Harun Yahya

The System of Anti-Christ Have Taken Islamic World Captive

Those Who Say Where Is the Anti-Christ (Dajjal)?

The System of Anti-Christ Have Taken Islamic World Captive


Since 2003 1 million 200 thousand people lost their lives in Iraq. 4.5 million people had to leave their homes.

In Afghanistan, only during the four months of the American invasion 20 thousand people lost their lives and this figure multiplied every year. Currently civilians lose their lives during bombings; millions of Afghan refugees struggle to lead their lives under the starvation line and very harsh conditions.

So far 35 million Uyghur Turks were martyred in East Turkestan. The number of captives which was 58 thousand between April-December 1996surpassed 70 thousand suddenly.Around 100 young people were executed by shooting in squares, 5 thousand Uyghur Turks were stripped and displayed in groups of 50 people. In 2009, 796 Muslims were martyred by execution; only in one night 10 thousand Muslims disappeared. Our 100 thousand Uyghur sisters were taken from their homes by force.

In Palestine the number of Palestinians living in around 50 cities, towns and villages decreased from 950 to 138 thousand. Approximately 400 Palestinian villages were wiped out of the map.Currently the number of Palestinians living as refugees in camps and neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Jordan is 3.5 million.% 50 of those losing their lives during the incidents in 2000 are children under the age of 16. % 60 of the wounded were under the age of 18. On the conflict-ridden regions minimum 5 children lose their lives and more than 10 children are wounded every day.

During the Chechen war Chechnya lost three fourth of its population in only two years.

During the years 1947, 1965 and 1971in Kashmir three great massacres occurred.Tens of thousands of Kashmir‘ian Muslims were martyred, more than 4.000 women were tortured and raped.

In Pattani, a province of Thailand,an average of 7-8 Pattanian are martyred by Thailand soldiers.  During the martial law exercised for 3 years in the region more than 400 people got lost, approximately 2300 people were martyred, 4000 people were arrested on illegal grounds. Currently 30 thousand people are held in concentration camps.

Muslims make up around 15 percent of the Myanmar population.Around 100 thousand of Muslims lost their lives.

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