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Belief in creation is spreading across the entire world!

Reports of the collapse of Darwinism are coming in from all over the world!

‘Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to vanish.’ (Surat Al-Isra , 81)

Public opinion polls in 34 leading countries show an avalanche of belief in creation across the world and that the theory of evolution has begun to disappear. One of these countries in which the number of believers in evolution is the smallest is “Turkey”.
Ever since it was first put forward, people have been indoctrinated with the theory of evolution by means of a wide range of propaganda techniques, as a result of which it has been widely accepted by sections of society lacking the means to research it. However, the theory of evolution has now lost all its foundations in the face of present-day scientific developments.
Anyone who follows scientific publications can clearly see that the theory of evolution is facing a major predicament. All the research carried out has totally discredited claims that living things came into existence by chance. Indeed, many evolutionists now openly admit that it is impossible for Darwinism to explain the origin of life.
Evolutionists used the primitive level of technology in the past to deceive people – literally by casting a spell over them – for decades. However, there has been a comprehensive intellectual struggle against Darwinism all over the world in the last 20 years, particularly in Turkey. The Turkish public has been made aware of evolutionist deceptions by means of this struggle and of the Creation surrounding us. This intellectual struggle has also had an impact all over the world. Indeed, when one brings together recent developments we can see that a number of very significant changes have taken place in the world.
In particular, a number of successive reports in the Turkish and foreign press have made this change crystal clear. The results of a number of public opinion polls have revealed that there is a very powerful general trend towards Creationism and that this has caused great consternation among evolutionists. The statistics obtained show that many people no longer believe in evolution. In addition, the way that many well-known scientists have turned to God by admitting that living things were created is a striking development showing that the theory of evolution has reached the end of the road and that the number of its adherents is decreasing day by day. The common factor among the factors leading to this change noted by experts is the quality, variety and spread of the studies revealing the invalidity of the theory of evolution. Some striking reports recently published regarding the strengthening of belief in creation, which has for some time now occupied an important place in the world press, and the way that people are turning in the direction of religious moral values are collected below:

A number of significant developments in recent years have accelerated the great collapse of materialism, which has in turn led to the end of the theory of evolution. Some of these developments are:
• Scientists conducting experiments aimed at exceeding the speed of light made a finding that overturned all scientific assumptions. They witnessed that in an experimental environment in which the speed of light was exceeded many times the result of the experiment actually occurred before its cause. This meant the demolition of the claim of “causality,” proposed in the 19th century on the basis of materialist foundations. The subject was summarized in the words “it has been proved that an effect without a cause is possible, and that the end of an event can occur before its beginning” in one newspaper headline. Indeed, the effect of a phenomenon occurring prior to the one seen as its cause is scientific proof that all events are created separately and completely overturn materialist dogma.
• The Human Genome Project conducted in order to unravel the genetic structure of man has been brought to a conclusion and the details of “genetic data” revealing that Allah has brought living things into being with a Sublime Creation have been made clear for all to see. Anyone today who examines the results of this project and learns that a single human cell contains sufficient information to fill thousands of encyclopaedia pages will understand just what a great creation this truly is.

Opponents Of Evolution In Europe Are Growing In Numbers

A special report in the major scientific journal Nature noted that Turkey was the country with the strongest creationist movement. Nature, 23 November, 2006.

