Harun Yahya

RAMADAN 2005 The 13th Day



Ayat of the Day




But as for those who believe and do right actions, their Lord will guide them by their faith. Rivers will flow under them
in Gardens of Delight.
(Surah Yunus: 9)



Hadith of the Day:




“Shake hands, and rancor will disappear. Give presents to each other and love each other, and enmity will disappear.” (Muslim)




Miracles of the Qur’an:


One of the forms of behavior noted in the Qur'an is concealed in a revelation vouchsafed to the Prophet Ayyub (as):

Remember Our servant Ayyub when he called on his Lord: "Satan has afflicted me with exhaustion and suffering." "Stamp your foot! Here is a cool bath and water to drink." (Surah Sad: 41-42)

One of the pieces of advice given to Prophet Ayyub (as) by Allah in the face of the exhaustion and suffering inflicted by Satan is "stamping the foot." This expression in the verse may be indicating the benefits of movement or sport.
During sport, blood flow is accelerated, particularly by the movement of long muscles such as those in the legs (isometric movements) and the level of oxygen reaching the cells increases. As a result, the individual's fatigue is eliminated and he or she is energized as toxic substances are expelled from the body. At the same time, the body acquires increased resistance to microbes. People who take regular exercise possess broad, clean arteries and this has the effect of preventing them from clogging and thus of preventing heart disease. In addition, regular exercise plays a role in the prevention of diabetes by regularizing the blood sugar balance. The beneficial effects of sport on the liver raise the levels of good cholesterol.
What is more, walking barefoot is a very effective method of releasing the static electricity accumulated by the body. It serves as a kind of earthing of the body.
As emphasized in the verse, washing is also known to be the most effective method of discharging the static electricity in the body. In addition to providing physical cleanliness, washing also reduces stress and tension. Washing therefore has a curative effect on many physical and psychological disorders, especially stress and fevers.
In the verse, in addition to washing, drinking water is also recommended. The beneficial effects of water on all organs of the body cannot be ignored. The health of many organs-such as the sweat glands, the stomach, the intestines, the kidneys and the skin-is directly related to the presence of adequate amounts of water in the body. The treatment of all such disorders, as may arise in this field, is possible by means of providing extra water. The answer to fatigue, tiredness and drowsiness is again to increase the level of water in the body and thus to cleanse it of impurities.
Implementing each of these recommendations, of vital importance to our physical and mental health, will bring about the ideal results. Each of these recommendations is also a manifestation of the verse "We send down in the Qur'an that which is a healing and a mercy to the believers…" (Surat al-Isra’: 82)


Wonders of Creation:


The Heat Technology Of The Megapode Bird
A bird called the "megapode" living in the Pacific islands prepares an interesting "incubation machine" for its offspring.
During the summer season, the female megapode lays one egg every six days. However, the eggs of the megapode are relatively big compared to its size, being almost as big as an ostrich egg. For this reason, the female megapode can only incubate one egg. Therefore, every six days, the new hatched eggs are in danger of dying due to lack of heat. However, this is not a problem for the megapode, because the male megapode is created with the skill to manufacture an incubation machine by using the most abundant materials in nature, that is, sand and earth.
For this purpose, six months before the spawning season comes, the male megapode starts to dig a hole 5 meters in diameter and 1 meter in depth with its gigantic claws. Then, it fills the hole with wet weed and leaves. The main purpose is to use the heat produced by the bacteria in decaying plants to warm the eggs.
However, additional arrangements have to be made for this process to take place. The actual reason why plants decay and release heat is the funnel-shaped hole made by the megapode in the pile of plants. This hole enables rainwater to leak into the nest and keep the organic substances wet. Because of the damp, decay takes place in the plants beneath the sand, and heat is released. Soon before spring, the drought season for Australia starts, and the male begins to air the decayed plant layer. This is to maintain the heat balance. The female bird occasionally visits the hole and checks whether the male is working or not. Finally, the female lays eggs on the sand over the decayed plants.
A Sensitive Thermometer: The Male Megapode
For the development of offspring in the "incubation machine", the temperature should be kept constant at +33oC. In order to achieve this, the male megapode regularly measures the temperature of the sand with its beak, which is as sensitive as a thermometer. If necessary, it opens ventilation holes to reduce the temperature. It is so much so that if a few handfuls of earth are thrown on the sand, the male megapode immediately removes the extra sand with its feet and prevents even the slightest change in temperature. The offspring come into the world under such protective measures. The newly born are so developed that they can fly just a few hours after they pop out of their eggs.
How have these creatures accomplished such a job for millions of years which even men could hardly do? Since we know that animals have no conscious rational intellect as people do, the only explanation of this event is that this creature is specially "programmed" for this task, and originally created able to do it. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain how it could prepare for this job six months in advance, or know the nature of this complex chemical process. Why it embarks on such a difficult task to protect the eggs is another question. The only answer is hidden in the desire to reproduce and protect the young.


