Harun Yahya

A Pink Bird: The Flamingo


You have probably seen a long-necked, long-legged pink bird on TV. This bird is called the "flamingo". Flamingos leave their eggs in shallow muddy lakes. What is interesting is that the female flamingo leaves her egg in the nest she makes out of quick-drying mud.

Imagine yourself in the flamingo's shoes and assume that you want to make a nest for yourself. You need primarily to discover which type of mud dries more quickly and find where the young flamingo can hatch more easily. Meanwhile, you need to find the answers to many questions such as "is it better to put the egg under the sun or in the shade?" However, each flamingo knows how to accomplish this. Moreover, despite her long legs offering no comfort to her, she incubates for a month and waits for her young to hatch.

If you were in her shoes, would you dare to sit on the egg with your giant body? Could you estimate whether the egg would be broken, if you sat on it? Surely, it would be very difficult for you to know all these things. However, all flamingos estimate these things without planning or trial and error because, they are taught so by their Lord.

Flamingos attract our attention with their eye-catching colours and long necks, and they are also very good swimmers. Their webbed feet help them to swim. By means of these webbed feet, which have a wide flat structure, they can walk easily without sinking even on soft mud. Furthermore, the webs between their toes provide a wide surface, so that flamingos can propel themselves through the water. As we have seen, flamingos have been created with all the details necessary for their survival.



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