Harun Yahya

The Resplendent Peacock
(The Most Elegant Bird in The Animal Kingdom)


If you have ever been to a zoo, you must certainly have seen a peacock with its magnificent plumage. The most important characteristic of peacocks is that they have a tail adorned with colours of unimaginable beauty. Yet, only male peacocks have such a magnificent tail.

With its blue head and neck, the peacock also has gilded green feathers on its tail. These beautiful feathers, called "the peacock's train", have round tips with small spots.

However, you cannot always witness this magnificent sight. You have to wait for the peacock's breeding season. The male peacock only opens his tail like a fan and displays its beauty in order to attract the female peacock's attention.


Here, we need to ponder over the following: How can a male peacock, who is unable to see himself, be so sure that he will look beautiful and attractive when he displays his tail? Someone must have taught him this; is that right? No doubt, our Lord, Who has created such beauty, has also inspired the peacock on how to use it.

Could such a perfect appearance come into existence by the effort of the peacock himself? Or, could this awe-inspiring colour harmony occur by coincidence? Surely, that is unlikely. Would you believe a friend of yours who tells you that the picture hanging in your room was painted spontaneously, by the accidental splashing of paints? You would certainly not believe him! Therefore, the peacock's tail, incomparably more beautiful than any painting, could not have come into existence by accident. There is no one who would not be astonished by the harmony of colours in a peacock's tail since the One Who creates this perfection is Allah.



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