Harun Yahya

Religious obligations take preference over commerce and amusement


Some people disregard religious duties in favor of their material pursuits.

In the Qur’an, Allah refers to an incident that occurred at the time of the Prophet Muhammed (saas), when some people neglected a religious obligation for mundane interests.

But when they see a chance of trade or entertainment they scatter off to it and leave you standing there. Say: ‘What is with Allah is better than trade or entertainment. Allah is the Best of Providers.’  (Surat al-Jumu‘a ;11)

Today, similarly, there are some common reasons why members of ignorant societies avoid living by the Qur’an.

Here Allah draws attention to two of them: commerce and entertainment.

The unfounded belief that some people tend to believe that anything they long for in this world (peace of mind, happiness, security) is attainable through wealth.

Interestingly enough, they maintain that they can even avoid death and achieve immortality through wealth. Therefore, some people passionately concentrate most of their efforts and time on business.

But wealth will not bring the desired result, nor does it prevent a man from growing older and dying. That is because Allah, alone, is the real owner of wealth and of the person.

In the aforementioned verse, Allah mentions "amusement" as the second factor that leads one to disregard rulings of the religion.

Because people consider entertainment as a salvation and escape from some bitter realities, it becomes a great passion for some people.

Traveling from one country to another or meeting different people, they believe, brings relief for the inner distress and spiritual void that pangs of conscience inflict upon their souls.

However, the most stately mansions, ostentatious houses, glorious landscapes, beautiful clothes, pieces of art or jewelry remain primitive and simple compared to those in the Paradise which Allah describes as a place of hospitality.

That being the case, Muslims should never disregard or postpone any order given in the Qur’an for the sake of amusement or commerce. Allah describes an attribute of true believers as follows:

... There are men who proclaim His glory morning and evening, not distracted by trade or commerce from the remembrance of Allah and the performance of prayer and the giving of the alms; fearing a day when all hearts and eyes will be in turmoil. . .  (Surat an-Nur; 36-37)

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