Harun Yahya

Ramadan 2011 - The 13th Day


Your Lord expands the provision of anyone He wills and restricts it. He is aware of and sees His slaves. (Surat al-Isra, 30)



Every moment we live is a great blessing from Allah

The lower self of man tends to delay. For this reason some people are in a constant state of suspension, delaying their commitment to living sincerely for the sake of Allah, and leading a life which pleases Allah. Many people will attempt to justify their actions by saying, “When I get old, I will start praying.” “Soon I intend to start reading the Qur’an”, “I will make up for all that I have done in the future”, “I will begin to pray as soon as I finish school.” “When I become more mature, I will think deeply,” “As soon as I complete my education, I will assist those in need,” “Once I have established myself in my chosen career, I will consider the persecuted Muslims,” and “After I attain fifty years of age and perform the pilgrimage (Hajj), I will start praying.” As they do not realize these when Allah gives them the power and means, they may never do so, as it is Allah Who gives the power and opportunity to achieve these targets.  An unexpected illness could hinder one’s worship which one could easily have performed in a state of good health. Similarly, Allah may suddenly and unexpectedly take his life, making him meet the angel of death.

A sincere Muslim who has fear of Allah should behave with the consciousness that every second he lives, and every breath he takes, is a great opportunity provided by Allah. He should know that there is no time to delay the performance of good deeds, and that had Allah willed, He could take his soul at any moment. The sincere Muslim should live his whole life according to this important reality.  

Allah, Possessor of all things and owner of infinite power, provides us with a huge blessing with every second of life that passes.  

This is because every moment that we live offers an opportunity to fear Allah and love Him more.

Every moment that we live, we can try harder to earn Allah’s pleasure.

Every moment that we live, we may pray more deeply to Allah.  
Every moment that we live, we may beg more intensely for forgiveness from Allah.

Every moment that we live, we can strive to be more sincere than the previous moment.

Every moment that we live, we can endeavor to show more piety and deeper faith.

Every moment that we live, we can be more conscious of Allah.
Every moment that we live, we may further develop our thinking and perfect our morality.

Every moment that we live, we may expend more effort describing, implementing and propagating the morality of the Qur’an.
    Every moment that we live, we can improve our character.

Every moment that we live, we may love Allah and the believers more.
Every moment that we live, we may think more clearly and deeply.

Every moment that we live, we can work harder to minimize our mistakes and deficiencies.

We should never forget that proper worship, including correct morals, which is performed without delay, is a great source of reward for a Muslim. Each of these is an opportunity for the believer to completely surrender to Allah, and to clearly demonstrate his love, faith, and belief in Allah. We are clearly informed in the Holy Qur’an that “…Verily the postponing is an increase in Unbelief…” (Surah 9. At-Tawba, 37)



Shellfish setting the example for speed technology

Cephalod shellfish such as the squid and the octopus have reactive swimming systems based on hydrodynamic propulsion, in other words, the ability to expel water at very high speeds.

Engineers are trying to further develop speed technology by seeking inspiration from these abilities of cephalopods.

Almighty Allah created a very special system which cephalopods can use when they need or want to increase their speed. This system, which engineers have examined with admiration and attention, works perfectly. The reactive swimming systems of these creatures are a result of special body structures Almighty Allah created especially for them. So, what are these body structures that make these beings special?

There is a thin layer of skin that surrounds the body cavity where the organs are placed called a coat. Cephalopods accumulate water inside them via the muscles found underneath this skin layer and then they swim by strongly expelling this water. The water taken inside the coat wall is squirted outside with the help of a conically shaped pipe. The working of the system is like that of the kickback principle used in the production of space vehicles, in other words, rocket systems. This force occurs as a result of the cone-like opening surrounded by many muscles closing very fast. With the help of the squirting pipe, cephalopods can swim  as they wish, do sudden moves and arc.

From Shellfish’s Water Expulsion Systems to Generators…

Assistant professor Kamran Mohseni from the Space Engineering Department at the University of Colorado has designed new generators by getting inspiration from the water expulsion system used by cephalopods to be able to move under water. These designs help vehicles that will be used under water to maneuver better at low speeds.

Submarines With Safe Maneuvering Mechanisms

It is a must that vehicles used under water have safe maneuvering abilities, especially under difficult conditions. Manned or unmanned submarines  that will have such a mechanism will provide the opportunity to explore in greater detail ecosystems all over the world from underwater volcanoes to the cold depths under the ice pack in polar regions. The hydrodynamic designs of current vehicles makes it difficult to manuever at low speeds and in narrow spaces, and to get close to somewhere or stand in place in open fields. Therefore, the speeds of vehicles with such qualities has to be very low.

Medical Services

Capsules equipped with a similar system are expected to help doctors diagnose certain diseases by being placed in the digestive systems of human beings. Thereby, this matchless art of engineering of Almighty Allah could bring benefits to humanity in the medical field as well.


