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An Ayat

You who believe! do not take any outside yourselves as intimates. They will do anything to harm you. They love what causes you distress. Hatred has appeared out of their mouths, but what their breasts hide is far worse. We have made the Signs clear to you if you use your intellect.
(Surah Al 'Imran:118)




A Hadith

"whoever remains patient, God will make him patient. Nobody can be given a blessing better and greater than patience.""





Those Who Do Not Sacrifice Are Losers
The Qur'an informs us that the hypocrites rejoiced when they avoided our Prophet's (saas) call for them to sacrifice and struggle in the way of Allah: "Those who were left behind were glad to stay behind the messenger of Allah. They did not want to strive with their wealth and their selves in the way of Allah. They said: 'Do not go out to fight in the heat.' Say: 'The Fire of Hell is much hotter, if they only understood'" (Surat at-Tawba: 81).
They were delighted, thinking that they had avoided this responsibility that would bring them no reward. Such people ignore the fact that Allah bestows whatever they possess and can withdraw it whenever He wills. Allah says that those who set traps will never win: "When the unbelievers were planning to imprison, kill, or expel you: they were planning, and Allah was planning. However, Allah is the Best Planner" (Surat al-Anfal: 30).
Indeed, this example provides a good lesson for those who take the Qur'an as their guide. Those who believe and live according to it never think that shirking their responsibility will give anyone an advantage, for the Qur'an states that those who think only of their own gain and thus avoid any sacrifice and opportunity to win Allah's approval will find their "reward" to be extremely limited and short-lived:
Flight will not benefit you if you try to run away from death or being killed. Then you will only enjoy a short respite. (Surat al-Ahzab: 16)
Such people may never have the opportunity to enjoy all of their possessions, or may lose all of them through a natural disaster, an illness, an accident, or some other disaster. This clear truth should cause them to wonder what reward they will receive in the Hereafter for their moral character. Moreover, Allah can turn all of their worldly possessions into sources of misery and heartache, if He so wills. And, on the Day of Judgment, He will not allow them to make excuses:
This is the Day on which they will not say a single word, nor will they be allowed to offer any excuses. (Surat al-Mursalat: 35-36)
Given this reality, all people must do everything they can to live a moral life pleasing to Allah. Postponing the decision to do so or not recognizing its importance will only result in eternal sorrow. In the Qur'an, we can read His promise to reward and support, with His mercy in both worlds, everyone who uses their possessions to win His approval:
Whatever good you give away is to your own benefit, when you give desiring only the Face of Allah. Whatever good you give away will be repaid to you in full. You will not be wronged. (Surat al-Baqara: 272)





Age: 125 million years old
Size: salamander: 11 centimeters (4.3 in) by 6 centimeters (2.4 in) long; matrix: 29.6 centimeters (11.7 in)
Location: Huludao City, Liaoning Province
Formation: Jiufotang Formation
Period: Lower Cretaceous

This fossil salamander uncovered in China is the world's oldest known salamander. As a result of some sudden volcanic eruption, fossil remains are often very well preserved under a layer of ash, so well that it is even possible to detect some of their soft tissues and the last food they ate.
These fossil salamanders are no different from those alive in our day. Amphibians that remain unchanged for hundreds of millions of years once again demonstrate that evolutionists are wrong.

Age: 242 million years old
Size: 53 millimeters (2 in) by 16 millimeters(0.6 in); matrix: 53 millimeters (2 in) by 76 millimeters (3 in)
Location: Guanglin, Guizhou Province
Formation: Huxia Formation
Period: Lower Triassic
Darwinists claim that reptiles, such as lizards, turtles and crocodiles, evolved from amphibians. But they have no evidence to prove that assertion. Scientific findings show that reptiles emerged on Earth quite suddenly, with no ancestors - and not gradually, as the theory of evolution asserts. Hundreds of thousands of fossils reveal that amphibians have always remained amphibians and reptiles have always been reptiles.
This 242-million-year-old lizard is one of the fossils manifesting this fact.





The Everlasting Refuge And Sustainer

In the entire universe, all power belongs to Allah, the only One Who can remove a person's troubles and difficulties, and meet his needs. Sometimes people forget our Lord and take other guardians for themselves, who they believe can provide them with power, honor, and help. But this is a delusion, for there is no other deity other than Allah. Unless He wills otherwise, no one can help or harm anyone else. This fact is related in the Qur'an, as follows:
Do those who take the hypocrites as protectors, rather than the believers, hope to find power and strength with them? Power and strength belong entirely to Allah. (Surat an-Nisa', 4:139)
Our only refuge from distress is Allah, the Lord of power and honor, for He answers all of His servants' prayers and eases, or fully removes, what is causing them hardship. Allah describes this, as follows:
He Who responds to the oppressed when they call upon Him and removes their distress, and has appointed you as inheritors of the land. Is there another deity besides Allah? How little you pay heed! (Surat an-Naml, 27:62)
This verse states that some people fail to recognize or forget Allah's compassion and mercy and become ungrateful. However, as Allah states in "Say: 'Allah rescues you from it, and from every plight'…" (Surat al-An'am, 6:64), only He saves us from every distress. In return, He expects us to notice this answer, ponder over its importance, submit to Him, and become His grateful servant.
The Prophet (saas) advises believers to take refuge only in Allah:

"When you ask, ask from Allah; when you seek help, seek it of Allah." (Hadith at-Tirmidhi)




