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RAMADAN 2005 The 22nd Day



Ayat of the Day




The believers are those whose hearts tremble when Allah is mentioned, whose faith is increased when His signs are recited to them, and who put
their trust in their Lord;
(Surat al-Anfal: 2)



Hadith of the Day:




"For every day on which the Sun rises there is a reward of a charitable gift (sadaqa) for the one who establishes justice among people."




Miracles of the Qur’an:



Allah has confirmed His Messenger's vision with truth: You will enter the Masjid al-Haram [Sacred Mosque] in safety, Allah willing, shaving your heads and cutting your hair without any fear. He knew what you did not know and ordained, in place of this, an imminent victory. (Surat al-Fath: 27)

One night in Madinah, the Prophet (saas) dreamed that the believers would enter the Sacred Mosque and walk around the Ka`bah. After he awoke, he gave this good news to the believers, for those who had migrated from Makkah to Madinah with him had not been able to return since.
In Surat al-Fath 27, Allah revealed to the Prophet (saas) that He would help and support him, that the dream was true, and that the believers would enter Makkah. A short while later, with the Treaty of Hudaybiyah and the conquest of Makkah, the believers entered the Sacred Mosque in complete safety, just as the dream had foretold. That was how Allah showed that it had been His will that the Prophet's (saas) dream be fulfilled.
On closer consideration, this verse can be seen to announce yet another victory that will take place before Makkah's capture: the capture of the Khyber Fortress, which was under the control of the Jews, before they entered Makkah.
Other verses that give the glad tidings of Makkah's conquest are given below:

He held their hands back from you, and your hands from them in the valley of Makkah, after giving you the upper hand over them. Allah sees what you do. (Surat al-Fath: 24)
Truly We have granted you a clear victory, so that Allah may forgive you your earlier errors and any later ones, complete His blessing upon you, and guide you on a straight path. And so that Allah may help you with a mighty help. (Surat al-Fath: 1-3)

Surat al-Isra' 76 states that the unbelievers cannot stay in Makkah:

They were very near to scaring you from the land with the object of expelling you from it. But had they done so, they would only have remained there a short time after you. (Surat al-Isra’: 76)

The Prophet (saas) entered Makkah and conquered it in 8 AH (630). Two years later, all of the unbelievers left Makkah, just as Allah had said that they would. Another point that should be noted here is that when the Prophet (saas) gave that good news to the believers, it looked totally out of the question. In fact, the situation pointed in quite the opposite direction, and the polytheists appeared quite determined never to let the believers enter Makkah. As a result, those who had doubts in their hearts began to doubt the Prophet's (saas) words. Yet, the Prophet (saas) trusted in Allah, paid no attention to the doubters' words, and told people what Allah had revealed to him. The Qur'an confirmed his words, and the prediction was fulfilled shortly afterwards.


Wonders of Creation:



Plants unquestionably play a major role in making the universe a habitable place. They clean the air for us, keep the temperature of the planet at a constant level, and balance the proportions of gases in the atmosphere. The oxygen in the air we breathe is produced by plants. An important part of our food is also provided by plants. The nutritional value of plants comes from the special design in their cells to which they also owe their other features.
The plant cell, unlike human and animal cells, can make direct use of solar energy. It converts the solar energy into chemical energy and stores it in nutrients in very special ways. This process is called "photosynthesis". In fact, this process is carried out not by the cell but by chloroplasts, organelles that give plants their green color. These tiny green organelles only observable by microscope are the only laboratories on earth that are capable of storing solar energy in organic matter.
The amount of matter produced by plants on the earth is around 200 billion tons a year. This production is vital to all living things on the earth. The production made by plants is realized through a very complicated chemical process. Thousands of "chlorophyll" pigments found in the chloroplast react to light in an incredibly short time, something like one thousandth of a second. This is why many activities taking place in the chlorophyll have still not been observed.
Converting solar energy into electrical or chemical energy is a very recent technological breakthrough. In order to do this, high-tech instruments are used. A plant cell so small as to be invisible to the naked human eye has been performing this task for millions of years.
This perfect system displays Creation once more for all to see. The very complex system of photosynthesis is a consciously-designed mechanism created by Allah. A matchless factory is squeezed in a minuscule unit area in the leaves. This flawless design is only one of the signs revealing that all living things are created by Allah, the Sustainer of all worlds.


Lives of the Prophets:


The signs of the End Times are coming one after the other
In the hadiths that have come down to us from Prophet Muhammad (saas), news is given concerning the End Times and the Golden Age of Islam. When we compare these signs with the things that are taking place in our time, we can see many indications that we are living through the End Times and which also herald the arrival of the Golden Age of Islam.
We must make it clear that some of the signs pointed to in the hadiths that we have been considering in this chapter may have been witnessed to one extent or another throughout the 1,400-year history of Islam, in some part of the world. That does not mean, however, that those were the End Times. Because, in order to describe one period as the End Times, all the signs of the last day need to happen at the same time, one after the other. That situation is referred to in a hadith:

"Signs following one another like bits of a necklace falling one after the other when its string is cut." (Tirmidhi Hadith, Number 1447) 

In the hadiths, the beginning of the End Times is described as when discord grows, and war and conflict are on the increase, when there is chaos and moral degeneration rears its head and people turn away from the morality of religion. At the time in question, natural disasters will occur all over the world, poverty will reach unseen levels, there will be a large increase in the crime rate, and murder and brutality everywhere. Yet this will be only the first stage. During the second phase, Allah will rescue mankind from this chaos and replace it with a blessed existence full of plenty, peace and security.

