Harun Yahya

Ashab al-Suffa who spent their wealth and themselves in the way of Allah are exemplary for all Muslims

All the companions of our Prophet (saas) are examplary in their superior morality and self-sacrifice. However especially those who were called Ashab al-Suffa devoted 24 hours of their lives to Allah, never got married, never pursued passions like family, children, possessions or position; remained within the company of our Prophet (saas) all the time and were educated by our Prophet (saas) personally.

The companions of our Prophet (saas) who stayed in the antechamber later annexed to the north part of Masjid al-Nabawi (the Mosque of our Prophet (saas)) were referred as Ashab al-Suffa. They were those blessed people who never married, had no relatives or attachment to a tribe. They were not involved in trade and devoted all their time to earn Allah’s good pleasure and learn knowledge from our Prophet (saas). Away from their families, they paid no attention to the worldly deeds and continuously learned the Qur’an and listened to our Prophet’s (saas) lectures and were sent to Muslim tribes to teach them the Qur’an and the Sunnah. They were around 400-500 people and were also known as the army of Wisdom.

Our Prophet (saas) was closely interested in their education.

These distinguished people who devoted themselves to Allah’s way in the true sense of the word, never missed the teachings of our Prophet (saas). They were always ready there, memorized the teachings and narrated them to other companions. It is told that the following verse was revealed about Ashab al-Suffa (M.Hamdi Yazir, Hak Dini Kur'an Dili, The Language of the Qur’an, the Righteous Religion, 2/940)

It is for the poor who are held back in the Way of Allah, unable to travel in the land. The ignorant consider them rich because of their reticence. You will know them by their mark. They do not ask from people insistently. Whatever good you give away, Allah knows it. (Surat al-Baqara, 273)


The followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as)  will, Insha'Allah, also spend every moment of their lives in the way of Allah, they will never leave Hazrat Mahdi (as ) and never dread from oppression and hardship. Indeed, Insha'Allah together with Hazrat Mahdi (as),  they will work very hard to cause the morality of the Qur’an dominate the world.

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