In its 23rd November, 2006, edition the world-renowned scientific magazine Nature carried a special report titled “Anti-evolutionists raise their profile in Europe”. The report discussed the places occupied by evolution and creation in school curricula in such European countries as Italy, Germany, Poland, France and Great Britain. It also referred to the work of the Science Research Foundation in Turkey:
“The movement is by far the strongest in Turkey, however, which is in negotiations to join the European Union. The main Muslim creationist organization [is] the Turkish Bilim ve Arastirma Vakfi… Prominent US creationists are also frequently invited by the group to give talks.
Additionally, the report discussed the debate stemming from the teaching of the fact of creation in certain schools in Germany and the removal of the theory of evolution from the middle school curriculum at the wish of Italian Minister of Education Letizia Moratti. It also cited examples of research carried out by groups in Russia espousing the fact of creation and stated that there was a rapid rise in the number of people supporting creation in Great Britain in particular:
Steve Jones, a geneticist at University College London who has lectured widely about evolution, is one of those concerned by the growing influence of creationist groups. ‘I have talked about evolution in front of more than 100,000 British schoolchildren in the past 20 years – during most of that time I was never asked questions about creationism,’ he says. ‘But in the past couple of years, wherever I go I am asked about it.’”
At the end of the report, Jones said that he believed that the theory of evolution would never be weakened in European countries as it had been in the USA, and that evolution would always remain powerful, but that he had concerns when it came to Turkey. 

In reference of the state of Darwinism in Turkey the Darwinist geneticist Steve Jones describes how evolution has collapsed: “I am not very hopeful for Turkey…”

Creation Museums and the Rise of Global Creationism
Harvard University, one of the world’s leading scientific centres, has also determined that “creationism is growing increasingly stronger in the world and that it is the work of the Science Research Foundation (SRF) that represents the global centre of this.” In the latest edition of the book The Creationists, from Scientific Creationism to Intelligent Design, a special section has been set aside for the SRF’s work setting out the fact of creation. A report headed Creation Museums and the Rise of Global Creationism on a web site belonging to the university summarised the section in question as follows:
An unusual phenomenon that seems to be popping up a lot lately--the creation museum. America's first one is set to open this spring in Petersburg, Kentucky. The $26.4 million facility boasts animatronic dinosaurs and a state-of-the-art SFX theater, all designed to convince visitors that God created the world exactly as it's described in the Holy Book.
And it's not just in the US. Like everything these days, creationism is going global, as evidenced by a campaign to open small creation museums across Turkey (a typical one, located in an Istanbul kebab shop, greets visitors with a portrait of Charles Darwin framed in dripping blood). Matt Mossman reports in this month's issue of SEED Magazine :
In its latest campaign, BAV [Bilim Arastirma Vakfi, or "Scientific Research Foundation" has opened more than 80 "museums" in restaurants, malls, and city halls across Turkey, each stocked with fossils, posters, and eager volunteers. Oktar's disciples use tactics cribbed from US organizations like California's Institute for Creation Research, instructing passersby that evolution cannot explain biology's complexity and is against the word of God.
BAV runs quite a sophisticated operation, as evidenced by its website, which, according to Mossman, offers downloadable Power Point presentations and questions with which students can challenge their evolution-loving science teachers (we'll have to take Mossman's word for it--the website in Turkish). And the affinity with US creationists isn't mere coincidence--a BAV spokesman travelled to the US last year to testify in the Kansas Board of Education's intelligent design hearings. Beyond the US and Turkey, creationist movements in Britain and Australia (where they seem to be particularly strong) suggest a growing global trend.
“The Atlas of Creation”

The Creation Atlas affords readers the opportunity to obtain a close familiarity with fossils that say “We did not evolve, but were created.”

The British news agency Reuters, one of the largest in the world, carried an analysis by Tom Heneghan on 22 November, 2006. (Reuters reports reach some 1 billion people every day.) The report, headed Creation vs. Darwin Takes Muslim Twist in Turkey, discussed the works by the author Harun Yahya on the subject of evolution and the extent to which belief in evolution had contracted in Turkey in recent years. This analysis provoked a very wide reaction in various newspapers, including the Washington Post, the most important daily in the USA, and on some of the world’s most frequently visited news portals such as MSNBC, YahooNews and AolNews. Some of the comments in the report read:
“A lavishly illustrated Atlas of Creation is mysteriously turning up at schools and libraries in Turkey, proclaiming that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is the real root of terrorism.
Arriving unsolicited by post, the large-format tome offers 768 glossy pages of photographs and easy-to-read text to prove that God created the world with all its species.
At first sight, it looks like it could be the work of United States creationists, the Christian fundamentalists who believe the world was created in six days as told in the Bible.
But the author’s name, Harun Yahya, reveals the surprise inside. This is Islamic creationism, a richly funded movement based in predominantly Muslim Turkey which has an influence U.S. creationists could only dream of.
Creationism is so widely accepted here that Turkey placed last in a recent survey of public acceptance of evolution in 34 countries—just behind the United States.”

