001


We have appointed the sacrificial camels for you as one of the sacred rites of God. There is good in them for you…(Qur'an, 22:36)

Italy - Il Messaggero Dell'Islam

In the last issue of Il Messaggero Dell'Islam, published quarterly in Italy, considerable space was devoted to the Italian translation of Harun Yahya's The Evolution Deceit. Excerpts from the author's works on evolution were also published.


March 2001

Albania - Familja

In the magazine Familja, published in the Albanian capital Tirana, regularly carries articles by Harun Yahya. One of the Harun Yahya articles published in this magazine describes the transitory nature of life in this world:

"...Mortality is surely a grave topic to ponder. Until this moment in his life, it may well be that the person is unaware of the significance of this reality. But it is never too late to repent to Allah, and to reorient all one's deeds and the conduct of one's life in submission to the will of Allah. Life is short; the human soul is eternal. During this short period, one should not allow temporary passions to control one. A person should resist temptation and keep himself away from everything that will strengthen his bonds to this world. It is surely unwise to neglect the next world just for the sake of the temporary joys of this one...."


July 2001

Netherlands - Ekin

Many of Harun Yahya's scientific articles have appeared in the Turkish-language monthly magazine Ekin , published in Holland. Some of these are given below.

Netherlands Ekin

October 2000

September 2000/The Genetic Code of Man


January 2001

Netherlands - Kuzey Yildizi

The monthly magazine of political ideas, Kuzey Yildizi is published in Holland and distributed throughout several European countries. Harun Yahya's political articles appear in it regularly every month.

Kuzey yildizi

Will Milosevic Disclose His Dark Relations?

USA - The Messenger

The Messenger, which is published by a foundation operating in Hawaii called the Islamic Information Center, prints articles by Harun Yahya dealing with the moral teaching of the Qur'an. Below is one of these articles entitled "Devoted to Allah".

January 19, 1999
USA - The Messenger

Indonesia - MQ Tabloid

MQ Tabloid magazine, which is published in the city of Bandung, Indonesia by a well-known foundation called Daarut Tauhiib and has a circulation of about 15,000, regularly carries articles in Indonesian by Harun Yahya on matters of faith and science. The bi-monthly MQ Jurnal, which is owned by the same group of publishers, also runs many of the author's articles.


MQ juli

Italy - Encounter

Encounter is the publication of the Arab-Islamic Studies Foundation, which is connected to the Vatican. It devotes each issue to a single article. For example, the October, 2001, issue of the magazine was devoted to an 18-page extract from Harun Yahya's book Timelessness and the Reality of Fate.


October 2001

Sri Lanka - The Choice

The Muslim Students' Association, a foundation that operates in Sri Lanka, regularly publishes political articles by Harun Yahya in its magazine The Choice.

harun yahya eserleri, dünyadan yankılari the choice

January 19, 1999
the accused

Canada - The Miracle

Writings by Harun Yahya regularly appear in The Miracle, one of Canada's most respected publications.

This paper is published every fortnight and contains articles about faith, politics and science. In the introduction to his first article published in the magazine, the editor introduces the author in these words:

Harun Yahya is a world-renowned Muslim scholar from Turkey. It is a pleasure for The Miracle to have him as our guest writer.

miracle fossil record

17-30 August 2001

USA - The Amana Voice

The Amana Voice , which is published by the "The American Muslim Association of North America," regularly prints particles by Harun Yahya on topics of faith.

September 2001

Germany - Akit Daily Europe Edition

The European edition of Akit Daily Daily makes use in its articles of several of Harun Yahya's books on matters of science, faith and politics. These articles, which are published in German, stimulate great interest in its readers.

October 10, 2001

September 13, 2001


August 29, 2001

September 18, 2001

Pakistan - Global Science

Global Science is a monthly science magazine in Urdu. Harun Yahya's scientific articles are regularly printed in this magazine that addresses itself to a serious academic audience and publishes articles in the fields of medicine and engineering.

 global sien

Bahrain - Bahrain Tribune

The daily newspaper the Bahrain Tribune is published in Bahrain but also widely distributed in the Middle East, Europe, America and Australia. Every Friday a whole page, the Islamic Tribune, is devoted to Islam. Every week it prints one of Harun Yahya's books in serial form. During Ramadan, Harun Yahya's articles appeared in this newspaper every day.

