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A Month of Ramadan When Goodness Will Spread Across the World

Civil wars, bloody attacks and raids that have been continuing for many years, far or near, represent a major responsibility for all Muslims. In order for these deep-rooted problems that affect the whole Islamic world to come to an end and for our innocent brothers and sisters in faith to be freed, we must mobilize all our resources, great and small, and strive with all our might. We must not forget that millions of Muslims are praying to Allah for help and support from their Muslim brothers.

As we all witness close-up from our own neighborhoods, various disputes and problems between people are generally brought to an end through the blessed month of Ramadan. Muslims discharge their obligation to give alms in a more sensitive and generous way during Ramadan. The poor and needy are welcomed at tables set out for the iftar and sahur meals. Feelings of brotherhood, affection and compassion are strengthened. The month of Ramadan ushers in many delights that people would wish to see on every day of the year. The best thing, of course, is to maintain these moral virtues after the month of Ramadan, in line with Allah’s approval. Improving our morality every day in this world, a place of training, is a major issue and responsibility.

Everyone has a major religious obligation to spread goodness in the world, as his means allow. Every good deed on the path of Allah, every kind word, all activity intended to strengthen brotherhood and everything done for His sake will, by Allah’s leave, be well rewarded in this world and the hereafter. Describing the beauties of Islam, in both words and one’s own behavior, and spreading the life style of our blessed faith, one of love and peace, on the basis of verses of the Qur’an, is one of the most important of these obligations.

Goodness can be spread in the world primarily if believers are united, if they grasp feelings of brotherhood in the finest manner and if they embody compassion. Even if believers live in different parts of the world and speak different languages, even if they belong to different sects and communities, it is Islam, bestowed as a blessing by our Lord, which unites us and makes us brothers. Allah reveals this brotherhood among people who believe in Allah and strive to the utmost to earn His approval as follows in verse 103 of Surah Al ‘Imran:

Hold fast to the rope of Allah all together, and do not separate. Remember Allah’s blessing to you when you were enemies and He joined your hearts together so that you became brothers by His blessing…

In fact, the whole world needs Muslims to be united. The bond of brotherhood commanded in the Qur’an can best be ensured through sincere faith. This bond is far more realistic than all individual and social relations in this world, a sincere and honest foundation that never weakens. What makes solidarity among Muslims different to that among other people is that through the strength bestowed by their loving one another for the sake of Allah, believers enjoy a great spiritual power. Therefore, even if they are few in numbers they acquire the zeal and will to emerge victorious over all difficulties through the strength endowed by faith. As Allah promises in the verse, “… You shall be uppermost if you are believers” (Surah Al ‘Imran, 139), they constitute a spiritual force that can be instrumental in bringing peace and tranquility to the whole world.

The reason for much of the conflict in the world is that many people live by poor moral values far removed from the Qur’an, such as lovelessness, hatred, enmity, self-interest and selfishness. It is therefore of the greatest importance for goodness to be disseminated across the world, to feel an urge to serve without expectation of reward, and for people who are sensitive, rational, just and altruistic and who reject all racial or sectarian discrimination to spread out worldwide. This spiritual force that will emerge when Muslims fully live by the Qur’an and that will bring peace to all those who are oppressed will, by Allah’s leave, be able to eliminate all the carelessness and ruthlessness of some people.

We must never forget that it is unacceptable for someone who sees the signs of immorality, ruthlessness and inhumanity all around and who is troubled by this and desires a society filled with peace and love to remain apathetic in the face of events even for a moment. Our Muslim brothers must contribute to this by living by the moral values of the Qur’an, the only solution to the wickedness in the world, and by encouraging others to do so, to the full extent of their powers. They must strive on the path of goodness and beauty and work to spread the delights of Ramadan across the world.

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