Harun Yahya

Could a Thing Like This Ever Happen?

As you know, dolphins and whales are called sea mammals. These creatures, although they live in the sea, reproduce in the same way as do mammals on land. Fish, on the other hand, reproduce by laying eggs. Then how did sea mammals develop? Obviously, Allah has created them as well. Evolutionists, however, don't want to believe this. They cannot explain how dolphins and whales formed as well. Charles Darwin (the person who brought up the theory of evolution) had said, in his first book about the theory of evolution, something like this: Bears that went into the water to hunt fish all the time changed into whales. Yes, you read it right! He claimed that the hairy bears we know so well changed into metres and metres long whales after swimming in the sea a great deal.


Darwin said that bears, while swimming in water, had changed into whales. Even some evolutionists do not believe this tall tale.

Do you think it is possible for a bear to change into a whale, just because it swims a lot? Then shouldn't people who swim a lot change into sea mammals? Isn't it so funny?

Do You Believe a Swimming Bear
can Turn into a Whale?balina ve ayıWell, Evolutionists Do!


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