December 3, 2001
Bahrain Tribune

USA - Al Arab

Al Arab is a weekly newspaper published in the US. It is a bi-lingual newspaper in English and Arabic that prints scientific articles.

December 20, 2001

December 27, 2001

Al Arab

USA - The Rising Star

The Rising Star, published in English in the US, has a circulation of about 9,000. It appears every two months and is distributed in several US states. The magazine usually deals with national and international topics, and frequently prints Harun Yahya's articles on scientific issues.

rising star
the rising star

November 2001

USA - Aalim

Aalim (The Scholar) is the quarterly publication of the Islamic Research Foundation International, located in Lousville, Kentucy. The purpose of this foundation is to promote the intellectual growth of the Muslim world. Harun Yahya's article "The Expansion of the Universe" was published in the Fall, 2001, issue of Aalim.


Aalim fall

USA - Al Manassah

Al Manassahis a bi-weekly newspaper with a circulation of 20,000 published in Arabic and English. The newspaper is based in New Jersey and is distributed throughout the USA, as well as the Middle East. Harun Yahya's article "Islam is not the Source of Terrorism, but Its Solution," published in the first January, 2002, issue of the newspaper, explains that the source of terrorism is definitely not a divine religion, and that there is no room for terrorism in Islam.

Alara beyanAlmassah

USA - Al Jumuah

Al Jumuah Magazine is a monthly, English-language based, full-color Islamic magazine that has been published since 1991. It has a readership of over 15,000, that includes a paid circulation throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, the Middle East, and part of Africa. In addition, it has reseller distribution and reading-room placement in public librarires, schools, universities, Islamic schools, and Islamic centers.

Al Jumuah Magazine's focus is to provide Islamic knowledge based on the Qur'an and Sunnah for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Harun Yahya's articles, which are regularly published in this magazine, one of the most popular Islamic magazines in the USA, give an insight into science and faith related issues with quotes from the Qur'an and the Hadith of the Prophet. One article published in this magazine titled "Communicating Wonders of Allah's Creation" reads:

It is exceedingly important that true believers should be on their guard against trends of thought that oppose Allah and religion. The duty of a Muslim in the face of Darwinism is to destroy that great lie and to proclaim the truth of creation.

When we look at the life of Allah's Messenger, in whom there is "an excellent model for believers" (Surat al-Ahzab: 21), we see that he often thought about the glory of Allah's creation and shared his contemplations with the believers around him. We learn from ahadiths of Allah's Messenger (saas) that he "stood up amongst the believers for a long period and informed them about the beginning of creation" (Sahih Bukhari, Book 54, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 414)

So, a great and important responsibility falls to people of good conscience to wage a scientific fight and make a great effort to do away with the Darwinist, materialist thought that opposes the Qur'an.

Al jumuah

April/May 2002

Al Jumuah

May/June 2002

June/July 2002

USA - The Arab World

The Arab World Newspaper, published in California, reaches every Arabic-speaking home and business in California and some other major states in the US. The weekly newspaper has a circulation as high as 30,000 and strives to deliver the latest news in Arab countries. Harun Yahya is a regular contributor to this newspaper, which employs the best writers from the Middle East. His articles published in this publication cover subjects ranging from political issues to faith-related topics.

Arab world
arab world

a) January, 25, 2002
b) March, 8, 2002
c) February, 1, 2002
d) February, 8, 2002
e) January, 2, 2002
f) March, 1, 2002

Saudi Arabia - Al-Daawah

Al-Daawah, a weekly publication devoted to Islamic and social affairs, is published in Saudi Arabia and distributed across the world, including Saudi Arabia, other Arab states, the United Kingdom, France, the USA, Canada and other countries. This attractively presented magazine has been making enormous efforts to present Islam in the best possible manner for 11 years. Harun Yahya's scientific articles in this magazine contribute to this aim by opening the reader's mind and showing him the glorious artistry in God's creation. One article says:

Water is "just right" for life to a degree that cannot be compared with any other liquid. The larger part of this planet, a world whose other attributes (temperature, light, electromagnetic spectrum, atmosphere, surface, etc.) are all suitable for life, has been filled with just the right amount of water necessary for life. It should be obvious that this cannot all be accidental and that there must instead be intentional design.



