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Richard Dawkins' and daily Hürriyet's ignorance

The terrible ignorance of Richard Dawkins, who fell into a dreadful state of panic and alarm following the revelation in the Atlas of Creation of hundreds of pieces of evidence that demolish the theory of evolution, is now shared by the Turkish daily Hürriyet! The newspaper shares the ignorance of Dawkins, who on his web site described the picture of an insect in the Atlas of Creation that was actually a model as an error and thus attempts to cover up the powerful global impact of the Atlas, and imagines that this somehow represents a great discovery.
The model insect pictured in the Atlas of Creation is that of an organism that is still alive today and of which fossil specimens dating back millions of years have also been found. Whether or not it is a model makes no difference. What matters is that this insect that lived millions of years in the past is still living, in exactly the same form, today.


The mummified originals of many life forms in existence today are pinned up and displayed in a wide variety of locations. This does not show that these organisms are not alive; on the contrary, the public are shown these models as examples of these living organisms.

The fossil in amber here is genuine; it is a 25-million-year-old caddis fly in Dominican amber. Either a model or a picture could be used to express the fact that the creature is still alive today. The important thing is for it to be known that it is still alive. The fact that demolishes evolution is that the creature has remained unchanged for millions of years and that it completely refutes evolution.
In addition, Dawkins, who for some reason seeks to “give the impression that he attaches great importance to details,” and Hürriyet ignore the fact that a specimen of this creature that is still living today has for a long time been exhibited on the Fossil Museum web site. The fact is, however, that anyone who so wishes can inspect a picture of the caddis fly that is still alive today and that Dawkins and Hürriyet are trying to turn into an instrument of speculation by visiting http://www.fossil-museum.com/fossils/fosil.php?Id=161.


25 million years
Dominican Republic

Note that on his web site Richard Dawkins never goes into the question of whether or not the caddis fly is still alive today, makes no comment at all about the subject, and is only interested in the nature of the picture in the Atlas of Creation. Dawkins naturally has not a word to say about the fact the creature is still living today and has never changed over the course of millions of years.
Neither does Dawkins have anything to say about the hundreds of living fossils shown on just about every page of the Atlas of Creation. As with Dawkins, a profound silence reigns among other evolutionists, too, in the face of this highly significant fossil evidence. He prefers to remain silent rather than admit that he has no explanation to give, no counter-evidence to submit in the face of this evidence that totally demolishes evolution.
Dawkins has eventually managed to track down a picture of a model in the Atlas of Creation, whose three volumes totalling 2300 pages contain hundreds of living fossils that definitively refute evolution, and is attempting to portray this as a mistake. Evolutionists are unable to swallow the fact that there is not a single mistake in the book, which proves that organisms living millions of years ago are still living today. Dawkins’ fruitless endeavour merely shows how accurate and effective the Atlas of Creation is. This goes to show that the Atlas of Creation has been instrumental in evolution’s heading for a total collapse.

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