Harun Yahya

Let Us Strive for Love, Friendship and Brotherhood

Grief, anger and hatred: All these negativities damage the human body and soul, and even give rise to decay. That is the reason why so many people on the streets look depressed, the reason for their deep wrinkles, their hopeless way of speaking and their uneasy expressions.

These people come up with so many justifications for lovelessness and such peculiar ideas that the efforts they make along those lines are quite thought-provoking. A tendency toward conflict and fighting, and some people’s living far removed from love, are important problems that need to be resolved.

Love is delicious and easy. The human soul delights in it. When the soul is loveless, the result is collapse and weariness. A wretchedness that can extend to the worst depression is always the result of lovelessness.  Lovelessness leads to tension, and tension to diseases such as hernia. Lovelessness lies at the root of all stress-related diseases.

The human body senses love, and becomes very bright and vivacious when it receives love. The brain comes to life. The mind and the soul come to life. A love powerful enough  to affect the body can only come from love of Allah.

Someone who loves Allah will love all of our Lord’s creation. He will be determined with a scrupulous virtue deriving from fear and love of Allah.

Love represents one of Allah’s commands in the Qur’an. Faith is essential for true love. If love is based on worldly causes, it will inevitably end in disappointment.

How can love be a solution to problems?

“Love can eliminate all the problems in the world”

Those who regard that sentence as over-ambitious and who even object on the grounds that it is “unrealistic,” may perhaps have never  thought about it in detail. However, it is an absolute fact. First of all, someone who loves becomes generous, altruistic and gentle. He will think of others before himself, and will strongly avoid offending people in word or deed. Imagine a mother who loves her child; she will be scrupulous about its comfort, tranquility, education, food, safety, cleanliness and everything. Mothers generally think much more about their children than about themselves. They put them first in everything.

Someone who is full of love will always be in favor of peace, goodness and altruism. Everyone will behave as people who have renounced their own interests. When that is the case, when they see someone in need, his needs will be met without their needing to be told twice, or when there is a dispute, compromise and a solution  will be sought right away.

Since everyone will put others first, there will be nobody in need. Nobody with any needs of any kind will be left to fend for themselves, because love will be the basis of everything, and the altruism and mutual aid required by love will naturally be implemented.

Love is essential if a person is to unconditionally recognize the goodness and beauty of the other side. Otherwise it is impossible to display such a moral value.

Let us imagine the opposite state of affairs. Of course egoism will prevail where hatred reigns, where love is never even on people's minds and when people are wary of one another and tense. It will be impossible to settle disputes and establish calm because everyone is out for his own interests and never displays any altruism.

Paradise is the abode of love. Love, affection and compassion are fine things and are peculiar to Paradise. With a bit of effort and determination we can also build a climate of shining love in this world, too, and what is more we can ensure that people everywhere abide by it. To do that, we need to increase the number of people with enlightened souls, who are filled with a joyous love, who protect everyone and always seek what is good.

Weakness of love is the main cause of problems and disputes

Weak love is a general problem among Muslims. Even arguments over very minor issues among Muslims can turn into major problems if they are never talked through. It is most thought-provoking how two people or two sides that strive for Allah, serve the same aim, obey the Qur’an and believe in the same prophet can nonetheless become diametrically opposed.

This weakness of love among believers and the divisions that stem from it are a major problem that needs to be resolved.

Above all else, a Muslim must regard another Muslim as his brother in faith. In the verses of the Qur’an, we have an obligation to try to resolve a problem when one arises between brothers: 

The believers are brothers, so make peace between your brothers and have fear of Allah so that hopefully you will gain mercy. (Surat al-Hujurat, 10)

Problems between Muslim communities generally stem from the fact that they are not acquainted with one another, or even imagine one another to be completely different, yet that is easy to resolve. They must begin to meet, speak, eat together, hold meetings, accept such invitations and strengthen their brotherhood by offering one another friendship. Then they will begin to understand one another. When each group sees that another is also striving for love, that will be instrumental in increasing brotherhood in faith. Shortly after that, people of peace and good intentions will come together and peace will rule the world.

We can succeed in this by insisting on peace with determination and patience, building brotherhood and keeping love on the agenda. The more we espouse such virtues, the more progress love will make. That is the tremedous effect that espousing peace, brotherhood and love can have. Love will not come to a stop. If people are determined it will progress and move forward, but that needs to happen in a determined manner.

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