USA - Al-Akhbar

Al-Akhbar, an Arab-American publication published by the Arab Information & Communication (AIC) located in California, regularly carries articles by Harun Yahya. Those carried in this newspaper elaborate on scientific subjects such as the perfect order in the universe and God's artistry in creation.

Al akbar
Al akbar

USA - Arizona Muslim Voice

Arizona Muslim Voiceis a monthly newspaper serving the Arizona Muslim community. Harun Yahya's articles published in this newspaper aim to raise readers' awareness of the wonders of God, thus helping them to understand more of His greatness and grace and to turn to Him.

And He (God) has made everything in the heavens and everything on the earth subservient to you. It is all from Him. There are certainly signs in that for people who reflect. (Qur'an, 45: 13)

Muslim voice

Italy - Il Puro Islam

Il Puro Islam, one of the leading Islamic journals in Italy, is published by the Islamic Association of Ahl-al-Bayt (Associazione Islamica 'Ahl-al-Bayt') in Naples. The magazine published a review of the Italian version of The Evolution Deceit (L'Inganno Dell' Evoluzione) which reads:

"The author demonstrates that the advocates of the materialism have always supported the idea of evolution even if this theory has been refuted by scientific facts. Contrary the views of evolutionists, the book proves with evidence that life has been made possible thanks to the Creator. The signs of an extraordinary wisdom are visible in all living beings, which evidently reveal the existence of a Creator in whose hands is the government of the entire universe."

The magazine also publishes various articles by Harun Yahya in Italian on a regular basis.

Il Puro Islam

Japan - The Journal Of Islamic Guidance

The Journal of Islamic Guidance (al-Irshaad) is a scholarly journal published twice a year, in June and December. As its title indicates, the journal aims to provide general Islamic guidance. It is published by the Islamic Guidance Society based in Japan, which plays an important role in the acceptance of Islam in Japan. The journal includes papers and essays in English, Japanese, French and Arabic from scholars inside and outside the archipelago. Harun Yahya's essay titled "Darwinism: The Source of Communist Savagery," published in the December, 2001, issue of the journal, gives a comprehensive overview of the relationship between Darwinism and communism and describes how this evil alliance inflicted terrible disasters on humanity in the 20th century.


South Africa - The Muslim Woman

The Muslim Woman , published in South Africa is a magazine covering social issues related to Muslim women. Harun Yahya, who is a regular contributor to this magazine, publishes articles on faith-related issues in it. His article "Pondering on the Qur'an" states:

In most of the countries where Muslims are the minority and Arabic is not the spoken language, only a small percentage of people know the content of the Qur'an and ponder on the Qur'an as required. As a result, people who are ignorant of the real message of the Qur'an attribute different meanings to it. Many people believe some traditions to have their origin from the Qur'an, although they may be contradictory to the very nature of the Quranic message.


Guyana - The Muslim Journal

The Muslim Journal is published on a quarterly basis by The Muslim Youth League of Guyana. Its aim is to increase the Islamic knowledge of Guyanese Muslims, to bring them news about the world of Islam and to keep Guyanese people overseas well informed about Muslim affairs in Guyana. The Muslim Journal reaches over 30 countries worldwide, and is the only Islamic Magazine in Guyana.

Harun Yahya's article "Superiority Comes From Character, not Race" published in the Oct/Nov., 2001, issue of the magazine states that "all human beings are created the same and in Allah's sight, the only superiority is a person's character, his avoiding all types of sin and rebellion, degeneracy, and deviation and the superior morality deriving from his piety."

