Harun Yahya

How do speckles strengthen the egg shell?

Recent research into bird eggs has revealed that the speckles on the egg shells are not just important for camouflage, but also serve important mechanical purposes.
In some regions, the soil is weak in terms of calcium levels, which leads to a calcium deficiency in the shells of bird eggs in those areas. That deficiency makes eggs more fragile at certain points. Eggs in these regions have one striking feature. Their shells are much more speckled. A team led by Andrew Gosler, from Oxford University, conducted a study into the eggs of the great tit (Parus major), which lays speckled eggs. The team examined the patterns on 90 egg shells and observed that the speckles were present at the weakest parts of the shell. The weakness arising in certain points of the shell due to calcium deficiency is reinforced by support from the speckles. Thanks to this wise creation, the weakness in the egg shell is eliminated.
We are confronted by the finesse in Allah’s creative artistry in every detail. Interpreting these through the eye of wisdom and appreciating them accordingly is a form of behavior unique to those who genuinely turn towards Allah.
Source: New Scientist, 17 September 2005, p. 13

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