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The 'fire' spreads to the West

In the terrorist atrocities that took place with simultaneous shootings and bombs targeting six different locations on November 13th, about 150 people lost their lives. There are more than 350 injured, some with serious injuries. First and foremost, we are condemning this savage terror acts and brutal killings and pray for Our Lord’s mercy on all the ones who have passed away in this assault and ask for the soonest recovery of all the wounded.

We would like to emphasize once again that terrorism has no religion, nationality or faith and can never find any legitimacy. It may not be attributed to a certain country or a region as terror threatens humanity globally stripped of from all virtues and ethics.

This recent terrorist massacre has found its place in history with its being one of the bloodies civilian massacres since the Second World War. At the same time, this is the most atrocious terror attack in terms of the number of casualties in a European city following the one in Madrid in 2004.

The French press gave the headlines for the shootings and assault with phrases like “Barbarity in Paris”, “War this time”, “Horror in Paris”, and “Terrorist slaughter in the middle of Paris”. There was panic and fear of terror because of false alarms in various provinces of Paris where a state of emergency was declared right after the attacks. The streets and avenues were put under tight control by the military and country’s borders were closed. This terrible onslaught called France’s September 11th was in fact heralding the news that the flames of the Middle East were about to spread to the West.

After the shootings and bombings in Paris, the French President Francois Hollande said, “France will be merciless” in her retaliation at what he called “an act of war”. These words spoken by Hollande were in the form of a declaration that the West would not be abandoning its policy of violence that it has adhered to as a solution to terror from its onset and in fact would implement this method in an escalating fashion.

Yet, has anything been achieved with this strategy of “suppressing violence with violence” being put to use for decades?

There is a practical way of making a crosscheck: Looking at its outcome today.

Did terrorism really end by means of the bloody and aggressive policies that the West has been implementing under the slogan of “War on Terror” with all its capacity and technology and spending hundreds of billions of military spending?

Or, to the contrary, has this terror, which started as a spark, grew into a fire that covered the entire Middle East and the Islamic world, and has now spread to the doors of the West? And is it expected to proliferate with further violence in the future?

The current circumstances show that the second option is the result.

This routine, which has failed repeatedly, should immediately be abandoned and the same mistakes should not be repeated. Violence is actually what terror needs to thrive. Obviously, inciting more violence or savagery would only benefit terrorists themselves. Further aggression would simply generate ten times more violence. What we see today is making this evident.

Pushing on with more offensive airstrikes against the Muslim world in the name of “fighting terrorism” will bring about no results other than further loss of innocent civilian lives. Indeed, in the scores of air operations that France directed against the city of Raqqa in Syria after 48 hours after the Paris attacks, no terrorist centers were targeted. Only civilian venues such as a sports complex, hospital and a museum were singled out. And it is reported that a high number of civilians including children, babies, elderly people and women were martyred in those bombardments.

Terrorism, as its name suggests, is a sinister underground formation that follows no law or order. It is not a target that can be destroyed with bombs. Despite this fact, massacring Muslim civilians on the pretext of retaliation, deterrence or prestige is an unconscientious strategy.

What is more, such inhumane killings of civilians are good for nothing other than the disastrous repercussions of arousing hatred and anger in the people of the region and inciting feelings of revenge that would direct them to the insanity of backing terrorist organizations. Those airstrikes are of no benefit or a resolution against terrorism, but on the contrary, multiply the number of furious suicide bombers consumed with feelings of revenge and hatred.

The detrimental consequences of the above put ordinary and innocent people in the crosshairs just as we saw in Paris. However, this is of no significance for some Western arms dealers that look for skyrocketing profits by selling off their stockpile of weapons in those wars in the Middle East, or the warmongers who are at service of some international construction companies in anticipation of rebuilding the Islamic world.

According to their distorted mindset, the loss of a few thousand innocent people’s lives, just as we saw in 9/11, is of no consequence in return of the trillion dollars of income from the wars in the Middle East, which will again be billed to those Islamic countries. The so-called earnings planned by the deep state structures of the West and the terrorist attacks perpetrated by their intelligence services are not limited to only these. By way of artificial crises in the last decades, primarily they intend to disintegrate and perish the Islamic world so as to prevent any possible unity and solidarity amongst them, and consequently annihilate them all. This is how they stipulate presenting the natural resources and wealth of the Islamic world to the exploitation of global secret powers.

Again, using such terror attacks as a tool, they want to escalate Islamophobia with the support they plan to receive from racist and extreme right wing entities in the USA and Europe to eliminate Muslims wholesale from   Western society. By fueling further antagonism against Muslims, one of the desired goals is to build extensive social resistance against the refugee influx. In fact, on the day after the attack, a number of European countries made declarations for shutting out the refugees, which affirms that this sinister plan has come into play.

In the face of this, there is a sincere need for leaders who will hold out against such vile and selfish plans of the deep states, and their merciless and inhumane methods. Brave, honest and virtuous Western leaders and administrators who are resolute to overcome terrorism with love, peace, brotherhood, education and science will be the honored forerunners on the path to peace in the world. 

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