Harun Yahya

Bears are Fond of Honey


Bears, famous for their shaggy coats and eating honey, have a very poor sense of sight and hearing. So, how do they find honey, you will ask? Well, by means of the long noses Allah has given them. Their noses, that is, their keen sense of smell ensures that they find the best honey around.

You probably know that bears have a very awkward appearance. But don't think for a moment that they are slow. Indeed, they can run at 48 kilometres (30 miles) per hour. We also need to mention that they are very strong. With their two to three metres (6.5 to 10 feet) long bodies, some bear species climb the top branches of trees and spend time there. Bears, who usually feed on plants, even climb up to 30 metres (100 feet) high to find food.

Once a bear finds a beehive, it strikes it a few times with its paws, which causes all the bees in the hive to escape. Then they eat the honey with appetite. But you should never try this! Because, bees will sting you all over and make you sick. But, the coat our Lord has given to bears protects them against the bees. So, they can easily reach honey without any trouble.

Ayı yavruları

Bears that hibernate in autumn never leave their secure dens where they lie covered with dry branches and grasses until spring. Before hibernation, they eat a lot, especially cones and chestnuts, so that the fat layer underlying their skin thickens. They have to store fat in their body. That is because before spring they will lose so much weight. If a man lost so much weight, he would die outright. But bears can survive even though they lose so much of their weight.

Delivery is another reason that bears spend time in their caves. Bears usually give birth to three cubs, and they feed them with milk until spring. During that time they never leave their caves. Bear cubs are born blind, toothless and hairless. Once the cubs are out of the cave, the mother bear must protect them. Otherwise, they might be killed by hunters or male bears.

Our Lord, Who is the All-Compassionate and Merciful, meets the needs of all creatures and protects them. Likewise, He has provided cute bear cubs with everything they need to survive and not be hurt. He has secured their protection by means of their strong mothers who never leave them

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