Harun Yahya

Being alert against the danger of arrogance that might hide behind some manners aiming to provide benefit for the others.

Arrogance is one of the evils in the lower self, that one should abstain fastidiously, carefully and consciously all through his life.  It is a very dangerous feeling that might drag a person into a morality, a lifestyle and a corrupted logic that even he would not be able to imagine.  When one thinks that satan who is living by the most profound level of arrogance would try to deceive him through this feeling until the end of his life, the necessity of adopting a very careful approach against arrogance would be better understood.  

There are lots of subjects with which lower self would drag a person overtly into arrogance. However, along with those, there are also situations lower self can make one live in this feeling secretly and deviously.  Sometimes lower self can use very legitimate, divine and beneficial acts secretly to find a basis for one to continue his arrogance. Behaviors like "reminding the good, giving beneficial advise and making criticisms" are also among those legitimate matters.  
In fact all those acts are compliant with the morality of the Qur'an.  It is a very nice manner, for a faithful person to put forward his opinions on matters that would benefit people around him, that would make them better and more beautiful, that would be instrumental in their attaining a more comfortable and peaceful life.  However sometimes an arrogant person might find a basis that would enhance and nourish his arrogance through such behaviors.  Being in a position to continuously detect the flaws of the others, to correct their mistakes and to advise them, might cause that person to be full of himself more than necessary.  If he forgets that it is Allah Who enables him to make all these determinations, Who enables him to be instrumental in people attaining good, he might get himself into a very wrong belief that would make him feel superior than all the other people around him.  

Moreover, most of the time there is no need for one to make such criticisms, corrections and give such instructions. Sometimes even ordinary daily conversations or opinions and recommendations voiced in between chats or simple instructions given might be sufficient for such people to nourish their arrogance.  

And people in such a situation might not always be aware of the danger they are in. This is because seemingly there is nothing wrong with what they have been doing.  However to be in such a position to lead people; to be someone who has a voice over the others; to be able to have others act as he likes; might cause the arrogance of that person to be nourished and developed secretly. A person might only become aware of this negative development, in a situation that conflicts with his arrogance.  

It is very important for a person who has the risk of being arrogant, to be very alert towards his lower self dragging him into such a danger. Such a person should prefer to adopt an approach in which he would be the one who is led, who obeys and who benefits from and who abides by the wisdom of the others, instead of being the one who leads, who gives advises, who criticizes, no matter how legitimate those might be. Until he becomes convinced that he has totally crashed his arrogance, he should not forget that such a morality would benefit him much better.  Especially in cases that there is 50-50 percent probability for something, I mean in cases that both sides are more or less espousing the same ideas or that both sides are more or less right in the same rate; it is very important for such a person to waive his right and accept the opinions or the rightness of the other side. All these would be instrumental in the development of modest feelings in that person; it would decrease gradually and then put away his wish and claim to superiority over the others and thus enable him to become a compliant, sincere person who is well aware of his weakness.  

Such a person who possesses a higher risk of arrogance when compared to the others, can only take such precautions against his lower self through his fear of Allah, his submission and surrendering to Allah.  His desire to avoid living by a morality that Allah would not like enables him to restrain and train his lower self as he likes.

This is because a faithful person becomes well aware that arrogance is not only a defective belief which affects his manners in daily life or his relations with people. Arrogance is a danger that deviated the satan and caused him to become rebellious –Allah is above this- against Allah and thus dragged himself for eternity into the fire of Hell.  Arrogance is an evil feature of the lower self which one should avoid carefully and fastidiously and which can, just like the satan, drag people to sin, corruption and the Hell. Allah informed people about this threat in the Qur'an as follows:  

When he is told to have taqwa of Allah, he is seized by pride which drives him to wrongdoing. Hell will be enough for him! What an evil resting-place! (Surat Al-Baqara: 206)

Consequently every person who is aware of this fact would take all necessary precautions one could take in order to abstain from arrogance even if his lower self finds it difficult to do so and have no trouble in implementing those precautions.  A Muslim does not forget that Allah loves His servants who submit to Him, who lives every moment of his life with the awareness of his need to our Lord, who has utmost submission to Allah and to the Muslims; who feels no offence and no difficulty in abiding by the people who calls him to goodness, in abiding by the good words; who does not get carried away with his pride and try to have a command over people; who is compliant, humble and good natured. He also knows Allah had revealed in the Qur'an that "He does not love anyone who is vain or boastful". And with his fear of Allah he acts strong-willed in living sincerely by the morality Allah approves until the end of his life.  

Allah informed us in the Qur'an about the morality He demands His servants to live by, as follows:  

"Do not avert your face from people out of haughtiness and do not strut about arrogantly on the earth. Allah does not love anyone who is vain or boastful." (Surah Luqman:18)

The people who truly do have faith in Our Signs are those who fall to the ground prostrating when they are reminded of them, and glorify their Lord with praise, and are not arrogant. (Surat As-Sajda: 15)


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