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RAMADAN 2010 - The 10th Day



Say: ‘My Lord has guided me to a straight path, a well-founded deen, the religion of Ibrahim, a man of pure natural belief. He was not one of the mushrikun.’ (Surat al-An’am, 161)

By One in whose hand there is my life: None shall enter Paradise except one who has got good conduct. (Imam Ghazzali's Ihya Ulum-Id-Din (The Book of Religious Learnings), Islamic Book Service, New Delhi, 2001, Islamic Book Service, New Delhi, 2001, Volume II, p.236)



Love: A blessing bestowed by Allah for believers

Love is a feeling, which finds its real meaning when people think according to the morals of Qur’an. Most people claim that they experience true love. They say that they love and care about the people around them. However, when we take a look at their lives, it would be seen that the love, which they thought would last for as long as they lived, has ended in a very short time and that they don’t love one another as they used to. This situation applies to all bilateral relations between friends, relatives and colleagues.

This is because people look for love in physical and material concepts but not its real place, the soul. Love loses its real meaning once concepts like physical appearance, monetary means, social environment, common culture and occupation step in, and gives its place to a union or friendship based on self-interest. This so-called feeling of love based on self-interest is always temporary.

True love, which a majority of people would like to experience but could never find, can only be experienced when Qur’an’s morality and Allah’s good pleasure are considered. A person cannot find true love without experiencing love of Allah. This is because the only true love is that of Allah. Love for the Creation and manifestation of Allah is a reflection of the love felt for Him. Love felt for a person, a flower or living or non-living beings, is meaningful only if it is based on love of Allah. Love felt for a Muslim is actually love felt for Allah. We love Muslims because of the nice traits of their souls and the superior level of their moral values. And the traits we see in them are a manifestation of Allah. Therefore, when we love them, we actually experience an enthusiastic love for Allah. A Muslim’s love for Allah increases when he thinks about Allah’s eternal power in His Creation; that Allah is the one and true Owner of all beauties; that compassion, mercy, forgiveness manifests in the morality of Allah; that Allah has unlimited intelligence; that He creates everything with perfect wisdom; that He creates the destiny of the whole world and living beings in a perfect manner and that He has eternal mercy and grace, and loves Allah as a servant with love and enthusiasm. He feels a deep love for the Almighty Allah Who created him, gave him countless blessings and beauties. There is no limit for a Muslim’s love for Allah; he loves Allah with an ever-increasing love and excitement.

Allah creates opportunities for people to gain His good pleasure. Our Lord gives believers faith, an understanding to live their lives with consciousness, a mind to understand the Qur’an and power of love. These traits are ways to deepen one’s love of Allah, to appreciate Allah’s superior morality clearly and scrupulously. Love of Allah is a love that includes all loves and the basis of all types of love. It is a love, which gives the biggest pleasure and happiness to the soul. The only way to love Muslims, beautiful creatures and all other beauties, created by Allah, is the unrequited love felt for Allah. One who does not feel a deep love for Allah, cannot love Allah’s manifestations.



The Incalculable Size of the Universe

The delicate balances in the magnificently large universe prove that this flawless order came into being as the result of God's superior creation.

American scientists have discovered the furthest planet from the Solar System, of which our Earth is a part. According to a report on the Internet space site, the planet, the same size as Jupiter, revolves in a narrow orbit around a star 5,000 light years away from the Milky Way. The scientists stated that the planet revolves around the star in as little as 29 hours, and recorded that its surface is very hot, several thousand degrees. Astronomers at the Harvard Smithsonian Center located the star as the result of minute variations emitted by the star around which it revolves. The astronomers revealed that the planet passed in front of the star every 29 hours, during which times there was a reduction in the amount of light emitted by the star. The variation in that light, they announced, was the equivalent of a mosquito passing in front of the headlight of a car 186 miles away. Astronomers have also so far determined more than 100 stars outside the Solar System by this method.

The above scientific discovery indicates a very important truth; the magnificent size of the universe!

Bearing in mind that light travels at approximately 186 411 mps, the distance it travels in 5,000 light years is beyond human comprehension. In addition, that distance is only very small in proportion to the size of the universe, within the Solar System of which we are a part.

