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An artificial, false player: The PYD/YPG

Is the PYD/YPG, which Western public opinion has been made to regard as the only force actively fighting ISIL on the ground, as effective as they think? Or is it merely a symbolic player being encouraged to put on a false show as part of its role in the region?

There is a constant stream of statements by Western statesmen, government spokesmen and politicians and from the Western media about the PYD (and its armed wing, the YPG) being literally the antidote to ISIL. Yet the concrete facts show that this claim has no other aim than to protect the PYD by depicting it as a useful ally of the U.S. and an important player in the region.

Members of the PKK/PYD who are unable to fight in the plain field

It is a fact known to all, but one generally ignored, that the PYD is the Syrian wing of the PKK terror organization. Now, let us remember the recent conflicts in Kobani. When ISIL turned its attention to Kobani, all the neighboring villages and numerous YPG positions soon fell into ISIL’s hands. YPG militants, who initially suffered hundreds of casualties in Kobani and were on the point of surrendering the town, were then saved from annihilation against ISIL at the last moment thanks to intensive and continuous bombing by U.S. and coalition forces. ISIL was forced to pull back in the face of these irresistible aerial assaults and abandoned the town. While the truth is out in the open, in  international public opinion, the YPG, barely able to save its skin by hiding behind the coalition forces, was depicted as a hero that had won a great victory over ISIL as part of the U.S. policy of portraying this terror organization as an essential player.

The fact is, however, that even Cemil Bayık, a senior member of the KCK executive committee, the senior body of the PYD/PKK, has admitted that they could never fight the enemy off in close combat in an open area. In response to the question asked by Turkish journalist Amberin Zaman, Al-Monitor correspondent; "ISIL has some very modern weapons. Aren’t you having trouble combating them?" Bayık said, "We are used to fighting in mountainous terrain and now we are forced to do so in open plains."[1]

In short, apart from terrorist methods such as perpetrating cowardly attacks with long-range weapons from its hide-outs in the mountains, avoiding close combat, laying ambushes and planting mines in valleys and along roads and detonating them by remote control as part of its decades-long tradition, the PKK lacks the ability or the courage to fight out in the open plains. The PKK has been waging its 40-year war on Turkish territory using those insidious methods. These terrorists, too cowardly to fight honestly out in the open, are now active in Syria.

The PYD Is Arming Children

The great majority of the YPG’s forces consist of youngsters aged 16-20 with no experience of combat. The YPG has a serious lack of troops to defend the territory it has occupied in the region of Rojava. It could never hold onto those areas against the threat of ISIL and other opponents without U.S. and coalition air support. It therefore forces local inhabitants, including very young boys and girls, to take up arms.

A Human Rights Watch report dated July 15th, 2015, titled "Syria: Kurdish Forces Violating Child Soldier Ban" stated that the PYD's armed forces, the YPG and the YPJ, are still arming child soldiers despite warnings.[2] Indeed, the great majority of the dead bodies belonging to the YPG militants sent from Syria back to Turkey up until last month were those of boys and girls aged 16-17.

The main armed forces of the YPG thus consist of children with no military or logistical ability, inexperienced civilians and PKK terrorists coming from Turkey afraid of fighting out in the open fields. In addition, various marginal types and groups such as psychopathic drug addicts from various parts of the world with the urge to kill and people hankering after a Marxist revolution have also flocked to join the PYD. However, since they too are devoid of any ideology or combat experience, they will no doubt collapse in the face of an onslaught and seek to save their own skins.

Cantons are Gifts to the PYD from the Syrian Regime and the US

The PYD did not win any of the settlements it now occupies in northern Syria along the Turkish border through fighting for them itself. These areas, which unofficially belonged to the PYD before that, were surrendered to it by the Syrian regime in order to prevent their coming under Kurdish control and collaborating against the regime after the civil war. Indeed, a letter of collaboration sent by Öcalan to Bashar Assad via his lawyers in April 2011 openly says that the PYD will support the regime in return for official powers in the north of the country. The PYD actually runs some of these areas, for example such as the canton of Jazira, together with Syrian regime forces.

Another important factor contributing to the PYD’s possession of territory is the U.S. Through its intensive aerial bombardments, which have caused ISIL to withdraw from the region, especially along the Turkish border, the U.S. delivered the region into the hands of the PYD. One sign of this is that 1,200 of the 1,774 aerial attacks conducted by the U.S. and coalition forces against ISIL were intended to support the PYD, not other opposition forces. This was described in the Western media as the ‘freedom fighters, doves and heroes of democracy’ of the PYD/YPG freeing their own people and land by achieving a victory over ISIL. The fact is, however, that it is a terrorist organization, one that represses its own people in Syria and what is celebrated is a false victory attained through U.S. bombing.

The PYD is more of a heavily armed mafia-type organization than a proper military force. The PYD is only strong enough to use that mafia force to terrorize and oppress the civilian population in the areas it occupies, pillage their possessions, drive the local Arabs and Turkmens from their lands and eliminate the  Kurdish civilians opposed to them. Its only guarantee in the face of a possible threat from ISIL or the opposition is U.S. air support and, to some extent, the forces of the regime.

The PYD even uses the U.S. as a threat to drive the civilian Arab and Turkmen populations out of the regions it occupies. It threatens that unless they evacuate those regions, it will give their coordinates to the U.S. Air Force and have them bombed.[3]

In the face of all these concrete facts, the only reason why the PYD/PKK is portrayed in the international public opinion as an effective force struggling against ISIL, as a movement fighting for freedom and democracy in a manner that defies all logic, is the efforts made to conceal the terrorist nature of the organization and to turn it into a legitimate body recognized across the world which gained the right to settle and establish a state in the area. That is because the PYD/PKK is to be used as a founding element for the planned communist Kurdistan that will constitute a buffer zone and a satellite state along the Turkish border. The U.S. is unaware of the true cost of that horrifying scenario. We hope that the U.S. will realize the error of its ways before it is too late and the foundations are laid for a communist state that will drench the world in blood.

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