Lives of the Prophets:


Allah Gave the Prophet Muhammad (saas)
Fame and Honor

Did We not raise your renown high? (Surat al-Inshirah: 4)

As the verse above states, -Prophet Muhammad (saas) was recognized both during his own time and after it. 1,400 years after his death, he is still known all over the world. For 1,400 years, billions of people have loved and respected Prophet Muhammad (saas), felt close to him despite never having seen him, and prayed to be with him in Heaven for all eternity. And still do so.
In other verses, Allah speaks of Prophet Muhammad (saas) as a noble messenger:

Truly it is the speech of a noble Messenger, possessing great strength, securely placed with the Lord of the Throne, obeyed there, trustworthy. Your companion is not mad. (Surat at-Takwir: 19-22)
"That this is the word of a noble Messenger." (Surat al-Haqqa: 40)

In the Qur'an, Allah states that many prophets, such as Nuh (as), Ilyas (as), Musa (as) and Harun (as) were all honored. Many people strive for fame and honor all their lives. They are obsessed by it, seeking the allurements of this transient world. Or else, they puff themselves up with arrogance. Though they strive for honor, they in the end lose it.
In fact, a person can only find fame and honor in the sight of Allah, Who reveals that that can only come by living the morality of the Qur'an. One verse reads:

If the truth were to follow their whims and desires, the heavens and the earth and everyone in them would have been brought to ruin. No indeed! We have given them their Reminder, but they have turned away from it. (Surah Muminun: 71)

The only way to lead an honorable life in this world is to abide by the superior morality of Prophet Muhammad (saas), as revealed by Allah in the Qur'an. It is a clear fact that all other paths lead to nothing but loss in this world and the next.


Evolution Deceit:


