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Mr. Adnan Oktar’s letter addressed to Mr. John Bass, Ambassador of the United States of America

Mr. John Bass, Ambassador of the United States of America,

May I first extend my congratulations to you and the entire American people on the recent 239th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and express my sincere hope that the American people and nation will remain independent, strong, secure, happy and prosperous till the Doomsday.

I would like to offer some information concerning the recent developments in Syria to which you referred in your statement at your Independence Day reception and to clarify certain points that might be open to misinterpretation:

1. You say in your statement that, “The American administration and Turkey have a consistent view concerning the principles and they are clear to have conveyed their expectations to the PYD. … clear to convey their expectations to the PYD to respect the mentioned principles in the areas where the group has recently been able to repel ISIS.”

I would first like to make it clear that the PYD is not a legitimate organization to which expectations can be conveyed, but a terrorist organization, and recognized as such by international bodies. It is as unacceptable to have dealings with the PYD and to convey expectations to it as it would be to convey expectations to the Taliban, ISIS or al-Qaeda.

As everyone knows, the PYD is the Syrian branch of the PKK terrorist organization. Officially founded in 2003, the PYD states in its founding declaration that it regards Abdullah Öcalan as its ideological leader, and that in terms of legal administration it is affiliated to Kongra-Gel (the Kurdistan People’s Congress).

The PYD is a movement that acts under the umbrella of the KCK, the supreme body in charge of all PKK organizations in Europe and the Middle East. It represents all the components of the supposed confederal state system, also including the PKK and the PYD, in other words the dreamed-of Independent Communist Kurdistan. The executive council of the KCK represents the executive power of this supposed state of Independent Communist Kurdistan, and is its supposed government. It controls the PKK and all the armed groups representing subunits of the PKK and all its organizations in the region: One of the bodies under this umbrella is the PYD. The PYD is therefore an extension of the PKK, not only ideologically but also in structural and material terms. It is no different to the PKK.

It will be remembered that the PKK is a separatist terror organization responsible for the martyrdom of tens of thousands of Turkish citizens, members of the military and the police, also including innocent women and children, in some 80,000 acts of terror over the last 30 years. Its sole aim is to establish a “Communist Kurdistan” comprising Southeast Turkey, a part of Iran and the north of Iraq and Syria.

The PKK is planning to establish the northern part of this state of Communist Kurdistan by breaking away the southeast part of Turkey. Meanwhile, backed by foreign powers seeking to take advantage of the power vacuum in the region, the PYD is striving to prepare the southern part of Communist Kurdistan by breaking away areas of Syria and Iraq. Neither group has any qualms about committing all kinds of acts of terror, murder and crimes against humanity in the light of that objective.

In brief, the PYD and PKK are nothing more than different names for organic units of the same illegal terror organization but that are active in different regions. From that perspective, seeking to legitimize the PYD while regarding the PKK as a terrorist organization represents a policy of double standards.

In conclusion, there can be no question of the Republic of Turkey collaborating with, assisting or working and acting in concert with these illegal, separatist terror organizations that have been striving to tear the country apart for decades, from inside it and without. The Republic of Turkey will never negotiate with such organizations.

2. Your Excellency, elsewhere in your statement you say that, “Turkey and the US have common concerns against the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham [ISIS] in northwestern Syria along the Turkish border," and that ISIS should be prevented from controlling border areas in northern Syria along the Turkish frontier and every group who has a presence over the border should combat ISIS.

First and foremost, it needs to be made clear that it is of course impossible to legitimize or in any way support ISIS’s bloody activities in the region. However, it is also a fact that ISIS has never engaged in any attack on Turkey’s security or territorial integrity, that it has never engaged in any activities against Turkey and has never exhibited any intention of doing so. Turkey’s priority is not ISIS, but the PKK-PYD-Kandil triangle that has targeted the country’s territorial integrity since the day it was founded, is intent on establishing a “Communist Kurdistan” and has slaughtered tens of thousands of our citizens to that end.

