Harun Yahya

The glorious intelligence manifested in the cell

Unnecessary, flawed, or diseased cells in a living body kill themselves. Many cells manufacture a series of proteins in order to destroy themselves. However, for so long as the cell is useful to the body it halts this protein; in other words, it is its own agent of death. If the cell becomes ill or malignant, or if it starts to threaten the health of the organism, these killer proteins are let loose, become active, and kill the cell.
It is most important that the cell decide at the right time and under the right circumstances. Otherwise, if the killer proteins go into action while the cell is still healthy, then healthy cells in the body will keep dying, and this will result in the death of the organism itself. If harmful and diseased cells remain alive, however, this may also end in the organism dying.
The cell that needs to die and activates the death protein first collapses  and withdraws itself. Swellings then form on the surface and this creates an impression that the cell is boiling. First the nucleus and then the entire cell break apart. The waste products from cells that break themselves down are immediately eliminated by other cells around. Even more interestingly, not all the dead cells are cleaned up by others. Some dead cells are deliberately left, because their work in the body is still not completed. For example, tissues such as the eye lens, the skin, and the nails are formed from dead cells, but these are not eliminated because they will still be of use to the body. The way that cells decide which dead cells they will eliminate and which they will leave, and the way that the trillions of cells in the body go along with this, is a most important matter requiring careful reflection. All cells are created in the most ideal form for the organism concerned to survive. A reflection of Allah’s omniscience and matchless artistry can clearly be seen in every detail of life.

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