Even more astounding dimensions emerge when we consider the size of the universe.

Let us now continue this examination in order to understand the size of the universe... The planet Earth is a part of the solar system. In this system there are nine major planets with fifty-four satellites, and an uncounted number of asteroids all revolving around a single star called "Sun", a middle-sized star compared with others in the universe. Earth is the third planet from the sun.

The diameter of the sun is 103 times that of the earth. To visualize this, the planet Earth has diameter of 7581 miles. If we scaled that down to the dimensions of a glass ball, the sun would be about the size of soccer ball. But the interesting thing is the distance between the two. Keeping to the same scale, the two balls should be 919 feet apart. Some of the objects representing the outer planets would have to be set several kilometers away.

Big though this might seem, the solar system is a quite miniscule in size compared with the Milky Way, the galaxy in which it is located. There are over 250 billion stars in the Milky Way-some similar to the sun, others bigger, others smaller. The star nearest to the sun is Alpha Centauri. If we wanted to add Alpha Centauri in our model system, it would have to be located 484, 669 miles away.

That's too big for almost anyone to grasp, so let's reduce the scale. We'll assume the earth to be as big as a dust-particle. That would make the sun as big as a walnut about three meters from the earth. On this scale, Alpha Centauri would have to be located 398 miles from the sun.

The Milky Way consists of about 250 billion stars with similarly mind-boggling distances between them. The sun is located closer to the edge of this spiral-shaped galaxy than it is to the justify.

Even the Milky Way is dwarfed by the vast size of the whole universe. It is just one of many galaxies-nearly 300 billion of them according to recent calculations. And the distances between galaxies are millions of times greater than that between the sun and Alpha Centauri.

George Greenstein, in The Symbiotic Universe, comments on this unimaginable vastness:

Had the stars been somewhat closer, astrophysics would not have been so very different. The fundamental physical processes occurring within stars, nebulas, and the like would have proceeded unchanged. The appearance of our galaxy as seen from some far-distant vantage point would have been the same. About the only difference would have been the view of the night time sky from the grass on which I lie, which would have been yet richer with stars. And oh, yes-one more small change: There would have been no me to do the viewing…All that waster space! On the other hand, in this very waste lies our safety. (George Greenstein, The Symbiotic Universe, p. 21)

Greenstein also explains the reason for this. In his view, the huge distances in space makes it possible for certain physical variables to be arranged so as to be exactly suitable for human life. He also notes the importance of this huge space in allowing Earth to exist while minimizing the risk of collision with other stars. (For more details, see Harun Yahya's The Creation of the Universe, Al-Attique Publishers Inc., Canada: 2000)

Doubtlessly, the design of the universe is evidence of God's power to establish. The precise balances and all the human beings and other creatures are the evidence of God's supreme power and act of creation. This result discovered by modern science is just a reworking of a truth revealed fourteen centuries ago in the Qur'an:

Your Lord is God, Who created the heavens and the Earth in six days and then settled Himself firmly on the Throne. He covers the day with the night and, each pursuing the other urgently; and the Sun and Moon and stars are subservient to His command. Both creation and command belong to Him. Blessed be God, the Lord of all worlds. (Surat al-A'raf, 54)



 Being a 'right-on' person in the religion of ignorance



The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

And Ayyub, when he called out to his Lord: “Great harm has afflicted me, and You are the Most Merciful of the merciful. ” (Surat al-Anbiya', 21:83)

As is the case with all other beings, we also exist in a state of need. Our existence depends on many conditions: oxygen to breathe, water and nutrients for our bodies' physical functions, for example. The list is endless, for an infinite number of details are essential for maintaining each person's physical existence.

However, all people can survive without giving much thought to meeting their needs. Everything they need for their bodies and their survival has already been provided and put to use. The first example that comes to mind is breathing. Oxygen is essential for survival, but who provides the right ratio of oxygen in the atmosphere? Or, who places the system that takes in this oxygen and processes it so that it can be conveyed to each cell? None of these can be attributed to anyone, for no one has any part in forming the atmosphere or one's respiration system.

