Harun Yahya

RAMADAN 2006 The 15th Day



An Ayat

As for those who have iman and do right actions, He will pay them their wages in full and will give them increase from His favour. As for those who show disdain and grow arrogant, He will punish them with a painful punishment. They will not find any protector or helper for themselves besides Allah.

(Surat An-Nisa': 173)




A Hadith

“Allah's Messenger said, "Allah shows compassion only to those among His slaves who are compassionate."”

(Al-Bukhâri and Muslim)





Allah Demeans The Unbelievers In This Life
Those who mock Allah's religion and revelation, as well as His prophets and those who follow them, have always existed. Incapable of praising Allah's power and greatness, they live heedless lives and overlook the fact that they will be punished for their deeds. They continue to hold this attitude, even though the Qur'an tells them that the punishment they regard as being far in the future is, in reality, very close at hand:
They deny the truth each time it comes to them, but news of what they were mocking will certainly reach them. (Surat al-An'am, 5)
Messengers before you were also mocked, but those who jeered were engulfed by what they mocked. (Surat al-Anbiya', 41)
… every time some nobles of his people passed him by, they ridiculed him. He [Nuh] said: "Though you ridicule us now, we will certainly ridicule you as you do us. You will soon know who will receive a punishment that disgraces him and find unleashed against himself an everlasting punishment." (Surah Hud, 38-39)
There is no doubt that these people will be punished for their sins in the Hereafter. However, this punishment also reaches them while they are still in this world. They mock the believers and the prophets sent by Allah, and Allah mocks them. Allah makes this absolutely clear:
But Allah is mocking them and drawing them on as they wander blindly in their excessive insolence. (Surat al-Baqara, 15)
By misusing the time allotted to them, the unbelievers fall into a terrible trap. Throughout their lives they struggle against the Qur'an's morality, Allah's prophets, and the believers, thinking that they will suffer no negative consequences. In fact, no matter how arrogant they may be in this life, they will die and be buried whenever Allah wills this to happen. Allah withdraws the property of which they are so proud and leaves their bodies to rot beneath the ground. All of this is inescapable - they will die just like everybody else. Their mortality and inability to escape death are the greatest proofs of their desperate position.
Moreover, Allah sends a lot of trouble, concern, and difficulty to these people. While they believe themselves superior, all that happens to them reveals just how helpless they really are. Allah gives us several examples in the Qur'an of the state into which the unbelievers will fall.





Age: 38 to 23 million years old
Formation: Brule Formation
Location: White River Group, Sioux County, Nebraska, USA
Period: Oligocene

The fact that deer 38-23 million years old are the same as those living today reveal that these mammals have not changed for millions of years-that is, they have not evolved.
Age: 13 to 12.5 million years old
Size: 10 centimeters (4 in)
Location: Calvert County, Maryland, USA
Formation: Calvert Formation
Period: Middle Miocene

Bivalves are two-shelled mollusks such as mussels and oysters. There is no difference between bivalves that lived millions of years ago and those of today-a situation that denies the gradual evolution suggested by Darwinists.




The Eternal Owner Of Sovereignty

Say, "O Allah! Owner of Sovereignty! You give sovereignty to whoever You will You take sovereignty from whoever You will. You exalt whoever You will. You abase whoever You will. All good is in Your hands. You have power over all things." (Qur'an, 3: 26)
When you look around you wherever you are now, everything you see has an Owner. The chair you are sitting in is made up of atoms created by its Owner. The flower in the pot grows because of the sun and water given it by its Owner. The ocean you see through the window and everything living in it are there because their Owner so wishes…
The Owner of all these things and the entire universe is the Almighty Allah, Lord of all the Worlds. Even your body is under the control of He who created you, quite independently of you. Your limbs, veins, nervous system and cells are all the product of your Owner's superior knowledge and artistry. None of these things came about because you decided to design and create them.
When you first opened your eyes on the world, you encountered both the flawless system in your own body as well as the world you live in and even the whole universe. Yet you owned none of these things before, and neither will it be possible for you to do so of your own will in the future. This fact applies to all people, of course. That being the case, the sovereignty of everything belongs to our Creator, Allah, the Lord of All.