The latest of Harun Yahya’s works revealing the “Fact of Creation,” The Atlas of Creation” consists of a total of seven volumes and 5600 pages. In terms of its content and appearance this work, which reveals all aspects of the invalidity of the theory of evolution is said to have no equal anywhere in the world.

The Extent of the Effect of Religion
Like the Bible, the Koran says God made the world in six days and fashioned the first man, Adam, from dust. Other details vary but the idea is roughly the same.
But unlike in the West, evolution theory has not undermined the traditional creation story for many Muslims.
Science is hardly an issue in Turkey, therefore evolution could hardly have been an issue, said Celal Sengor, a geology professor at Istanbul Technical University.
Darwinism did become an issue during the left-versus-right political turmoil before a 1980 military coup because Communist bookshops touted Darwin’s works as a complement to Karl Marx.
It looked like Marx and Darwin were together, two long-bearded guys spreading ideas that make people lose their faith, said Istanbul journalist Mustafa Akyol.
After the coup, the conservative government thought a dose of religion could bolster the fight against the extreme left.
In 1985, a paragraph on creationism as an alternative to evolution was added to high school science textbooks and a U.S. book Scientific Creationism was translated into Turkish.
In the early 1990s, leading U.S. creationists came to speak at several anti-evolution conferences in Turkey.
Darwin and Terror
Since then, a home-grown strain of anti-Darwinist books has developed with a clearly political message.
Atlas of Creation offers over 500 pages of splendid images comparing fossils with present-day animals to argue that Allah created all life as it is and evolution never took place.
Then comes a book-length essay arguing that Darwinism, by stressing the “survival of the fittest”, has inspired racism, Nazism, communism and terrorism.
The root of the terrorism that plagues our planet is not any of the divine religions, but atheism, and the expression of atheism in our times [is] Darwinism and materialism, it says.
One Istanbul school unexpectedly received three copies recently. It’s very well done, with magnificent photos—a very stylish tool of creationist propaganda, said the headmaster, who asked not to be named.
The driving force behind these books is a reclusive Islamic teacher named Adnan Oktar who over the past decade has published a flood of books under the pseudonym Harun Yahya.
Harun Yahya has managed to create a media-based and popular form of creationism, said Taner Edis, a Turkish-born physicist at Truman State University in Missouri.
Harun Yahya, which is probably a pool of writers, has turned out over 200 books in Turkish and translated many of them into 51 other languages.
Oktar, 50, appears on the group’s Web site sporting a clipped beard and dapper suits. His works can be found in Islamic bookshops around the world and downloaded for free over the Internet.
It revealed that Harun Yahya had more than 200 books out in Turkish, most of which had been translated into 51 other languages.
Harun Yahya, which is probably a pool of writers, has turned out over 200 books in Turkish and translated many of them into 51 other languages.
Oktar, 50, appears on the group’s Web site sporting a clipped beard and dapper suits. His works can be found in Islamic bookshops around the world and downloaded for free over the Internet.
Research on the Subject of Creation in American Scientific magazine
In its latest edition published in Europe last month, the world-renowned scientific magazine American Scientific carried a report regarding creationist activities in Europe and Turkey. The largest part of the article was devoted to Adnan Oktar, better known under the pen-name Harun Yahya, and his activities. Adnan Oktar’s work on the subject of “Darwinism” was described as follows in the magazine:
… For a couple of years, there has been a book defending creation. Millions of copies of the book “Evolution Deceit” have been sold in a year. This book has a great impression on us, as well.
Adnan Oktar’s Activities on the Subject of Darwinism in Seed Magazine
In its September edition the well-known magazine Seed devoted wide space to Adnan Oktar’s ongoing world-wide activities. The article described the Science Research Foundation, of which Adnan Oktar is the honorary president, which engages in scientific activities against the invalidity of the theory of evolution as “the most effective and powerful organization” in the world. The article also included the following statements:
 He's the 50-year-old founder of Bilim Araştirma Vakfi ("Scientific Research Foundation"), a creationist organization mounting one of the most potent offensives against evolution outside of the United States.
 They are instructing passers-by that evolution cannot explain biology's complexity and is against the word of God.
 But unlike its western counterparts, Oktar's group claims Darwin is responsible for communism, fascism, and terrorism. Terrorists, according to Oktar, are "social Darwinists hiding under the cloak of religion," while communists, still active in Turkey, are in "bloody alliance" with Darwinism. "Evolution is a communist and fascist belief," offers Tarkan Yavas, BAV's president. "The Muslim community understands that now."
