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The Fact of Creation - 1



And [He created] horses, mules and donkeys both to ride and for adornment. And He creates other things you do not know. (Surat an-Nahl, 8)



The beaks of gull species vary according to their feeding habits. The hook-tipped beak of seagulls, for example, and especially of carnivorous seagulls, is well suited to seizing and tearing. The beaks of some species, such as the white terns and sea parrots living by the shores of the Atlantic, however, have a structure permitting them to dive and catch fish while carrying others. The variety among birds of the same type is a means whereby we can come to know the matchless artistry of Almighty Allah (swt).www.harunyahya.net

Human nose undertakes the responsibility to warm and moisturize the air we inhale. The mucus layer covering the interior surface of the nose releases water vapor to moisture the air that enters. The large numbers of capillaries immediately beneath the mucus layer also warm the passing air, adapting it to the sensitive structure of the lungs. This mechanism resembles the air conditioning system that regulates the levels of temperature and humidity in buildings. The processes summarized in outline here are in fact exceedingly complex. www.creationofman.net



The eye is linked to the brain by some 600,000 nerves, which receive and arrange 1.5 million messages at one single moment and send them to the brain at a speed of 500 kilometers an hour. When you look at a single point you actually see hundreds of details. Miraculously, the eye distinguishes these from all the messages reaching it, analyzes and forwards each of them to the brain..www.darwinismrefuted.com

The behavior of worker honeybees is consistent and purposeful. While one bee readies cells for eggs, another moves across the combs to attend the queen and a third forages. Each worker bee knows what to do and how to do it by the inspiration of Almighty Allah (swt).www.AllahExists.com

Orchids, enzymes


Enzymes have been charged with accelerating reactions. They can accelerate a reaction by up to billion times. Were it not for that speed, the reading of this sentence would last 1,500 years. Indeed, in the time it takes you to read this sentence, many reactions that keep you alive would be waiting, and cells, unaware of one another and inactive, would one by one start to die. However, thanks to a flawless creation, this does not happen, and enzymes fully discharge their duties..www.creationofuniverse.com

Orchids employ various methods to reproduce. Some, for example, do not produce nectar, only the smell of it. They thus deceive bees taken in by that perfume, where there is actually no nectar at all, and make them carry their pollen away. There is absolutely no doubt that the way a plant is able to reproduce the scent of nectar without in reality manufacturing any in order to have its pollen carried off is not a phenomenon that takes place due to the consciousness of these plants themselves. Like all other life forms, plants, devoid of any mind or consciousness, act under the inspiration of Allah (swt).

Sea swallows


Sea swallows that live by the North Pole beat their wings constantly on an annual flight of 30,000-40,000 kilometers they make every year. These birds live at the North Pole, and every year they migrate from their breeding grounds in North America, Greenland and Siberia and head straight for the North Pole for the winter.www.evidencesofcreation.com

Have you ever wondered how it is that fish living in the icy polar waters do not freeze? These fish have a gene to produce a protein that raises the temperature of the ice crystals in their skin up to -20 degrees Celsius. This protein bonds to the oxygen molecules in the ice crystals, preventing them from expanding, and thus stopping the fish freezing.www.miraclesofthequran.com


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