Harun Yahya

Photographs from the Conference held in Germany – Lünen on 16 October, 2010

In the town of Lünen in Germany, on October 16, 2010, a conference was held which once again demonstrated the scientific invalidity of the theory of evolution.  A theory that is totally built upon imagination and assumption. In the the light of scientific evidence, it was explicitly shown in the conference that the theory of evolution is merely a deception and life cannot be explained through blind coincidences and natural causes as claimed by this fraudulent theory.

Mr. Adnan Oktar participated in the conference via a video-conference system and mentioned that the theory of evolution is absolute falsehood in the face of science and it is an important responsibility to communicate this fact to other people. In addition, Mr. Adnan Oktar stated Germany would realize the fact of Creation very soon – insha’Allah – and Muslims should be in unity with each other.

Moreover, fossils dating back millions of years proved in plain sight that living beings had no evolutionary history and they all appeared instantly and with perfection. Thisemphasis using fossil evidence, demonstrated the theory of evolution’s defeat with science, yet again.. Using scientific evidence, the theory of evolution was shown to be a story rather than science, and furthermore the evidence showed and justified the fact that living beings were not the result of coincidences but the creation by Allah.

Samples of “living fossils” were displayed for the guests during the conference held in Germany’s town of Lünen at Ringhotel am Stadtpark on October 16, 2010. The guests who examined the millions of years old fossils also had a chance to examine ”living”counterparts of the same species, present in the same form, alive in our day.  They  witnessed in person that living creatures coninued the cycle of life without any changes for millions of years, in other words without having evolved.

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