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The secret of happiness

WE are living in one of those times when the concept of happiness has become the most common topic in our lives.

No matter in which corner of the world he may be, everyone wants to be happy.

However, a great majority of people suffer from unending afflictions and troubles. Everyone has some complaints. As the number of unhappy people increase, so do the number of psychotherapists and happiness coaches.

Books claiming to disclose the secret of happiness become best sellers all around the world.

Nowadays, people latch on to technological opportunities in order to distance themselves from their troubles even a little bit.

In addition to music, dance, sports, various branches of the arts, television and movies, new types of entertainment such as computer and smartphone games, the Internet, mass-media tools, concerts, festivals and competitions become a way to satisfy the needs of the masses seeking happiness.

In order to ensure a pleasant time and entertain them, each one of these is constantly renewed, developed and is widely available.

Despite all of this, people remain unhappy. Faces are pale and exhausted, eyes gazing into the void, thoughtful and full of anxiety.

While some have financial difficulties, others are struggling with disease or with personal or family problems. While some are in debt, others are in a crisis for not being able to achieve the standard of living they desire or purchase the clothes or food they wish.

Some dwell on how to make ends meet at the end of the month while some think of how they will provide a future for their children.

Some are unhappy because of growing older; some, although young, feel worn out and feel hopeless.

If we look at the suicide rates, the worrying situation of the world becomes clearer.

According to the World Health Organisation’s latest report, about one million people die of suicide each year in the world. In other words, a person commits suicide every 40 seconds. The organisation states that mental health disorders are gradually increasing.

Another finding of WHO is that suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth. For example, it is noted that there has been a dramatic increase in youth suicide in the United States, where 40,000 young people committed suicide last year.

This problem of unhappiness does not only affect adults and youth but children as well. Research reveals that one out of every two children is unhappy.

Germany, the United Kingdom and the US are among countries that realised the danger of this and have included “happiness” lessons in their curriculum.

So, what is the source of this unhappiness pervading the entire world? Economic problems are usually blamed for unhappiness. Financial losses, unemployment, failure, frustration, shame, humiliation, family conflicts, loss of a family member, disease and loneliness are seen as other causes of unhappiness. However, none of these are the real reasons that lead people to unhappiness and despair.

Indeed, many people have indicated that even with no economic hardship, and having vast possibilities, they were still unhappy and due to feelings of emptiness, they may even become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some regrettably take it further and commit suicide.

The truth is the only reason that there is any unhappiness is the lack of spirituality in the soul. This is the only reason behind all the troubles of unhappy people who have lived throughout history. Spirituality is the only requirement to happiness.

Some people believe that they can achieve happiness by material things or reaching ideals they have set as targets.

Even if they have gained financial success, if their spirituality is not strong, when confronted with the slightest difficulty, they lose the joy of life and become desperate and pessimistic. The path to spirituality is by complete surrender to the infinite wisdom of God, the creator of this universe, creator of all living and non-living things and Who has delivered to us through His verses how we can live most truest and most comfortably.

In fact, the only thing that will make a person happy is by loving God, His Creator, Who hears and sees him all the time and Who responds to his prayers and through living with full submission to the destiny God created for him.

It is a clear fact that living distant from God in a world created by Him will only bring misery and destruction. If we pay careful attention, there is a purpose to everything around us. The seas, the lakes, the oceans, the sky, the stars, the mountains, the flowers, the plants, trees, animals, fruits and vegetables; there is a wisdom and goodness in the creation of everything we see or don’t see.

There are thousands of traits in all of them to allow people to live at ease in this world. If people looked at the beauty that God has created with good conscience, they would be teeming with love and a spiritual feeling while witnessing love in the face of such endless art and grandeur.

Then they would know that, like everything around them, every event in the destiny is also created by God with goodness and wisdom.

Therefore, nothing could drag them to grief and despair. If all their goods are lost, he will know his friend God will provide other possibilities; if he will be patient when he gets old or ill, he will be rewarded for his patience; if he loses someone he loves, he knows that his loved one is in the presence of God and will think that he is with God’s eternal protection and will not worry; and if he cannot reach something that he may want, he will pray to God more deeply.

In short, there is nothing that would make him unhappy in this world. The only secret to happiness in this world is to turn our whole being to our Lord who offers countless beauties to us. The only reason that brings unhappiness to the world is that while God has provided countless blessings to people, people tend to not turn to Him or thank Him.

Therefore, unhappy people should seek a solution in faith. God gave us eyes, ears and hearts, which will only find peace when they’re used in accordance with the purpose of creation. People will not be happy if they look around forgetting that their eyes are God’s manifestations and if their ears do not remember God in the voices they hear and if their hearts do not beat with the love of God.

Those who seek happiness should know that only God and His love will make them happy.

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