The Hour will not be established … till the people compete with one another in constructing high buildings. ( Sahih Bukhari, Volume 9, Number 237)
 The Last Day will not be established until... time will pass quickly. (Sahih Bukhari Hadith)
 Great distances will be traversed in short spans of time. (Sahih Musnad Hadith)
 The Last hour will not come before time contracts, a year being like a month, a month like a week, a week like a day, a day like an hour, and an hour like the kindling of a fire. (Tirmidhi Hadith)

The century we are living in has seen the capability of constructing supersonic airplanes, and the ability, thanks to trains and other improvements in means of transport, to make journeys in a few minutes that would once have taken months, and in great comfort. What this hadith indicates is also taking place in this manner.
Communication between continents would take weeks hundreds of years ago, but is now a matter of seconds, thanks to the Internet and improvements in technology. Goods that used to take weeks to arrive, following a long journey, can now be delivered at a moment's notice. Billions of books can now be printed in the time it would take to write a single letter just a few centuries ago. As well, other technological developments have meant that we no longer waste large amounts of time on cooking, cleaning and child minding.
One could go on citing similar examples. Yet, the important thing here, of course, is that the signs of Doomsday, as set out by Prophet Muhammad (saas) in the seventh century, are now happening one by one.

 The last hour will not come before the end of a man's whip speak to him. (Tirmidhi, Number 1450)

The whip is known as a tool used in earlier times when riding or guiding pack animals such as horses or camels. When we look closely at this hadith, we can see that Prophet Muhammad (saas) is making a comparison. Let us ask people living at the present time a question, "Is there a modern implement that talks and resembles a whip?"
The most logical reply to that question is the mobile telephone, with its long antenna, or similar communications equipment. If we bear in mind that mobile or satellite phones are comparatively recent developments, then the wisdom behind Prophet Muhammad’s (saas) description of 1,400 years ago is even clearer. That is just one more indication that we are living through the period prior to Doomsday.

There will be no Judgment ... until a person's own voice speaks to him. Al- (Qurtubi al-Tezkirah)

The message in the hadith is quite clear: A person's hearing the sound of his own voice is another sign of the End Times. There is no doubt that in order to hear the sound of one's one voice, one first needs to record it, and then to play it back to himself. Sound recording and reproduction equipment are products of the twentieth century. That development marked a scientific turning point, and led to the birth of the communications and media industries. Sound reproduction is nearly perfect now, thanks to computer and laser technologies.
In short, the electronic gadgets of our time, microphones and speakers, allow us to record sound and play it back, and are also manifestations of that related in the above hadith.

The sign of that day: A hand will be extended from the sky, and people will look and see it. (Ibn Hajar Haytahami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi'alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 53)
The sign of that day is a hand extended in the sky and people stopping to look at it. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-zaman, p. 69)

The Arabic word for "hand" in the above hadiths is "yed." As well as "hand," the dictionary also provides such meanings as "power, force, strength, means etc." It is probable that in these hadiths the word is used in those senses.
The idea of a "power, force, strength or means" extending from the sky and looked upon by people might not make much sense in the context of past ages. Yet, it sheds considerable light on equipment such as the television, camera and computer, which have become such an indispensable parts of modern life, as described in the hadiths. In other words, the "hand" mentioned in these hadiths is used in the sense of force. It clearly points to pictures coming down from the sky in waves, in other words television broadcasting.

People will reap 700 measures of wheat for every one they sow … People will throw down a few handfuls of seeds and reap 700 handfuls … Although much rain will fall, none will be wasted. (Ibn Hajar Haytahami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi'alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 43)

Prophet Muhammad (saas) provided many other details of the technological advances that will accompany the End Times. Attention is also drawn in the hadiths to the move towards modern agricultural techniques, the development of new production methods, seed improvement research, and increasing production as a result of better use of rainwater by building new dams and artificial lakes.

At that time ... life spans will grow longer. (Ibn Hajar Haytahami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi'alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 43)

Fourteen centuries have passed since Prophet Muhammad (saas) brought forward that news. The average expected lifespan is much higher now than it has been at any other time in recent history. A great difference can be seen even between the figures for the beginning and the end of the twentieth century. For instance, it is estimated that a baby born in 1995 will live some 35 years longer than one born around 1900. Another striking example on the same subject is that in the recent past very few people lived to be 100, whereas now it is a great deal more common.