Any Single Cell Is More Complex Than Even A Great City
Around 4 billion years ago, according to the evolutionist scenario, various inanimate chemical substances entered into a reaction, combining under the effects of lightning or earthquakes, and thus gave rise to the first cell. In fact, however, scientists describe the cell as having as complex a structure as that of a city like Paris or London. A great number of structures inside the cell, from energy-producing plants to protein factories, from transport systems carrying raw materials to decoders that interpret DNA, and communications systems, are all in a constant state of activity in a flawless organization. Believing the evolutionist claim that the cell came into being by chance is as illogical as claiming that all the buildings, roads, transport systems, water and electricity grids in New York City emerged spontaneously thanks to the effects of random natural phenomena such as storms and earthquakes.
Did Unconscious Atoms Think of Setting up and Designing a Power Plant in Our Bodies?
In our cells, the energy plants known as "mitochondria," only 1/100 millimeters in size, are more complex than any oil refinery or hydroelectric station. Our cells, which possess no consciousness or knowledge and are made up of combinations of specific numbers of molecules, produce energy in a manner that is far more economical and practical than that devised by a combination of engineers, technical experts, workers and designers employing the most advanced technology.
Every detail in the energy plants in our cells has been  flawlessly created, from energy conservation to the recycling of waste products. The theory of evolution is unable to account for the formation of even one of these features in the cell.




Spider Silk Is Stronger Than Steel 1
A great many insects - moths and butterflies, for example - produce silk, although there are considerable differences between these substances and spider silk.
According to scientists, spider thread is one of the strongest materials known. If we set down all of a spider web's characteristics, the resulting list will be a very long one. Yet even just a few examples of the properties of spider silk are enough to make the point: ( J. M. Gosline, M. E. DeMont & M. W. Denny, "The Structure and Properties of Spider Silk," Endeavour, Volume 10, Issue 1, 1986, p. 42.)
.-The silk thread spun by spiders, measuring just one-thousandth of a millimeter across, is five times stronger than steel of the same thickness.
- It can stretch up to four times its own length.
- It is also so light that enough thread to stretch clear around the planet would weigh only 320 grams.
These individual characteristics may be found in various other materials, but it is a most exceptional situation for them all to come together at once. It's not easy to find a material that's both strong and elastic. Strong steel cable, for instance, is not as elastic as rubber and can deform over time. And while rubber cables don't easily deform, they aren't strong enough to bear heavy loads.
How can the thread spun by such a tiny creature have properties vastly superior to rubber and steel, product of centuries of accumulated human knowledge?
Spider silk's superiority is hidden in its chemical structure. Its raw material is a protein called keratin, which consists of helical chains of amino acids cross-linked to one another. Keratin is the building block for such widely different natural substances as hair, nails, feathers and skin. In all the substances it comprises, its protective property is especially important. Furthermore, that keratin consists of amino acids bound by loose hydrogen links makes it very elastic, as described in the American magazine Science News: "On the human scale, a web resembling a fishing net could catch a passenger plane." ( "Learning From Designs in Nature", Life A product of Design; http://www.watchtower.org/library/g/2000/1/22/article_02.htm)
On the underside of the tip of the spider's abdomen are three pairs of spinnerets. Each of these spinnerets is studded with many hair-like tubes called spigots. The spigots lead to silk glands inside the abdomen, each of which produces a different type of silk. As a result of the harmony between them, a variety of silk threads are produced. Inside the spider's body, pumps, valves and pressure systems with exceptionally developed properties are employed during the production of the raw silk, which is then drawn out through the spigots. ("Spider (arthropod)," Encarta Online Encyclopedia 2005)
Most importantly, the spider can alter the pressure in the spigots at will, which also changes the structure of molecules making up the liquid keratin. The valves' control mechanism, the diameter, resistance and elasticity of the thread can all be altered, thus making the thread assume desired characteristics without altering its chemical structure. If deeper changes in the silk are desired, then another gland must be brought into operation. And finally, thanks to the perfect use of its back legs, the spider can put the thread on the desired track.
Once the spider's chemical miracle can be replicated fully, then a great many useful materials can be produced: safety belts with the requisite elasticity, very strong surgical sutures that leave no scars, and bulletproof fabrics. Moreover, no harmful or poisonous substances need to be used in their production.
Spiders' silk possesses the most extraordinary properties. On account of its high resistance to tension, ten times more energy is required to break spider silk than other, similar biological materials. ( . M. Gosline, M. W. Denny & M. E. DeMont, "Spider silk as rubber," Nature, vol. 309, no. 5968, pp. 551-552; http://iago.stfx.ca/people/edemont/abstracts/spider.htm)
As a result, much more energy needs to be expended in order to break a piece of spider silk of the same size as a nylon thread.




What The Quran Says About Liars And Their Methods

Even though most people know that lying is a bad moral characteristic, some people merely pay lip service to this knowledge because so many people have turned this serious character defect into a habit.
Throughout the world, large numbers of people lie for a variety of reasons: to put on a show for others, out of pride, to make others laugh, to ensure a profit for themselves, to protect themselves, and to slander and harm others. However, they do not consider doing so a sign of serious immorality, even though Allah has forbidden it and states that liars will be recompensated with Hell in the afterlife.
This book warns pe ople against lying, which they regard as innocent or harmless, and points out that Allah forbids lying. In addition, it discusses why people lie, how they can give up lying and what they will gain by being honest, the spiritual state of liars, and tactics for protection against lies. In this way, with their tactics and methods exposed, liars will be forced into honesty.





All the works of Harun Yahya, is made up of striking passages highlighting the basic ideas on various topics. In this site, you will witness the sincere style of the author, based on the Qur'an. Anyone who reads these books and follow the works seriously and carefully will soon gain a deep insight into the true nature of the world he lives in.

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