This vital need being the foremost, every detail is designed in its most perfect and feasible form. At this point, we encounter a superior wisdom that designs all details and the infinite compassion that the Owner of this wisdom—Allah, the Most Merciful—shows to us.
Allah's mercy is not limited to meeting people's physical needs. Allah created people, placed them in the most suitable place, and, in return, only asked them to serve Him. He also told people how to do this and sent down books and Prophets for this very purpose. This way, Allah made Himself known and called them to religion and moral excellence. These are obvious signs of our Lord's infinite mercy.

Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be single

Al-Mas'udi narrates: "When Ali ibn Hazm, Ibn Siraj and Ibn Abi Said came into the presence of Imam Reza (as) on one occasion Ali ibn Hazm asked the Imam: ‘O son of the Messenger of Allah, we have related from you (the imams of the Ahl al-Bayt) that; EVERY IMAM WILL SEE HIS CHILD BEFORE HE DIES. (Is this true?)’ The Imam (as) replied: ‘Have you added this to the account? APART FROM THE QAIM [HAZRAT MAHDI (AS)]?’ (Al-Mas’udi, Ithbat al-Wasiyyah, p. 201)

Darwinists Risking Humiliation over Their Speculation on a Single Fossil Pinky Finger

Darwinist publications recently and again collectively carried headline pictures of a very interesting-looking life form. This odd creature in the imaginary picture below was heralded to the entire world as a “third species.” The newspapers produced striking captions to support Darwinist claims such as “An unknown hominin!” “A great discovery, neither Neanderthal nor Homo sapiens” and “A Development That Will Re-write the History of Humanity...” Then under these they placed the following picture:

The only source of this picture and the shock propaganda surrounding it WAS A SINGLE FOSSIL FINGER BONE.

Darwinists, who previously produced images of the imaginary Nebraska Man, based on a single boar tooth, together with his family and in a social environment, and who claimed that this shed great light on the supposed evolution of man, have now gone so far in 2010, when the collapse of Darwinism has now been openly declared, as to produce a whole life story on the basis of a young child’s pinky finger, and even to herald it as a third species.

Another example of Darwinists’ Helpless Scenario

Darwinists’ sole justification for resorting to this tale is the fact that this 40,000-year-old fossil was discovered in a cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, Asia. This fossil, which they claimed came from Africa to Asia, seems to have come from a different lineage according to the results of an analysis of mitochondrial DNA, the details of which are set out below, but this conflicts with the fictitious scenario on which Darwinists base their ideas of migration out of Africa. For years, Darwinists have been trying to provide some kind of logical framework for their tale of the human species they refer to as the Neanderthals and Homo sapiens migrating out of Africa into Asia, which tale keeps being refuted by excavated fossils, and the sudden appearance of a different human race has come as a huge shock to them. That is why they refer to this fossil as a “third human species”.

The Irrational Pretext Depicted As Evidence for the Third Species: Mitochondrial DNA Analysis:

Darwinists have again resorted to scientific deception in order to depict a single pinky finger bone as the basis for this tale of a third species. Special terminology was employed in the publications concerned in order to deceive people into thinking the claim was backed up by genetic, and therefore scientific, evidence.

First and foremost, in order to attain an organism’s genetic information, we need to have the DNA in its cells. But we know nothing about the DNA of the life form in question. And without its DNA, it is impossible for us to obtain any information such as what it looked like or its anatomical structure. Indeed, the National Geographic web site, on which the report was published, explicitly stated that it was impossible to talk about the skeletal structure, musculature, brainpower, or appearance, in short about any characteristics of this life form.
The sole source of all the fuss about the fossil in question is Darwinists’ baseless claims to have obtained this life form’s mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). In contrast to the main DNA in the cell, mitochondrial DNA is DNA in the mitochondria and that belongs to the mitochondria alone. Consequently, it is impossible to obtain an organism’s genetic information or physical characteristics through mtDNA analysis.

