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The PKK does not represent the Kurdish people!

Today, some of the popular media, in line with the USA and Europe, has launched a large-scale propaganda campaign in alliance with various government members, politicians, bureaucrats and academicians. This organized engagement is undertaking one of the most wide-ranging disinformation campaigns in modern media history to date, suggesting that the PKK terror organization are so-called “legendary freedom fighters for the Kurdish people.”

A part of Western communities are naturally under the influence of this social engineering since they are not well informed and not presented with true information regarding this issue which occurs outside their countries and external to their agenda. This is how that mass impact is attained with ease.

As a matter of fact, what is intended with this campaign is to maintain the international support that the PKK terrorist organization needs and to keep the legal state powers that struggle against it under oppression.

However, without even any requirement for comprehensive research, with disclosure of the obviously concrete and fundamental facts, it is strikingly evident that the PKK is absolutely not a representative of the Kurdish people; on the contrary, it is a communist – anarchist structure that suppresses them and a tool utilized by the secret states of the West for a new design of the Middle East.

It is Impossible for the Devout Kurdish People to Subscribe to PKK’s Marxist Ideology!

First of all, the majority of the Kurdish people living in countries like Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran are devout Muslims. Kurdish people are devoted to their faith, have strong family ties, and are faithfully attached to their moral values and traditions.

The PKK is, on the contrary, a terrorist organization following a Marxist worldview and is in denial of all moral values such as family, religion and good morality. Despite its deceptive propaganda these days, it has never deviated one iota from its ideology since the day of its foundation on November 27th, 1978 up until today.

In fact, in an article written by Matt Bradley and Joe Parkinson and published in the Wall Street Journal on July 24th, 2015, PKK members are directly defined as “America’s Marxist Allies” while giving details of the Marxist structure and ideology of the organization.

These words, “The (PKK) fighters often use a vocabulary of Marxist revolution honed in obligatory study of Mr. Ocalan’s writings,” are again mentioned in the same article.[1]

As a mandatory prerequisite of their Marxist ideology, PKK militants hold an atheistic stance. Indeed, the PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan sings the praises of being an atheist (surely God is beyond this) while making all out atheist propaganda in his own books:

"We have nothing to do with religion. Our people must break away from God and that ideology. I strove hard, and eventually broke away from God. I went past God. And I was thus able to become Abdullah Öcalan...”[2]

The Acts and Practices of the PKK and Its Immorality are in Direct Opposition to the Moral Values of Kurdish People

The most essential attribute of the PKK, which has martyred more than 40,000 people through bloody terrorist attacks, is being a treacherous murder squad. What is more, a total of 18,000 people who were in opposition, resistance to or reluctant to support the PKK were assassinated in bloody inter-party executions. Only from June 7th, 2015, more than 100 innocent soldiers, policemen, village guards and civilians were perfidiously martyred by the PKK.

On the other hand, the PKK is a primary participant in Asian-European narcotrafficking in the Middle East, and its monitoring of drug traffic is a principal source of finance for the terrorist organization. The Foreign Secretary of the USA gives the following information on this matter:

"In February 2012, the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned supporters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) who ran significant drug trafficking networks based in Moldova and Romania, and in July, an estimated 1,700 Turkish police and soldiers participated in a major crackdown on drug trafficking by the PKK in southeast Turkey."[3]

Furthermore, the PKK is a structure legitimizing all kinds of immorality and sexual perversion in its own establishment. The PKK militants even humiliate themselves to the extent of wearing women’s clothing and makeup when under pressure.

Claiming that such a bloody terrorist organization legitimizing such acts of deviance and acting like a classic mafia with murder, narcotrafficking, degeneracy, treachery and dishonor as its hallmarks would somehow be representative of the faithful, noble and honorable, God- fearing Muslim Kurdish people has no grounds in terms of reason, logic or conscience. Far from supporting the PKK, our Kurdish citizens have been greatly disturbed by this group for about 40 years and have stood against them with all their might.

The PKK Inflicts the Gravest Tyranny and Persecution on the Kurdish People

In order to create support, the PKK has implemented all methods of oppression, threats, tyranny, torture and murder on the Kurdish people right from the day of its foundation, knowing that the Kurdish people will never give the PKK their voluntary support.

For four decades, a majority of the people martyred by this communist terror organization that has turned into a nightmare for region’s communities have been the Kurds. This terrorist group holds Kurdish storeowners and businessmen for ransom, seizes their properties, and abducts the children of defenseless and desperate Kurdish families to the mountains by force and turns them into PKK militants. The Governorate of the city of Şanlıurfa in Turkey has recently stated that based on data received from Kurdish families over the last six months, a total of 3,000 children were kidnapped and taken up to the mountains.

The PKK uses the civilian Kurdish population as human shields through intimidation by arms in their confrontations and assaults. By this means, while treacherously hiding behind our innocent citizens, it multiplies the losses of the Kurdish people in order to create an image as if these incidents can be chalked up to civil commotion.

Whilst the purpose of the PKK is to divide Turkey and establish a communist Kurdistan on the Turkish homeland, the Kurdish people living on that land harbor no such desire. In recent surveys carried out in the Southeast region of our country it is abundantly clear that the Kurdish people are not in favor of separation.

As it is seen, the PKK is neither a legal representative of the Kurds, nor an ethnic Kurdish freedom movement. Imaginary concepts like the Kurdish issue, the Kurdish movement, the struggle for freedom of the Kurds, or a quarrel between Turks and Kurds are tools that the PKK and its supporters use on their path to their ultimate goal of a communist Kurdistan.

People of Kurdish origin live in every part of Turkey without any discrimination and consider themselves as citizens of the Turkish Republic and they are indeed first -class citizens. Coercing our Kurdish citizens to separate from Turkey and live within the borders of a communist Kurdistan and assuming they will desire to enter into the lands which they have lived freely for hundreds of years by showing passports and visas is not at all rational.

That being so, the worst misdeed and the most reprehensible conduct against the Kurds would be to regard them as part and parcel of the PKK, just like the circles we have mentioned above and hand them over to the hands of this perfidious and murderous mafia.

[1] http://www.wsj.com/articles/americas-marxist-allies-against-isis-1437747949
[2] Abdullah Öcalan, "Sümer Rahip Devletinden Demokratik Uygarlığa" [From the Priestly Sumerian State to Democratic Civilization], Vol. 1, December 2001, p. 204
[3] http://www.state.gov/j/inl/rls/nrcrpt/2014/vol1/223081.htm

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