Harun Yahya

The Last Word





If anyone wants power, all power belongs to Allah. All good words rise to Him and He raises up all virtuous deeds… (Surah Fatir, 10)





Throughout the book, we have stated that the good word is a call to Allah. For anyone who reads this book, it is time to reconsider his actions and reform. Thus far, you might have complied to some extent with calls to the good or perhaps even rejected them outright. However, what matters is the decision that you will make today, and the steps you will take to put this decision into practice. For this call offers the possibility to be a turning point, an opportunity for a very important decision that will affect, not merely a life that is limited to seven or eight decades, but eternal life.

While deliberating upon this decision, it is important to remember that, unlike those who resist the call, those who adhere to it will be rewarded generously. This truth may be recognized in this world, but will become apparent in the Hereafter. Witnessing the ultimate futility of one's efforts once in Allah's presence will surely be a profound disappointment, incomparable to any other form of grief. The only way to avoid this disappointment is to adhere to the Qur'an, and every good word offered to remind us of its verses, before it is too late.

Failing to have yet contemplate this matter, or taken the necessary measures, should not make one despair or sink into hopelessness. What matters is not what was done in the past, but the present moment. The decision you make right now may be the key, a way to eternal blessings. The important thing is to let the word of the righteousness and justice to be your guide, and to turn a deaf ear to the whispers of the lower-self. This is the time to follow the good word.

Turn to your Lord and submit to Him before punishment comes upon you, for then you cannot be helped. Follow the best that has been sent down to you from your Lord before the punishment comes upon you suddenly when you are not expecting it. (Surat az-Zumar, 54-55)


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