Scientific Evidence That Denies Darwinists' mtDNA claims

For many years, Darwinists claimed that the mitochondrion, an organelle with its own DNA and responsible for producing energy in the cell, was transmitted by the mother alone, and that changes in mitochondrial DNA components could be followed from mother, to grandmother to great-grandmother and thus back to the very earliest forebear. They claimed that a single branch of a family line could be followed directly on the basis of mtDNA analysis and that the starting point of the first mythical hominid could thus be established.

Two reports in Proceedings of the Royal Society on 7, March 1999 has shown that this Darwinist assumptions about mtDNA is unwarranted. It was discovered that population of a tiny Melanesian island possessed mitochondria in their cells inherited from their fathers. Nature, despite being a Darwinist magazine, confessed that these findings have overturned the mtDNA assumptions.“
A similar report was published on New Scientist magazine website and it was revealed that ninety percent of the mitochondria of a Danish patient came from his father. In the same report, regarding the blow to the evolutionist biologists’ assumptions, it is stated that, “Even if paternal DNA is inherited rarely, it could invalidate many of their findings.”  
Most recently, an article in the journal Annals of Human Genetics reported that all the mitochondrial databases published to date and on which Darwinists relied had been inaccurately processed.  (You can access the details of the information about mitochondrial DNA here.)

As we have seen, the general belief concerning mtDNA has been refuted by research conducted over the last 10 years in particular. Therefore, the definition of a “third species” on the basis of mtDNA analysis applied to the finger is completely deceptive.

The real facts about this discovery are as follows: The pinky finger fossil discovered belongs to a human being. That human being is the same as man living today. In the same way there are different human races in the world today – Eskimos, negroes, Anglo-Saxons, Caucasians etc. – so there were different races in those times. This life form represents one of the races alive at that time. The ornaments found beside the fossil in question, such as a bracelet, clearly show that these life forms had the same concept of decoration and beauty 40,000 years ago that we have today.

The Neanderthals are not primitive in the way that Darwinists maintain. They are no different to human races today. The sole basis for the speculation about them is that they are extinct. You can read our replies concerning the invalidity of the Darwinist deceptions regarding the Neanderthals here and here.



At the time of the revelation of the Qur’an, quantum physics and atomic sub-articles were unknown. But in terms of both the facts indicated by and the sequences of letters within the Qur’an, it contains indications of all past and future sciences.  Another example of this can be seen in verses 37 and 39 of Surat al-Kahf, in which the names and weights of these fundamental particles are indicated in a miraculous manner. (Allah knows the truth.)

The letters that make up the word “neutron” (the Arabic letters Nun-Te-Re-Nun) appear consecutively in only two verses in the whole of the Qur’an. One of these is in verse 18:39, which itself expresses the "neutron mass = 1839 me."

As we have seen, verse 39 of Surat al-Kahf contains references to both the name of the neutron and, in terms of the verse number, of the neutron mass. (Allah knows the truth.) These letters appear consecutively in none of the other thousands of verses, and only in verse 18:39 does the word “neutron” appear.

The same thing applies to the “proton.” The letters comprising the word “proton” (the Arabic letters Be-Re-Te-Nun) appear in relatively greater numbers in the Qur’an compared to the neutron. Only in verse 37 of Surat al-Kahf, verse 18:37, in other words, do the letters comprising the word consecutively from left to right.  The proton mass is "1836-1837 me" and is generally taken as "1837 me." Therefore, the number of this verse is a direct reference to the mass of the proton, "1837 me." (Allah knows the truth.)

* There is no letter "P" in Arabic, the letter “Be” being used instead.

The words "neutron" and "proton" are written essentially the same way in Turkish, English, Arabic and other languages. Another verse that refers to these particles that comprise atoms reads as follows:

… Not even the smallest speck eludes your Lord, either on Earth or in heaven. Nor is there anything smaller than that, or larger, which is not in a Clear Book. (Surah Yunus, 61)


Age: 33 million years
Period: Oligocene
Location: White River Formation, Converse County, Wyoming, USA

If Darwinists’ claims were true, then an odd-looking rabbit fossil with a skull as yet partly developed, with only half ears and a half jaw, should have been found in the excavations carried out so far. But no such semi-developed rabbit fossil has ever been seen. Every rabbit fossil discovered has fully formed, and flawless characteristics, just like the 33-million-year fossil pictured. That being the case, it is meaningless for Darwinists to persist in their claims, since the fossil findings do not support them.

