Harun Yahya


For the last 150 years, the theory of evolution has been portrayed everywhere—from school textbooks to scholarly publications—as scientific fact. But it actually stands on highly unsound foundations. Every claim that evolutionists have made over the last 150 years has later been refuted by science. Evolutionists have finally abandoned trying to prove their theory and instead, have begun looking for ways to prop it up by such methods as propaganda, demagogy, and outright deception. Their aim is no longer to defend a scientific theory, but rather to persist in promoting this nonsense which is supposed to be scientific so as to maintain their materialist, atheistic world views.

In this book, the theory of evolution’s basic claims are refuted with scientific evidence. It demonstrates, using concrete examples with which you will be quite familiar, why it is impossible for new species to emerge through evolution. By God’s leave, a knowledge of the information contained here will be enough to let you refute evolutionist claims and provide the needed rational, scientific replies to any evolutionist anywhere in the world.

Should you ever want to obtain more detailed information on this subject, you can consult such works as The Evolution Deceit, The Evolution Impasse (encyclopaedic format; in two volumes), A Definitive Reply to Evolutionist Propaganda, Darwinism Refuted, which all together consist of thousands of pages. You can also find the author’s more than 150 books in English by logging on to www.harunyahya.com.


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