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Many books have been written throughout the world on mosquitoes, and extensive research has been conducted. However, the aim of this book is very different from that of all these books. It does not aim to provide general information on the mating, egg laying and feeding habits of the mosquito.
Its aim in using this subject is to remind people of the most important fact in life: their responsibilities to our true Lord, God, Who is Lord of the worlds.
If we briefly recall some of the miracles we have described in this book, it can be understood once more how a seemingly ordinary creature like the mosquito is an important piece of evidence of creation. These miracles are listed below:
-When it is time to lay her eggs, the mother mosquito finds the most appropriate place, thanks to the heat and moisture detector in her abdomen.
-The mosquito lays her eggs in water, and takes various precautions in view of the problems the young will encounter in the future.
-When the eggs are ready to hatch, if the conditions are not favourable, they do not crack until the conditions are right.
-The eggs have the ability to camouflage themselves.
-The mother mosquito prevents her eggs from getting lost or sinking by making them into a raft.
-The eggs have a hollow on the underside, which enables them to form a raft when they are stuck together.
-The eggs of the Anopheles mosquito have structures resembling life buoys that prevent them from sinking.
-The carpenter mosquito creates the optimum environment for her eggs by cutting into the roots of plants.
-Some newly hatched larvae have the knowledge that oxygen is to be found in the roots of plants and cut into the roots to get at this oxygen.

- The larvae have specially designed brushes around the mouth, which enable them to feed by creating a current in the water and filtering it.

- The larvae make themselves an appropriate home and are provided with everything they require to do so.

- Larvae living in flowing water have hooks on their tails so that they can hang on to something and avoid being swept away by the current.

- The larvae that hang head down in the water have an air tube resembling a diver’s snorkel that enables them to take in air from above the water level.

- Inside the tube there is a special isolation material that keeps water out.

- The larvae, which are exposed to the sun all day and have a transparent skin, have a protective shield of uric acid to stop them shrivelling up in the sun.

- In the transition to the pupal stage, the larvae have a special organ for splitting their skin, which they lose at a later stage.

- In the final metamorphosis of the pupa, the skin splits from the head at the surface of the water. (If it were to split from any other point, the interior of the cocoon would get wet.)

- The head section of the cocoon is also insulated with a special material.

- The mosquito emerges from the pupa submerged in water without its body or wings coming into contact with the water.

- From being a creature living in water, it emerges as a perfect flying machine.

- The male mosquito is able to recognise the female by the frequency at which her wings beat.

- The mosquito uses a cutting, piercing and sucking mechanism consisting of 6 parts to bite its prey.

- It can suck blood without its victim being aware by numbing the wound it makes.

This book and the miraculous events it tells of are perhaps more important than you may have thought. Because God, Who creates these miracles as signs of His existence, charges humanity with certain responsibilities. And carrying out these responsibilities is an important subject for everyone, whether or not they realise it.
God makes known to people in the following verse of the Qur’an that He is the only true friend and protector:

God is the protector of those who believe. He brings them out of the darkness into the light. But those who disbelieve have false deities as protectors. They take them from the light into the darkness. Those are the heirs of Hell and shall abide in it for ever. (Qur’an, 2:257)


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