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There are innumerable kinds of living creatures on the face of the earth. From pets such as cats, which we come across every day, to animals inhabiting virgin forests, every species has wondrous features and amazing skills. For example we are surprised to see how bees can build such perfect honeycombs and can do calculations as if they were expert mathematicians. As we see how considerate a crocodile or a lion is to its young, we wonder how such wild animals can behave so affectionately. We seek an answer to the question how can little birds, which cover thousands of kilometers during a non-stop migration, perform this hard task. The more detailed information we get, the more amazed we become. 

Bir Bitki Doguyor

Every living being has a particular body structure. Some fly, others swim. For example the body structure of a fish is exactly as it needs for life underwater. It has the lungs, eyes and skin that enable it to live underwater. The lungs and feathers of birds have the structures that enable them to fly. There is no doubt that these living creatures did not by themselves obtain the skills or body structures with which they carry out extraordinary tasks. These creatures are not the ones who invented the tasks, each of which is more astonishing than another. They could not possibly have learnt the tasks they carry out by chance either. It is not possible for them to know all these things unless there is someone who taught them everything they do. Besides, there should be someone who created the structure they needed and placed it in their bodies. Allah gave them all the features they possess and is exalted in power and intelligence. Allah excellently created us and all other living things.


You may already know these facts, however there are some people who claim the opposite. Did you know that these people claim that living creatures obtained all the wonderful features they have by chance? And have you heard that they named these nonsensical claims “the theory of evolution”? Moreover, even though all branches of science have revealed the fallacy of the claims of the theory of evolution, these people do not give up maintaining this senseless claim. 

In this book, we will examine the wondrous features of living creatures. By giving examples of the claims of evolutionists, we will also show how senseless the theory is. As you read the book, you will be surprised to see how mistaken professors, engineers and scientists who believe in the theory of evolution could be. (For further information about evolutionists see Wonders of Allah's Creation by Harun Yahya, Taha Publishers, London, 2002.)

In fact, factual information about living creatures is too abundant to be collected even in volumes of books. For this reason only some examples will be examined in this book. Yet, even with these few examples, you will be able to better comprehend the greatness of Allah, Who created these pretty creatures for us, and how much He loves us. You will reflect on what you’ll learn and will be eager to tell it to others.    

Bir Bitki Doguyor
Bir Bitki Doguyor


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