Harun Yahya

The Chinese people and other nations will also rejoice under the protection of the Turkish-Islamic Union

Some circles misinterpret the term “Turkish-Islamic Union.” Some countries think that this union, which will result from Islamic countries coming together and growing stronger, will represent a threat to themselves and their territorial integrity, for which reason they regard such a union as threatening. This unnecessary and groundless fear stems from a failure to properly comprehend what “Turkish-Islamic Union” really means.

The Turkish-Islamic Union is a spiritual union under Turkish leadership. It will be based on LOVE alone, with no economic or political foundations. The main characteristic of this union of love is that it will embrace ALL THE STATES OF THE WORLD, not just Islamic countries. The aim of the union IS TO ASSUME THE PROTECTION OF ALL PEOPLE, OF ALL RELIGIONS, RACES AND IDEAS, IN THE SPIRIT OF PEACE, BROTHERHOOD AND LOVE foreseen by Islam. Since the countries affiliated to this union WILL BE BOUND TO ONE ANOTHER WITH THE DEVOTION THAT COMES FROM SINCERE FAITH IN ALLAH, the union will be founded, by Allah’s permission, on peace, strength and achievement. The states that come together in the spirit of love foreseen in the Qur’an will lead the way to a great and powerful friendship.

This sound and powerful union will aim to bring true democracy to the whole world and eliminate conflict, terror and oppression from it. Therefore, Turkish-Islamic Union IS A HOLY OBJECTIVE AIMED AT STRENGTHENING THE WHOLE WORLD AND PLACING IT UNDER SPIRITUAL PROTECTION,  and not just intended to be one in which specific nations or sections of society enjoy peace and well-being. Once Turkish-Islamic Union has been established, all artificial threats will vanish and fears will come to an end. In the same way that Palestine attains peace, so Israel will enjoy peace and security under the Turkish-Islamic Union. In the same way that Iran will be at ease, so America will also enjoy peace of mind because of this climate of peace and love. In the same way that our brothers in East Turkestan will enjoy peace and happiness, so China will realize there is no reason to regard our Uighur brothers as a threat, and will rid itself of its fears, and peace will reign across the whole region.

The Turkish-Islamic Union will therefore be one aiming at cohabitation in peace and friendship, at eliminating fears and artificial threats. NO STATE WILL BE SPLIT UP OR LOSE ITS TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY when this union is established. The underground resources in East Turkestan will be used in a much more productive manner than they are now. The fears of separatism that have prevailed in China for many years will come to an end with the existence of Turkish-Islamic Union. Because the aim of Turkish-Islamic Union IS NOT TO FRAGMENT AND SPLIT COUNTRIES UP OR TO DISCRIMINATE BY KEEPING MUSLIMS SEPARATE, but, on the contrary, TO DEFEND THE TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY OF ALL STATES OF THE WORLD and bring rejoicing to them, in a climate of peace and brotherhood in which Muslims together will be instrumental. When the Turkish-Islamic Union is established, China will be richer, not poorer, and stronger, not divided or fragmented.

For all these reasons, like all other countries, China must realize that Turkish-Islamic Union is not a threat, but THE ONLY WAY of protecting itself. In a world where there is Turkish-Islamic Union, China will be freed from its fears over fragmentation and will also continue to be a global super power in economic terms. Trade relations with Islamic countries will strengthen, and the commercial bond between China and both Turkey and other Islamic countries will be incomparably greater and have an incomparably greater capacity than at present. That is because one of the aims of Turkish-Islamic Union is for every state to become wealthy and to establish a climate of material well-being for its own citizens.

In addition, under the umbrella of Turkish-Islamic Union, the Chinese people will be happy and freed from the despair and pessimism that have afflicted them for so long. The Chinese people will rejoice under the guarantee provided by a true union of love. This unity will be a source of peace and happiness in the whole world. This unity is the only solution to all the threats, fears, worries, troubles and unhappiness in the world.

It is therefore very important for China, Russia and other non-Islamic countries to know that Turkish-Islamic Union will be completely different from the current economic or political unions in the world. These unions generally seek to improve things for the countries under their roofs only according to certain specific criteria. Since they are not generally founded on spiritual values, they evaluate countries by their economies or social, political and even military strength. When countries lose these, their existence in those societies also come to an end. Since they are in the main built on such a system, all the structures in question have come to an end with economic crises. Of course they have been unable to bring the world either peace or love, and neither have they been able to eradicate fears. But the Turkish-Islamic Union will be one that is instrumental in growth and progress the like of which has never been seen before, that rescues everyone in trouble, no matter what their race, faith or ideas, and that considers the happiness of all mankind by saying, “everyone must be wealthy, not just us,” rather than thinking of only its own happiness, and that refuses “to go to bed on a full stomach while its neighbor goes hungry.” The Turkish-Islamic Union will never permit terror, will totally eradicate oppressive systems, will enable countries to regenerate, and will show people the way to well-being. This is not utopian. It is a fact that will come about, by Allah’s  permission. The signs of this excellent union have already begun appearing. Therefore, if China and other non-Muslim countries want to overcome their fears of fragmentation and live in genuine peace and happiness, then it will be a very good thing for them to support Turkish-Islamic Union. When Turkish-Islamic Union is established, China will live in peace and brotherhood with our East Turkestan brothers on their own lands. Disputes will come to a complete end and all people will benefit from the delights of this superb union. That is because the basis of that union is Islam. And Islam will bring peace and love to the whole world. UNLESS ALLAH SO CHOOSES, IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY OTHER UNION TO PRODUCE THE CLIMATE OF PEACE AND SECURITY THAT ISLAM, THE RELIGION OF LOVE, WILL BRING WITH IT.

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