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Trump’s dangerous rhetoric turns serious

Donald Trump, one of the Republican candidates for the US presidential elections in 2016, continues to spark outrage with outrageous remarks. After being widely criticized for his verbal assault on Scots, Brits, Mexicans and immigrants, Trump once again caused a wave of shock when he suggested that mosques in the US should be closed.

However, that wasn’t the most outrageous thing he said, and his argument that “Muslims should not be allowed to enter the USA at all” set off worldwide outrage. Jeb Bush, another presidential hopeful of the Republican Party, is just one of many who are highly critical of Trump after these provocative remarks.

The Obama administration also criticized Trump for his outrageous suggestions, and Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Advisor for President Barack Obama said Donald Trump’s rhetoric was feeding the propaganda line of the so-called Islamic state (IS) that the US were at war with Islam.

These warnings are crucial and make it clear that measures to discourage such rhetoric are required.

If politicians irresponsibly defend state violence, injustice, hatred; in other words: full-on state terrorism, grim results might follow. Promoting violence, bombings, discrimination, injustice and despotism and trying to turn the world into a prison is no different from terrorists’ philosophy.

Radical groups that claim to act in the name of Islam and leftist terror groups need symbolic enemies that rely on violence, so that the terrorist groups can carry on with their propaganda. However in a world of love and compassion, terrorists will not be able to find any propaganda material.

For this reason, it is important to disprove the philosophy of terror that believes “only violence and terror can counter and solve state terror, fascism and injustice”.

If politicians encourage violence against certain groups in a cruel and tyrannical tone, instead of working to refute such terrorist narratives, the loveless and arrogant language may usher in more terrorism.

Therefore, it is crucial that Mr. Trump immediately abandons this rhetoric, which makes him the number one target of terrorists. He has to apologize for his remarks, make it clear that innocent communities cannot be identified with terrorists and that all types of terrorism can only be wiped out with intellectual efforts through a loving, peaceful approach.

If he changes his language in such a positive direction, he will see that everyone will support him and his opponents seeking to end his career in just about every way, will abandon those efforts.

Hate speech seeking to set off a world war will only create more enemies for those who utter it. Instigateing animosity towards African Americans, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, Africans, Russians, Japanese and other communities will start a fire in the US that will later spread to the rest of the world, and this fire will be very difficult to put out. It is not difficult to guess that once things get out of control, mass psychology can spiral out of control and descend into madness. 

In such an environment, ethnic riots will engulf first the US and then the world. When common sense and reason are lost, there will be no such thing left as the US, France or a peaceful world. It is clear that no one would want to see such a world.

It is estimated that more than seven million Muslims live in the US. Many American celebrities such as David Chapelle, Snoop Lion, Busta Rhymes, Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Will Smith, Janet Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Shaquille O’Neal, Iman, Ellen Bursytn, Rasheed Wallace, Wesley Snipes, Anuse Ansari, Tony Jones, Nicole Queen, Omar Regan, Mos Def and Akon are Muslims. 

A lawyer, Keith Ellison, is the first-ever Muslim to be elected to the US Congress. Barbara Muhammed Sharief was elected as the Mayor of Broward, Florida. More than 20,000 Muslims are active in the US army. All these people are not only a fundamental part of US society, but they are also great assets for the country.

The US, a strong union of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities on the basis of common values, such as democracy and freedom, should protect this diversity through love, compassion and kindness. 

Working to eliminate twisted philosophies leading to hatred with an intellectual campaign and the language of love inherent in the Koran, Torah and the Gospel, will undoubtedly be the best course of action. 

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