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Disregarding The Dajjal Movement Brings About The Spread Of Evil

Many politicians, thinkers and intellectuals all over the world agree that conflicts, revolutions, wars, economic crises, turmoil and anarchy are orchestrated by a mastermind and a single center to achieve a certain purpose.

There is a great deal of evidence clearly proving this fact: The way incidents occur, their timing and connections with each other, the fact that these incidents happen in a way that affects global politics, intrinsically irreconcilable powers collaborating in the name of evil, those who advocate love and peace facing worldwide oppression, and the broad analyses of these occurrences in the light of occasional confessions all bring us to the fact that very long term plans are put into practice.

On the other hand, the fact that terrorist organizations, mafia groups and criminals are insistently protected and watched over by seemingly different groups, and that massacres that are easy to prevent are carried out blatantly, are other proofs of the existence of a deep structure that organizes them.

There is Only One Center of Evil

But there is one issue upon which a consensus usually cannot be reached, and that is who or what groups orchestrate the evil activities. On one hand, entities such as “financial barons, interest lobbies, drug cartels, media barons, international giant corporations, oil lobbies” are seen as the focal points of evil, while on the other, some secret committees and some states have also been the subject of studies in this area. But the biggest mistake made in this regard is not looking at the historical facts from a broad perspective and finding the true center.

When considered from a broad perspective, it will become clear that dozens of entities that devise and spread policies of hate actually work in coordination with each other, that these entities share a common philosophy and goals, and that they constitute the pyramid of a major organized criminal organization.

This dark structure that orchestrates all evil is “the movement of the dajjal”, which lexically means “the one who causes mischief, the one with evil disposition, the one who incubates evil deeds and deceives people through lies”.

All of the Divine religions describe this dark entity in great detail and warn that it will strive for disrupting peace and order. This entity is called “dajjal” according to the Muslims’ belief, “antichrist” according to Christians, and “antimessiah” according to Jews. However, although it has many different names, all those names are actually a single entity with the same characteristics.

Realizing the Existence of the Dajjal Movement

To be able to explain the current state of the world, it is vital to draw a comparison between the means of today and of the past. When we go back to even as near as a century ago, we are faced with the reality that the plight of the regions suffering from major catastrophes, famines, epidemics and natural disasters remained unknown to the rest of the world. Gathering and delivering aid for the regions ravaged by major disasters was just as difficult in the past. This was also a factor which added to the extent of devastation, suffering and disasters.

Nowadays, however, with the development of technology and communication, the whole world instantly hears about every incident occurring in any part of the world. It is also possible to extend a helping hand to disaster areas in a short period of time.

Likewise, today, countries have come together, principles that guarantee human rights have been accepted, and an infrastructure has been established that ensures immediate intervention to injustices. Cooperation and solidarity within the framework of common legal sanctions has been recognized as the main principle in all the powerful countries of the world that are considered civilized. Wherever there is an injustice in the world, and wherever people need immediate help, there are plenty of possibilities that allow states, societies, non-governmental organizations, in short, all humanity to instantly mobilize and bring relief to those in need.

However, this system almost never works. While billions of people, including those in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America – and even Europe – are waiting for a helping hand to rescue them from bad living conditions and threats, humanitarian aid is being hindered from reaching these places and people are forced to live in poverty amidst wealth or to perish in meaningless and ruthless wars when they can lead peaceful and safe lives.

Of course, in every period of the history of humanity there have been tyrannical, despotic and cruel rulers who give in to the influence of satan. Humanity, under the tyranny of these draconian rulers, has all too often had to live hellish lives. But at no point in the past has humanity ever witnessed the images of the millions whose rights are violated, who face persecution, live in poverty, are exposed to disasters, face death in refugee camps and undeservedly die in wars, famines and epidemics, as we witness today.

Now, the news similar to that illustrated below, which everybody has gotten used to seeing and even many people no longer care about, are in the headlines:

It has been reported that the number of Iraqis who died in the bloody attacks since 2003, when the US occupation began, might have reached 1.2 million. [i]
Two million children in Iraq are downtrodden.[ii]
Africa faces the worst drought of recent years. Drought threatens 14 million people.[iii]
World global hunger report has been released. According to the report, one in four children is malnourished, and 300 children die of hunger every hour.[iv]
13 million people in Africa die of hunger every year, while in America, the money spent on obesity treatment is around 40 billion dollars.[v]
According to the Global Hunger Index, people in 52 countries have reached a ‘serious and worrying’ threshold of hunger.[vi]
According to the report prepared by the UN dated April 4, 2016, a total of 4,837,208 registered migrations occurred in Syria.[vii]
According to the latest figures of the UN, the number of refugees in the world is 60 million…[viii]
According to the data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), 5,509 refugees lost their lives in 2015 alone.[ix]
In 2014, 32 thousand 658 people lost their lives in terrorist incidents. Since 2000, the increase in deaths in terrorist attacks is as high as 80 percent.[x]
The Global Peace Index indicates that in 2015, political instability, terrorism and conflicts cost the global economy 13.6 trillion dollars.[xi]

The above are just a few of the millions of horrific incidents that have taken place in recent years and increasingly continue to occur today. Above all, these disasters are not prevented even though they can be quite easily.

The fact that such incidents continue unabatedly, and that lovelessness is spreading like wildfire, once again proves that an entity orchestrating all this evil is at work.

The Most Important Ideological Struggle of Today Must Be Waged Against the Dajjal Movement

The greatest ruse and deception of dajjal is to convince the world that “dajjal” does not exist. As for the media organs that are wittingly or unwittingly under the sway of the dajjal movement, and the sycophants of the movement who are seemingly intellectual but actually live for their self-interests, they are a part of this social engineering duty. Whenever the dajjal movement is brought to the agenda, its supporters immediately launch a propaganda saying, “the dajjal movement does not really exist”, “the reign of the dajjal movement is yet to be established”. Dajjal employs such a tactic, withhold any information that will give him away or expose him, and make the majority believe in the lie that all organized evil activities supposedly occur by chance. In this way,

Anti-religious activities
Largely supported perverted philosophies,
Policies that oppress the entire humanity save a small group,
A certain segment of society sharing all the wealth among themselves while the rest of the world is living in poverty,
Worldwide money laundering activities,
Terrorism supported by international powers,
Psychological warfare operations disrupting the social order,
The unscientific Darwinist philosophy being passionately supported,
Materialist lies,
Invasions and wars that are dragged on although unjustified by the public are carried on easily and in an organized manner.

Saying, “there is no dajjal movement “, is the same as saying, “It is meaningless to wage an ideological struggle against entities orchestrating evil.” Doing so will end the ideological struggle before it even begins. Thus, the power and energy of the people will have come under the control of the dajjal movement.

It is for this reason that the “there is no such thing as dajjal movement” propaganda of known circles should not be given credit. The good, who yearn for the reign of peace and love over the world, should unite against the evil by seeking refuge in God, and absolutely wage the necessary struggle against this evilly intelligent entity through wisdom, knowledge and philosophy.


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