Of course the Republic of Turkey is taking the appropriate military and logistical measures along its southeastern border to protect its own territory and national integrity in the face of any potential risks that may arise because of the turmoil and confusion in the region. However, it is impossible to accept our country being drawn into uncertainty and turmoil in the framework of “Turkey declaring war directly on ISIS,” as some international circles are so insistently encouraging. You will appreciate that the Republic of Turkey is perfectly entitled to shape its own foreign policy and military decisions in the light of concrete facts and its own national interests.

A large part of the border region in Syria is under the control of the PYD. The point requiring particular emphasis here is that a strategy based on strengthening a terror organization in order to neutralize the violence of radicalism is a mistaken one.

While all eyes are turned toward ISIS, the PYD’s inhuman policies of ethnic cleansing of the local Arab and Turkmen people in the occupied region are being ignored.

The violence inflicted on local peoples by the PYD in the territories it has seized, including those Kurds who are opposed to it, is increasing by the day. It is implementing a blatant policy of ethnic cleansing of Arab and Turkmen peoples through methods such as terror, repression and exile. The massacre it perpetrated at Kamışlı last year is still fresh in people’s memories. Most recently, it forced local residents from the town of Tal Abyad to depart and now prevents Arabs and Turkmens who sought shelter in Turkey from returning to their homes by closing the border crossings.

While establishing cantons in Jazira and Ayn al-Arab and the corridor area between them, the PYD is seeking to systematically change the demographic structure. It is installing its own people in places that local inhabitants have been forced to leave. It intimidates Kurds who oppose its own ideology. It is striving to create a “Communist Kurdistan” in the region, where neither Kurds nor any other people will be able to live happily and in peace.

That being the case, it is impossible to regard such sensitivity to the terror perpetrated by ISIS while never mentioning the ruthless terror and oppression committed by the PYD as a just and unbiased attitude.

Your Excellency,

ISIS is on the wrong path, and is behaving and acting in a totally unacceptable manner. However, ISIS cannot be turned away from that path by guns and bombs. As President Obama said in a recent statement, ideologies can only be defeated by better ideologies.

In the view of the Qur’an, the one and only source of Islam, the right thing is not to kill people who are on the wrong path, but to try to lead them to the true path through education and good advice. As with a part of the Islamic world, ISIS has made the error of adopting radicalism in the name of Islam by being caught up in profound ignorance. Therefore, the most important measure that needs to be adopted against ISIS, the only effective means of halting it, is a wide-ranging cultural and educational activity against radicalism and fanaticism.

This is the only solution to ISIS, as it is to all those Muslim communities that have fallen into the error of adopting a radical perspective. Radicalism can only be overcome by telling people of the true faith in the Qur’an and explaining, with evidence from the Qur’an, that radicalism is incompatible with the essence of Islam.

In addition, history shows that military methods based on responding to violence with violence serve no other purpose than to increase the scale of the violence, inflict disaster on the region and then spread that tragedy across the world in an irreversible manner.

A communist state of Kurdistan in the region will be of no benefit, but a serious loss to Turkey and its friend and ally, the USA.

The fact that the PKK-PYD terror organization is a Marxist-Leninist and Stalinist communist organization is clear from countless statements by its leaders, and particularly Öcalan, and the policies adopted by and actions and methods carried out by it. The organization enforces a policy of intensive Marxist-Leninist and Stalinist education on its members. It expresses this communist philosophy in all its statements and imposes a communist ideology based on violence on its supporters and militants.

For decades, the organization slandered the USA and the West of heading a capitalist and imperialist order with classic communist clichés. More recently, however, it has donned a mask of support for “the modern West and democracy” and sadly has thus succeeded in attracting financial and military support from certain countries.

However, it is not improbable that this communist organization, one that has adopted betrayal as a way of life, will join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as soon as it achieves legal status. In that event, the satellite state that the Western superpowers planned to construct as a base for themselves in the region will momentarily come under the control of other blocs.

The recent visit by the HDP, serving as the PKK’s political representative, as a guest of the Chinese Communist Party is highly significant in that context.

We think that for a country such as the USA, which has opposed communism in a determined manner for so long, to enter into collaboration with and support such an organization will produce no positive outcomes for itself or its allies and that it would benefit the USA and the coalition it leads to reconsider the issue.

Yours sincerely,

Adnan Oktar, Honorary President of the Foundation for Protection of National Values

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