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Playful Cats Who Want To Be Cherished

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Cats are self-reliant animals that live without attachments. They never submit to their owners' wishes as do pet dogs. As you have most probably seen, cats meow when they feel hungry, rub against your feet when they want to be caressed, purr with pleasure when they are patted and convey many similar messages by the way they act.

Do you know that cats have perfect eyesight at night?

Yes, even in a dimly lit place these furry creatures can see. Allah has created their eyes differently from other eyes. In the dark, their eyes' pupils become larger and rounder to receive as much light as possible. This gives them keen eyesight.

This aside, a cat's eye has an additional layer behind the retina. Passing through the retina, light reaches this layer and is then reflected back to the retina. Light passes through the retina twice since this layer reflects the light back. Therefore, unlike human beings, cats can see very well in dimly lit or dark places.

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Have you ever thought why cats' eyes sparkle at night?

This is related to the additional layer in cats' eyes we have just mentioned. As you know, this layer reflects the light like a mirror. It is this reflected light that makes their eyes look sparkling.

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Do you know the features of a cat's paws?

In moments of danger, these tiny paws turn into predatory claws. What makes them dangerous are the sharp nails they hide in their paws.

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Why do they always fall on their feet?

You know that cats always fall on their four feet, even when they fall from a height. The actual reason cats fall on their feet is that they use their tails to maintain their balance while falling and thus adjust the centres of gravity of their bodies and land on their paws.

The One Who has given them such a feature that will ensure the safety of these animals that enjoy climbing trees and wandering on high places is our Mighty Lord, the All Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

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