 Turkey is among the most Western of Muslim nations. It teaches evolution in its schools, but, even so, appears to be losing the science education battle. In 1985 the minister of education mandated that creationism be included in science textbooks. By the late 1990s, the BAV was attacking scientists who opposed a creationist curriculum via slander and death threats. The cumulative damage to science has been significant.
Ümit Sayin, a neurologist at Istanbul University and outspoken critic of Turkish creationism, estimates that the number of university-educated Turks who understand evolution has dropped to 20 percent from 40 percent over the past 15 years.
 BAV, founded in 1990, grew from the Turkish fringe into a global media empire. Oktar claims to have 4.5 million followers worldwide, who read his hundreds of books and essays and have seen the dozens of television documentaries that BAV produces and provides free of charge to Turkish TV stations. BAV's Web sites offer downloadable PowerPoint presentations and questions to challenge science teachers.
 The foundation organizes anti-evolution conferences and petitions and runs a telemarketing scheme to sell books by Harun Yahya (Oktar's pen name), which are available globally in 29 languages.
 In August, Science published an analysis of global public attitudes toward evolution showing that, out of 34 sample countries, the US and Turkey had the lowest acceptance of Darwin's theories.
Famous Scientists Have Turned to God
Francis Collins was president of the US National Human Genome Research Institute, which conducted the famous Human Genome project, the results of which were announced in 2001. He recently published a book titled The language of God.
The book describes the factors that led Collins to believe in God ,who is the president of the American national Genome Research Institute which conducted the Genome project. In his book, Collins says that the scientific findings drew him closer to God and that the Genome project has revealed God’s creation to him.
How Did Britain Reach This Point?
A report headed “How Did We Reach This Point? In the 15th of August, 2006, edition of the famous British daily The Guardian was astonished to note that 30% of British students did not believe in evolution, and stated that this level had been much lower in the past. It is also said that “evolution is about to disappear.”
Turkey and the USA: The Countries with the Fewest Believers in Evolution
John Derbyshire’s column in the magazine National Review, based in New York, described creationism in Turkey in these terms:
“Out of 34 countries, the U.S. and Turkey have the lowest acceptance of Darwin’s theories… The leading activist in Turkish Creationism is Adnan Oktar, pen name Harun Yahya, founder of BAV… ( I personally think that they have strong activities as Discovery Institute does.)
Confessions of the Scientists
Time, Newsweek and Wired, regarded as the most important current affairs magazines in the USA, devoted the covers of their editions in the first week of November to “religion.” The former atheist Dr. Francis Collins, regarded as the world’s most eminent gene expert, commented in an interview as“The perfection of our genetic structure is God’s artistry. Scientific development will provide the signs of God’s existence. We will prove that the genes making people belivers can only be active miraculously.”
The Turkish Public Do Not Believe in Evolution
The effect of the work revealing the invalidity of the theory of evolution is also reflected in the results of various public opinion polls. According to one poll, the results of which were recently published by the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), the level of those saying “the theory of evolution is true” stands at 10.7%, compared to 87.4% for those saying “God created man.” According to this poll, 11 out of 100 people in Turkey believe in the theory of evolution, in other words that living things are the result of chance, that they came onto being “spontaneously” over millions of years. In the late 1970s, on the other hand, 75% of Turkish citizens believed that the theory of evolution was true. Today, that figure has dropped to 11%. There is no doubt that one of the major factors in this change is, through Allah, the works and activities of Adnan Oktar. Under the pen-name Harun Yahya, Adnan Oktar has written more than 50 books and published many documentary films about the invalidity of the theory of evolution and the fact of creation, and has opened dozens on web sites upon the subject. In addition, articles under his real or pen-names have appeared in more than 300 magazines and newspapers, and his documentaries are regularly broadcast on 273 local and regional TV channels. The Science Research Foundation and Foundation of Preserving National Values, of which Adnan Oktar is honorary president, have held more than 2000 conferences in the majority of Turkish provinces, districts and townships.
Another finding announced in the TESEV report is that 93.2% of Turks describe themselves as “religious.”

