Harun Yahya

Conference Program
May 21, 2017
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel – Ballroom Istanbul



Arrival at the Conference Venue 10:00-10:30

Morning Refreshments

10:30 / OPENING

Short Movie on The Origin of Life and the Universe

Opening Speech

Altuğ Berker on behalf of the TSRF Foundation National Anthem and A Moment of Silence for our Martyrs

The Presentation Film of the Honorary President of TSRF

11:00 / SESSION 1

Moderator Zuhal Mansfield Introduces the


Dr. Fazale Rana “DNA’s Inspirational Design”
Dr. Fabrizio Fratus “Evolution: Myth or Reality?”
Dr. AJ Roberts “Why Did God Create Viruses?”
Q&A Session

Dance Show By “Istanbul Dance Factory” 12:45 – 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 / SESSION 2

Moderator Ms. Mansfield Introduces the Speakers

Carlo Alberto Cossano – “Informatics Records and Proteins Production” 
Dr. Paolo Cioni – “Psyche and the Crisis of Materialist Reductionism”
Dr. Oktar Babuna – “The Secret Beyond Matter”
Q&A Session

Percussion Show

Coffee Break/Refreshments

Closing Speech

Jeff Gardner – “Picture Christians Project”

Plaques Ceremony


Chapters of the Book

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