There is no doubt that cephalopods cannot create such a detailed mechanism, which human beings can only replicate after months of research, in their own bodies. Almighty Allah, Who creates all things in one piece and its proper place, created these beings with the most suitable system to protect themselves and tend for their own needs. In one verse, our Lord reveals as such:

"Have they not seen how We created for them, by Our own handiwork, livestock which are under their control?" (Surah Ya Sin, 71)


The life of this world is transitory




Our Prophet (saas) said that Hazrat Mahdi's (as) name would be compatible with his own name and also would be like the name of a prophet

4553- Ibni Kurra reported that Rasulullah (saas) said:
“The world will be filled with oppression and tyranny. And when oppression and tyranny fill the world, Almighty Allah WILL SEND ONE FROM AMONG THE UMMAH (HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) WHOSE NAME RESEMBLES MINE OR THAT OF A PROPHET He will fill the Earth with justice. At that time, the sky will hold back not one drop of rain and nowhere will be devoid of flourishing plants. That person from among the Ummah will remain seven or eight or nine years.” (Haris) (Ibn Hajar Askalani, Metalib-u Aliye)



Allah's promise is a certain fact




The invalidity of the claim that ''the fact that species may change little or not at all does not disprove evolution''

This is what Darwinists say when faced with fossil evidence that has never undergone any change. Such glorious fossil evidence so demolished evolution that Darwinists think they can remedy the situation and close the subject by claiming that some species have never changed.

The fact is, however, that this applies to all the more than 300 million fossils that have been unearthed. So how can Darwinists account for that?

-          It is of course true that species do not change. But the idea that some species do not change, while others do, is a huge deception. In order to be able to make such a claim, one would have to produce FOSSILS OF FICTITIOUS SPECIES THAT DO SUPPOSEDLY CHANGE. But that never happens, because there are no such fossils.

-          The supporters of the theory of evolution, which should be totally based on fossil evidence, have been unable to produce a single transitional fossil for 150 years. The sole reason for this, of course, is that no such fossil exists.

-          Darwinism is based on the claim that all species change directly from the primitive to the more advanced. That is the essential claim of the fraud that is evolution. That being the case, there should be millions or even billions of fossils exhibiting such change. But IF THERE IS NOT A SINGLE ONE, THAT MEANS THAT NO SUCH CHANGE EVER HAPPENED.

-          Paleontology is another of the main branches of science, after molecular biology and genetics, that completely refutes evolution. That has in fact been the case ever since Darwin’s time. Darwin was uneasy at the way that living things were perfect and fully formed and was concerned that the fossil record would not produce any transitional forms.

Charles Darwin:

WHY, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, DO WE NOT EVERYWHERE SEE INNUMERABLE TRANSITIONAL FORMS? WHY IS NOT ALL NATURE IN CONFUSION INSTEAD OF THE SPECIES BEING, AS WE SEE THEM, WELL DEFINED? . . . But, as by this theory innumerable transitional forms must have existed, WHY DO WE NOT FIND THEM EMBEDDED in countless numbers in the crust of the earth? . . . WHY THEN IS NOT every geological formation and every stratum FULL OF SUCH INTERMEDIATE LINKS? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and THIS, PERHAPS, IS THE MOST OBVIOUS AND GRAVEST OBJECTION WHICH CAN BE URGED AGAINST MY THEORY. (Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, p. 172, 280)

-          The position today is even worse than that in Darwin’s own time. The number of fossils discovered is rising by the day and has currently passed the 300 million mark. BUT NOT ONE IS A TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL.

-          The completeness, regularity, perfection and flawlessness in these 300 million fossils have routed Darwinists. Extinct life forms and others that have survived for millions of years demonstrate that perfection and complexity time and time again.

The following point is of the greatest importance: NOT A SINGLE FOSSIL SHOWS THAT LIFE FORMS CHANGE. The idea that some life forms may have remained unchanged is therefore a cheap way out and deception. ALL LIVING THINGS HAVE REMAINED UNCHANGED. Darwinism has suffered a total rout in the face of this gigantic reality.



Patience is stability in good morals and religious observances






Age : 13 to 12.5 million years old
Size :10 centimeters (4 in)
Formation: Calvert Formation
Location: Calvert County, Maryland
Period: Middle Miocene


Bivalves are two-shelled mollusks such as mussels and oysters. There is no difference between bivalves that lived millions of years ago and those of today—a situation that denies the gradual evolution suggested by Darwinists.


What Darwinists Fail To Consider


This book's purpose is to reveal those matters that Darwinists fail to reflect on. By so doing, they have declared war on the fact of creation. They attribute the complexity and beauty exhibited in all their magnificence at every point in the universe to change, simply to deny the existence of Allah. They have no qualms about maintaining that unconsciousness and random events gave rise to consciousness, reason, order, understanding and beauty. This book reveals those matters that they heedlessly ignore, or which they claim that the theory of evolution fully explains but without ever entering into details. This book shows how their theory is actually unproven, despairing and in a helpless position in all areas.

Anti Darwinism

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