Harun Yahya

A 155-million-year-old squid

In the fossil record, there is not even one example of a living being to evolve from a different  species through slight changes. All the fossil specimens people have found show that every being was created with its own specific characteristics. And they have never undergone any changes as long as they lived. One of the proofs that shows this fact is this 155-million-year-old squid fossil.

Haberturk, 20 August 2009

A 155-million-year-old squid fossil, which was found in Wiltshire, England during excavation baffled the researchers. In course of excavation, the palaeontologists who uncovered an ordinary-looking stone, encountered an ink sac of a squid undamaged for millions of years. The researchers, which removed calcareous part of it, succeeded in making it a writable ink, with ammonia solution.  

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