The latest scientific findings have dealt a severe blow to materialism and Darwinism. All the frauds and lies of evolutionists, who have deceived people over the last 10 years by the use of all kinds of methods of deception, have now been unmasked.


Ministerial Announcement: “Evolution Is a Lie”
Polish Deputy Education Minister Miroslaw Orzechowski has said that Darwin’s theory is a “lie” and should not be taught in schools. In a statement recently issued at the Ministry of Education, the Polish Education and Deputy Education Ministers said “The theory of evolution is a lie!” and “In the same way that wrong should not be taught instead of right, lies such as the theory of evolution should not be taught.”

‘Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to vanish.’ (Surat Al-Isra , 81)

In the light of the latest developments we have witnessed throughout the course of this article we may say that materialist philosophy that inspires atheism is now in its death throes and, by the will of Allah, mankind has in the 21st century begun returning to the true purpose of its creation by being freed from such deceptions.
No matter what efforts materialists and atheists may make to prevent the spread of religious moral values, no matter how much they attempt to hinder the light of Allah, Darwinism, the basis of their world view, has now collapsed. They no longer have any basis for their efforts to prevent the spread of religious moral values. This fact is being recognized by more and more people every day, and people across the planet are turning back to faith and religious virtues.

The way that many famous scientists admit that living things are created is a striking development showing that the theory of evolution has come to the end of the road and that the number of its adherents is falling every day.

The latest scientific findings have dealt a severe blow to materialism and Darwinism. All the frauds and lies of evolutionists, who have deceived people over the last 10 years by the use of all kinds of methods of deception, have now been unmasked.
However, this must not lead believers in God to any relaxation as the struggle against Darwinism is not yet finished, and it must not finish; Darwinist propaganda is still going on unceasingly. Believers need to forge a powerful alliance against this propaganda, which is constantly maintained through newspaper and magazine articles, documentary films and television programmes, and which is particularly aimed at the young. Everyone must be told, by the use of developing technologies and by monitoring scientific advances, how this perverted ideology is worthless and of the kind of dangers it poses. As the numbers of those who see that the theory of evolution has scientifically collapsed and that Darwinist propaganda consists of hollow indoctrination increases, the nightmare of Darwinism will, by Allah’s will, be eradicated. The intellectual struggle against Darwinism and atheism waged by believers who mobilize all the means at their disposal in order to attain Allah’s approval will end in the finest manner for all mankind. Work carried out in honesty and togetherness will be a means whereby truth is victorious and superstition is vanquished, as our Lord promises in the Holy Qur’an. This promise by the Almighty Allah is a source of enormous enthusiasm and excitement for all believers:

Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away! Woe without end for you for what you portray! (Surat Al-Anbiya, 18)

With the intellectual eradication of Darwinism, which leads to lack of faith and atheism, religious moral values will quickly spread, and peace and security will rule the world. By the will of Allah, people will very soon turn in floods to the true faith and, as promised by our Lord, the radiance of Allah will rule the entire world.

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