Is There a Trial-and-Error Mechanism in Nature?
In previous articles, we indicated that the probability calculations for the formation of protein molecules reach astronomical levels, and that these astronomical odds have no chance of actually happening. However, there is a much more important and damaging fact facing evolutionists here. This is that under natural conditions, no period of trial and error can even start, despite the astronomical odds, because there is no trial-and-error mechanism in nature from which proteins could emerge.
The calculations we gave on previous days to demonstrate the probability of the formation of a protein molecule with 500 amino acids are valid only for an ideal trial-and-error environment, which does not actually exist in real life. That is, the probability of obtaining a useful protein is "1" in 10950 only if we suppose that there exists an imaginary mechanism in which an invisible hand joins 500 amino acids at random and then, seeing that this is not the right combination, disentangles them one by one, and arranges them again in a different order, and so on. In each trial, the amino acids would have to be separated one by one, and arranged in a new order. The synthesis should be stopped after the 500th amino acid has been added, and it must be ensured that not even one extra amino acid is involved. The trial should then be stopped to see whether or not a functional protein has yet been formed, and, in the event of failure, everything should be split up again and then tested for another sequence. Additionally, in each trial, not even one extraneous substance should be allowed to become involved. It is also imperative that the chain formed during the trial should not be separated and destroyed before reaching the 499th link. These conditions mean that the probabilities we have mentioned above can only operate in a controlled environment where there is a conscious mechanism directing the beginning, the end, and each intermediate stage of the process, and where only "the selection of the amino acids" is left to chance. It is clearly impossible for such an environment to exist under natural conditions. Therefore the formation of a protein in the natural environment is logically and technically impossible.
Since some people are unable to take a broad view of these matters, but approach them from a superficial viewpoint and assume protein formation to be a simple chemical reaction, they may make unrealistic deductions such as "amino acids combine by way of reaction and then form proteins." However, accidental chemical reactions taking place in a nonliving structure can only lead to simple and primitive changes. The number of these is predetermined and limited. For a somewhat more complex chemical material, huge factories, chemical plants, and laboratories have to be involved. Medicines and many other chemical materials that we use in our daily life are made in just this way. Proteins have much more complex structures than these chemicals produced by industry. Therefore, it is impossible for proteins, in which every part takes its place in a fixed order, to originate as a result of haphazard chemical reactions.
Let us for a minute put aside all the impossibilities we have described so far, and suppose that a useful protein molecule still evolved spontaneously "by accident." Even so, evolution again has no answers, because in order for this protein to survive, it would need to be isolated from its natural habitat and be protected under very special conditions. Otherwise, it would either disintegrate from exposure to natural conditions on earth, or else join with other acids, amino acids, or chemical compounds, thereby losing its particular properties and turning into a totally different and useless substance.
What we have been discussing so far is the impossibility of just one protein's coming about by chance. However, in the human body alone there are some 100,000 proteins functioning. Furthermore, there are about 1.5 million species named, and another 10 million are believed to exist. Although many similar proteins are used in many life forms, it is estimated that there must be 100 million or more types of protein in the plant and animal worlds. And the millions of species which have already become extinct are not included in this calculation. In other words, hundreds of millions of protein codes have existed in the world. If one considers that not even one protein can be explained by chance, it is clear what the existence of hundreds of millions of different proteins must mean.
Bearing this truth in mind, it can clearly be understood that such concepts as "coincidence" and "chance" have nothing to do with the existence of living things.


Quick Grasp of Faith:


What is the purpose of the wealth granted to unbelievers?
The wealth and power that unbelievers possess have always led them to even further insolence. This is a mystery explained in the Quran. Allah informs believers that the wealth of unbelievers is only worldly and commands believers not to be impressed by them in any way. He also promises that He will increase their disbelief with this wealth, and ultimately drive them altogether into Hell.
A Qur'anic verse relating to this significant fact states:

Do not let their wealth and children impress you. Allah merely wants to punish them by them during their life in this world and for them to expire while they are disbelieving. (Surat at-Tawba: 55)

Who is an "ignorant person" according to the Qur'an?
The adjective "ignorant" as used in the Qur'an has a different meaning to what is generally understood. Ignorance expressed in the Qur'an means being unaware of the reason for one's creation, being unaware of the exalted attributes of the Creator and the knowledge and wisdom contained in the Book which He has sent down, and being unaware of matters concerning the Hereafter and as a result of this ignorance adopting an unconscious life style.
The "ignorance" of people who do not accept Allah as the only true deity and who do not follow the way He has sent with His messengers, is pointed out in the Qur'an as follows:

They said, "Have you come to us to divert us from our deities? Bring us what you have promised us if you are telling the truth." He said, "All knowledge is with Allah. I only transmit to you what I have been sent with. But I see that you are a people who are ignorant." (Surat al-Ahqaf: 22-23)



Book Review:


This book explains an important reality, which has surprised many and brought about changes in their perspectives on life. This reality can be summarized as follows: All events related to life such as buildings, people, cities, cars, and places in addition to everything we see, hold, touch, smell, taste and hear have come into existence as visions and feelings in our brains...>>


Site of the Day:



On this site we shall examine Freemasonry, the main architect of the world system based on materialist philosophy, but which keeps that true identity concealed. Furthermore, the real philosophy of Freemasonry will be revealed. The anti-religious materialist philosophy that Masons seek to conceal by means of such positive concepts as "human love" and "the path of reason and science" will be unveiled and its true origins concentrated upon.

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