The fact revealed by science is not evolution, but Creation.

''We will pray in Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa''

What He Said

Al-Quds  Newspaper Interview - November 17- 2008

Adnan Oktar:
Jerusalem is the first place that I would like to go. I have never been abroad before. I haven’t been anywhere abroad, but I can say that Jerusalem is the first place that I would like to visit. Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem are the three places that are important for me.But at the end, Jerusalem will belong to Muslims in any case. I tell this on the basis of the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (saas). When the Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes and Jesus (as) returns, Jerusalem and all parts in there will  be completely full of Muslims InshaAllah.  Our Jewish brothers will also be, Christians will also be, but Muslims will also be in a spiritual leadership in there InshaAllah. They will live amicably and brotherly InshaAllah.

Reporter: What is the best solution to the Middle-East problem? What is the best solution to the Palestine problem?

Adnan Oktar: A very strong faith, a very strong bond with Allah, an intense love of Allah, an intense fear of Allah and the spirit of unity and togetherness. Severe avoidance from controversiries arising from seperations among the Islamic schools, providing an all-out support for other Muslims, attaching great importance to culture and knowledge and, approaching incidents with love and keeping in mind that there is certainly good in them will be the solution. Because in the destiny Palestine is already saved. The controversy and disorder have already come to an end in destiny. There are many hadiths giving good news about Jerusalem. We will see this within the next 10-15 years InshaAllah.

What Happened


 Milliyet - June 14- 2010


Mr. Aydıntaşbaş who conveyed the atmosphere of the Summit noted; “The Arab countries are pleased with the increasing trade and the incoming affinity they get from Turkey.” He also stated; an Arab diplomat who indicated in the closed part of the conference that : the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Davutoğlu made an enthusiastic speech about the Arab geography and Israel, and added, “ Despite Davutoğlu’s calm tone he is a good orator. In the conclusion of his speech he (Davutoğlu) told to the 17 Arab Ministers of Foreign Affairs, “Jerusalem will soon be the capital and we will go and pray in Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa all together.”




Love Of Allah

Love is one of the greatest blessings that Allah gives to people. Allah has created people in such a way that they enjoy being loved and loving others. The true source of love in the believers’ hearts is their profound love of Allah. Believers love Allah greatly and, at every moment, strive to gain His love and good pleasure. Whoever loves Allah also loves His creations, feels compassion and mercy for them.

This site seeks to remind people of the importance of feeling love toward our Lord, and the importance of Allah’s love toward His creations and the believers, as well as to demonstrate that the lack of love, which is a sign of those who deny His existence, is a great catastrophe and punishment.



If Darwin Had Known About DNA

Too small to be seen with the naked eye, DNA serves as the data bank of our cells. Information about all the living things around you is concealed within this miniaturized data bank inside every cell of every organism. All the structural characteristics of a rose, an orange, a sparrow, a tiger or a human being are present in the nuclei of the cells that comprise these organisms. Look at your hand that is holding this book. These data stores exist in the nucleus of every single one of the cells that compose that hand.
These DNA molecules are invisible to the naked eye but in terms of their contents and data-storage capacity, they are equal to a library consisting of tens of thousands of books. As you observe the miraculous aspects of DNA, which we can be seen only by magnifying it thousands of times, you will also appreciate how such this minute essential component of life places the theory of evolution in an insuperable quandary. Examining the details of this extraordinary structure will give you the opportunity to ponder the infinite might, incomparable knowledge, scope and dominion of our Lord, Allah (God) and the universe He has created.
However, at the time when Darwin launched his theory, the level of science was extremely backward. Not even the basic structure of the cell had been revealed, let alone the discovery of the helix structure and data capacity of the DNA molecule, which James Watson and Francis Crick revealed nearly 100 years after the publication of Darwin’s book The Origin of Species. Darwin had no means of foreseeing the advances that molecular biology would subsequently make. Clearly, his theory of evolution built on fundamentally flawed knowledge and hypotheses cannot account for the existence of a structure like DNA, which amazes scientists.

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