Harun Yahya

28. Repair Enzymes

Errors that might arise in DNA as a result of external factors are identified and repaired by DNA control mechanisms. These consist of enzymes produced in the light of the information in the DNA itself. Although there are different repair mechanisms, the basic principle is that the damaged nucleotide carries out repairs in the light of information it receives from an undamaged nucleotide. This process generally takes place in three stages:


DNA has the ability to repair itself and make good its own deficiencies— this is just one manifestation of God's creative artistry and omniscience.

1. After being identified by the enzyme known as DNA nuclease, the damaged part of the DNA string is broken off, thus forming a gap in the DNA spiral.
2. DNA polymerase, another enzyme, attaches the necessary nucleotide to the gap, according to the information it receives from the healthy portion of the damaged nucleotide.
3. The DNA repair is not yet finished! A break has formed on the sugar-phosphate line on the repaired area, which is repaired by the enzyme DNA ligase.
Now consider: These processes are carried out, not by professors or scientists well acquainted with DNA, but by molecules devoid of any consciousness, knowledge or reason. They are no different than an assortment of atoms, yet they have been equipped with extraordinary abilities. How can a molecule identify the incorrect part in a DNA string? To do so, it would need to know by heart the DNA helix, which consists of some 3 billion units of information, and be able to identify any incorrect one. In addition, it would have to know an exceedingly quick and efficient method of rectifying that error and be able to implement it perfectly.
This whole situation is quite astonishing. Almighty God, Who is free of all imperfection, exhibits the glory of His creation by creating tiny molecules with such extraordinary abilities. Any rational person of good conscience, as his knowledge of living things and the entire universe increases, will grow in submission to the infinite might of God and will call on God’s name in the finest terms.


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