Harun Yahya is a pen name used by Adnan Oktar, a prominent Turkish intellectual born in 1956. Oktar started his intellectual struggle in 1979 at Mimar Sinan University's Academy of Fine Arts, where he carried out detailed research into the prevalent materialistic philosophies and ideologies around him. His dedicated intellectual effort against Darwinism and materialism has grown out to be a worldwide phenomenon.


Harun Yahya is a pen name used by Adnan Oktar, a prominent Turkish intellectual born in 1956. Oktar started his intellectual struggle in 1979 at Mimar Sinan University's Academy of Fine Arts, where he carried out detailed research into the prevalent materialistic philosophies and ideologies around him. His dedicated intellectual effort against Darwinism and materialism has grown out to be a worldwide phenomenon.

Kazakhstan - Dil

Dil is a weekly newspaper published in the Kazakh language. Harun Yahya's article published in this newspaper on May 3, 2002, is about Noah's flood and the way it is described in the Qur'an.

The deluge The deluge2

Russia - Turkish World

Turkish World is a monthly journal published in Russian. The purpose of the journal is to keep the Turkish community in Russia informed about the Turkish world and about Islamic activities taking place in Russia. Harun Yahya is a regular contributor with his articles in Russian. Articles by him that the journal has published include "Islam Denounces Terrorism," "Perished Nations," and "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution".

Russia - Turkish World

Kazakhstan - Almaty Herald

Almaty Heraldis a weekly English-language newspaper in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. It focuses on global events and a wide range of political and economic issues. The following article by Harun Yahya published by the newspaper talks about the clear signs of God's existence in the universe and how discovering these signs make scientists turn to God. An extract from the article reads:

The attributes of the universe discovered by science point to the existence of God. Science leads us to the conclusion that the universe has a Creator and this Creator is perfect in might, wisdom and knowledge. It is religion that shows us the way in knowing God. It is therefore possible to say that science is a method we use to better see and investigate the realities addressed by religion.

In the same issue, the newspaper also gave detailed information about the author and other activities inspired by his works.

The Almaty heraldScientiest

Kazakhstan - The World of Islam

The World of Islamis a bi-monthly Kazakh-language journal. It includes news from the world of Islam, as well as stories on faith related issues and activities carried out by the Muslims in Kazakhstan. Harun Yahya's articles published in this magazine feature the peaceful nature of Islam and emphasize that there is no room for terrorism in Islam. The journal also published a short biography of the author under the title "Who is Harun Yahya?"


Kazakhstan - Juldiz

Juldiz, another journal in Kazakh, is one of the leading magazines of Kazakhstan. Harun Yahya's article, published in the February, 2002, issue, is about the life of the Prophet Abraham. One part of the article reads:

The prophet Ibrahim is often referred to in the Qur'an and is distinguished by God as an example to people. He conveyed the message of Allah to his people who worshipped ideols and he warned them so that they might fear God. His people did not listen to his warnings but, on the contrary, opposed him. When the oppression of his people increased, Ibrahim had to move elsewhere with his wife, the prophet Lut and possibly a few other people who went with them.


Kazakhstan - Ruhani Omur

Ruhani Omur is a bi-weekly publication in Kazakh on historical, scientific and religious subjects. Harun Yahya's article in the February, 2002, issue was about the creation of the universe. Another article published in July was about the miracles of creation.

Creation of the universe

Tatarstan - Islam and Life

Islam and Life magazine deals with scientific and faith related subjects. Harun Yahya's article titled "Scientists are Turning to God" establishes that many noted scientists, such as Einstein, Newton and Galileo, who were pioneers of science, believed as a result of their observations and research that the universe was created and ordered by God and is governed under His control. Harun Yahya's article "The Noah Flood" gives some interesting facts about the flood, which caused the people of Noah to drown.


Tatarstan - Novosti

Novosti is a monthly newspaper that aims to keep the Tatars in the Russian Federation informed about political and cultural matters. It was established in 1993 and has been publishing Harun Yahya's articles regularly. Harun Yahya's articles published in this newspaper deal with the fallacy of the idea of evolution, the refutation of the basic claims of Darwinism, the signs of creation in living things and the basic tenets of Islam.



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