Evolution Deceit:


The Bacterial Flagellum
The most important person to bring the concept of irreducible complexity to the forefront of the scientific agenda is the biochemist Michael J. Behe of Lehigh University in the United States. In his book Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, published in 1996, Behe examines the irreducibly complex structure of the cell and a number of other biochemical structures, and reveals that it is impossible to account for these by evolution. Behe's book was a serious blow to Darwinism. In fact, Peter van Inwagen, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, stresses the importance of the book in this manner:
If Darwinians respond to this important book by ignoring it, misrepresenting it, or ridiculing it, that will be evidence in favor of the widespread suspicion that Darwinism today functions more as an ideology than as a scientific theory. If they can successfully answer Behe's arguments, that will be important evidence in favor of Darwinism.1
One of the interesting examples of irreducible complexity that Behe gives in his book is the bacterial flagellum. This is a whip-like organ that is used by some bacteria to move about in a liquid environment. This organ is embedded in the cell membrane, and enables the bacterium to move in a chosen direction at a particular speed.
Scientists have known about the flagellum for some time. However, its structural details, which have only emerged over the last decade or so, have come as a great surprise to them. It has been discovered that the flagellum moves by means of a very complicated "organic motor," and not by a simple vibratory mechanism as was earlier believed. This propeller-like engine is constructed on the same mechanical principles as an electric motor. There are two main parts to it: a moving part (the "rotor") and a stationary one (the "stator").
The bacterial flagellum is different from all other organic systems that produce mechanical motion. The cell does not utilize available energy stored as ATP molecules. Instead, it has a special energy source: Bacteria use energy from the flow of ions across their outer cell membranes. The inner structure of the motor is extremely complex. Approximately 240 distinct proteins go into constructing the flagellum. Each one of these is carefully positioned. Scientists have determined that these proteins carry the signals to turn the motor on or off, form joints to facilitate movements at the atomic scale, and activate other proteins that connect the flagellum to the cell membrane. The models constructed to summarize the working of the system are enough to depict the complicated nature of the system.
The complicated structure of the bacterial flagellum is sufficient all by itself to demolish the theory of evolution, since the flagellum has an irreducibly complex structure. If one single molecule in this fabulously complex structure were to disappear, or become defective, the flagellum would neither work nor be of any use to the bacterium. The flagellum must have been working perfectly from the first moment of its existence. This fact again reveals the nonsense in the theory of evolution's assertion of "step by step development." In fact, not one evolutionary biologist has so far succeeded in explaining the origin of the bacterial flagellum although a few tried to do so.
The bacterial flagellum is clear evidence that even in supposedly "primitive" creatures there is an extraordinary sign of creation. As humanity learns more about the details, it becomes increasingly obvious that the organisms considered to be the simplest by the scientists of nineteenth century, including Darwin, are in fact just as complex as any others.
1. Peter van Inwagen, Review about Michael Behe's Darwin's Black Box.


Quick Grasp of Faith:


Can one person bear another’s burden and be punished for him or her in the Hereafter?
The Qur’an states that such a situation is not possible, for every person is responsible for his or her actions and will be judged in Allah’s presence. This is so because Allah has given each person a conscience that distinguishes between right and wrong and always calls him or her to seek Allah’s good pleasure. Furthermore, by sending a book to teach them what is right and wrong, and communicating His religion through His messengers, He has warned all people against the punishment of Hell. Those who turn away from the truth after all of these warnings make their individual choices by their free will, reasoning, and desires. Each one of them will be held accountable for their ultimate decision. The Qur’an proclaims this, as follows:

No one can bear another’s burden. If someone weighed down calls for help to bear his load, nothing of it will be carried, even if he should be his close relative. You can only warn those who fear their Lord in the Unseen and establish prayer. Whoever is purified, is purified for himself alone. Allah is your final destination. (Surah Fatir: 18)

In another verse, Allah informs humanity that those who drive people to wrongdoing by promising what they cannot deliver are liars, and warns humanity about them, as follows:

Those who do not believe say to those who believe: "Follow our way, and we will bear the weight of your mistakes." They will not bear the weight of a single one of their mistakes. Truly they are liars. (Surat al-`Ankabut: 12)


Book Review:



100 trillion cells in your body meets all your bodily needs without you being aware of them, thanks to a perfect communication system. This is carried out by your hormones.
The main thrust of this book is to display the impossibility of the coincidental formation of the extraordinary systems in living things, and to show the perfection in the creation of Allah with examples...>>


Site of the Day:


From the moment man opens his eyes to this world a great order surrounds him. He needs oxygen to survive. It is interesting that the atmosphere of the planet on which he lives provides more than just the adequate amount of oxygen he needs. This way, he breathes without difficulty. For the existence of life on this planet, the existence of a source of heat is essential. In response to this need, the Sun is located just at the right distance to emit just the exact amount of heat and energy man needs. Man needs nourishment to survive. Every corner of the world abounds in astonishingly diversified provisions. Likewise, man needs water. Surprisingly, three-fourths of the planet is covered with water. Man needs shelter, and in this world, there is land on which it is suitable to build and all sorts of materials to make shelters.
These are only a few among billions of details making life possible on Earth. In brief, man lives on a planet perfectly created for his survival. This is certainly a planet "created for human beings". In this site you can see the some of the evidences of the existence of Allah.

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