Harun Yahya

The Darwinist dictatorship is collapsing!

Darwinian ideology is the only one to enjoy global state protection. It has been protected by special laws for 150 years, and is still protected today. One can criticise even the most dangerous ideologies, such as fascism and communism, but criticism of Darwinism is absolutely squashed.
This has been the case for the 150 years of the history of evolutionary theory:
Darwinists’ despotic methods have to date been used to silence people who have seen the truth. Professors in many parts of the world who have attracted attention by issuing anti-Darwinist statements have been hurriedly removed from their posts. Biology teachers sceptical of evolution have been forced to teach it through hints to the effect that “Keep your anti-evolution views to yourself, or we will wreck your career!” Professors sceptical of evolution have been obliged to support it. The scientific findings opposed to evolution have been swept under the carpet. No anti-Darwinist activity has been allowed in any official institutions or bodies anywhere in the world. Dictatorial methods have been used to hide the fact that science refutes evolution.

Michael Reiss

The most recent example of this policy of intimidation has come from Britain. Michael Reiss, director of education of the Royal Society, Great Britain’s most prestigious scientific institution, recently found himself the target of an intense reaction from Darwinist circles for rightfully suggesting that Creation be taught alongside evolution in schools. Darwinists were baffled by the way that such a pro-Creation suggestion could come from this scientific institution, known for its pro-evolutionary activities. Fanatical Darwinists such as the atheist evolutionist and zoologist Richard Dawkins were not slow to launch verbal assaults. Darwinist scientists affiliated to the Royal Society issued statements that Reiss’s suggestion has been “misunderstood” or that the professor “did not actually mean to say that...” in order to demonstrate their “embarrassment” to the Darwinists making these protests. This pro-Creation suggestion, opposing Darwinism which is protected by law, from one of the strongholds of Darwinism, threw all Darwinists into a panic.
The fanatical Darwinist dictatorship did not long delay in imposing sanctions on this brave suggestion. Professor Reiss was hurriedly REMOVED FROM HIS POST as the Academy’s director of education. The professor, who HAD BEEN ASKED TO TENDER HIS RESIGNATION “for the good of the institution,” was told that he could continue to teach biology but had LOST HIS POSITION OF DIRECTOR in the Academy.
This policy of intimidation, that has been implemented in a comprehensive manner across the world for a long time now, is an indication that the Darwinist dictatorship is turning into an empire of fear as time passes. The policy is also, of course, an indication of another important reality: THE COLLAPSE OF DARWINISM!
Were the theory of evolution true, then it would be supported by scientific evidence. Darwinists would be able to produce intermediate form fossils and show that protein emerged by chance. Creation being taught alongside evolution in schools would not terrify the proponents of evolution. Darwinists would feel no need to hide the unearthed fossils and to manufacture forgeries. They would have no need to resort to intimidation and fear to silence those voices raised in favour of Creation, which they actually know to be telling the truth. The way they resort to these methods to prop up the theory of evolution is the most definitive proof of the theory’s total defeat. Darwinism has been routed, because the Atlas of Creation has proved to the whole world that the theory of evolution is a fraud.
People have now changed their opinions in the wake of the Atlas of Creation. They no longer believe in the idea that Darwinists have been trying to impose, that everything came into being by chance, nor in the lie that chance gave rise to life, human beings, civilisations, technology, Paris and London. They are unwilling to have efforts made to impose that nonsense on them. Having seen 100 million fossils they no longer find any of the theory of evolution’s accounts credible.
For that reason, intimidatory tactics can no longer be of any benefit to the fanatical Darwinist dictatorship. Darwinists can no longer convince people of the veracity of the theory of evolution. The 150-year-old fraud that is evolution has been annihilated by means of the Atlas of Creation.

Say: “Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to vanish.” (Surat al-Isra’, 81)

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