One Example of the Predicament in Which Evolutionists Find Themselves
Let evolutionists place large quantities of elements found in the structure of living things-such as phosphorus, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, iron and magnesium-into a large container. Let them also add whatever other materials not actually present under normal conditions, but which they may deem necessary. Let them also mix in as much amino acids (which cannot form spontaneously in the Earth's atmosphere) and as many proteins (even though not a single protein can form by chance) as they wish.
To this mixture, let them apply as much heat and moisture as they desire. Then let them agitate it with whatever advanced equipment they choose. Let them have teams of eminent scientists stand watch over the container for billions or even trillions of years. Let them be free to apply whatever conditions they may believe to be necessary in order for life to form. No matter what they do they will definitely never be able to produce a living organism from it, much less a human being. They will definitely be unable to produce any of the countless living species on Earth, such as giraffes, lions, bees, canaries, nightingales, parrots, horses, dolphins, roses, orchids, irises, carnations, bananas, oranges, apples, dates, tomatoes, melons, water melons, figs, olives, grapes, peaches, peacocks, leeches or brightly-colored butterflies. They will be unable to produce even a single cell, let alone any one of these many life forms.
In short, unconscious, insentient atoms cannot combine together to form a cell. Neither can they subsequently decide to divide that cell into two, and then take further decisions and create creative humans who invent the electron microscope and then examine the structure of their own cells under it. Matter is an inanimate, unconscious substance, and finds life only through God's sublime inspiration.
The theory of evolution, on the other hand, which maintains the exact opposite, is merely nonsense. Just a little consideration of about the irrational claims made by evolutionists will make this crystal clear.
The Theory of Evolution Cannot Explain the Creation in Living Things
If you see an ink stain on a piece of paper, you naturally assume that an ink has been spilled on the paper, forming a random shape. But should you see handwriting on that same paper that reads, "Call your father," you can safely assume that this has not appeared haphazardly. Even if the writer of the note is not in the room, you know that this is a meaningful, purposeful message written by a conscious individual.
Alternatively, when you see a beautiful picture, you know that this is the product of a skilled and knowledgeable intelligent artist, even if you cannot actually see the artist who painted it.
You never imagine that this picture has come into being through paints being flung at it at random. The same applies to the flawless features in living things. Their immaculate and extraordinary engineering clearly show that they cannot be the work of chance, but are rather the product of a Superior Creator. In the face of this truth, the theory of evolution is now in a state of collapse. The superior creation in living things is the work of God, the Lord of all the worlds.




An Advanced Air-Conditioner, A Perfect Perceiver: Skin
At the moment, you can easily turn the pages of this book because your hands do not create any problems in grasping the texture of the pages. In a similar way, you can also hold and carry objects with smooth surfaces like a glass, for example. You can feel softness when you touch a feather and hardness when you hold a stone. Perceiving all this and sending necessary signals to your brain, your skin has the characteristics that enable you to visualize the objects in your brain.
A great number of nerves exist in the fingertips. This provides you with facility in movement and does not cause any inconvenience. On the other hand, in "less important" regions, on a man's back for example, there are fewer nerve endings present. This is a very important advantage. Now, let's assume the opposite: Let's assume that our fingertips are quite insensitive while nerves are arranged in greater numbers at the back of our bodies. This, undoubtedly, would be very troublesome. In such a situation while we could not use our hands properly, we would feel the slightest object touching our back, the folding of our clothing, for example.
Human skin is a complex organ consisting of many layers, containing nerves for perception, circulation canals, airing systems and heat and moisture regulators which protect the body like a shield against the rays of the sun. Because of this, a man can be in great danger if a part of his skin is damaged. Under the skin is a layer consisting of fat. This layer of fat serves as insulation against heat. Over this layer is another one, most of which consists of proteins that give the skin elasticity.
If we were to lift the skin and look just one centimeter (0.4 inches) below it, the sight greeting us would be an unaesthetic, even frightful sight, where fats and proteins and various blood vessels exist. By means of the feature that enables it to cover these structures, the skin both provides a very important aesthetic contribution and also enables us to protect ourselves from outside factors. It will be sufficient to remark upon a couple of the functions of the skin that makes it vital for us and to ponder on them in order to understand the importance of its existence.
Human skin prevents the disturbance of the water balance of the body, is strong and elastic, can repair itself, protect the body from harmful rays, maintains contact with the outside world, and protect the temperature of the body in cold or hot weather.
Human skin, which functions as a sensitive detector and an advanced air-conditioner meeting all kinds of needs, is a blessing that has been created by Allah, with the beauty it provides visually and the features it has to protect man. The skin, about which many pages of books have been written, once again displays Allah's magnificence in creation to us.




The Evil Called Mockery
Throughout history, when the true religion is explained to them and when they are told to abandon the wrong path if they want to avoid spending eternity in Hell, people who did not believe in Allah and the Hereafter refused to do so. To prove that they were following the correct path, the unbelievers mocked those who adhered to the true religion. All unbelievers, however, are trapped in a great error, for they can never realize their goals regardless of what they say or do. In the Qur'an, Allah reveals the good news that the true faith will always be supreme and that the unbelievers' efforts will be fruitless.
Such people should know that mocking the believers, as well as making provocative and slanderous comments about religious morality, are only leading them toward endless torment. This book explains these truths and describes the trap into which unbelievers fall when they try to mock others. In addition, the concept of mockery is examined from different angles and is explained in light of the Qur'an.






The Day of Judgment is the final day of life on Earth and for the universe. But at the same time, it is the beginning of the eternal life in the Hereafter. This Site reveals the Day and its events, and warns of its difficulties. What matters most is that the Day of Judgment is a reality for all people and, as such, should not be ignored. This site will help you to think about its existence and reality in the light of the Qur'an's verses.

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