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Moderate Islam Means the Islam of the Companions

Where did the term moderate Islam come from?

Is there a link between moderate Islam and modern Islam?

An intolerant and perverse faith that has become particularly widespread in recent times has generally become referred to by the name of ‘Islam.’ Certain circles  have bestowed the name of ‘Islam’ on what is actually a fanatical faith and they have transferred their fears of that fanatical faith in the direction of Islam. The name of Islam, a monotheistic faith, has come to be equated with ‘fear.’ Islamophobia is appearing all over the world. Yet people are unaware that their fears stem, not from Islam, but from that fanatical faith. They have failed to see that the fanatical faith created by the peddlers of superstition with the name of Islam  is not the real Islam. Neither the radicals emerging in the name of Islam nor the Islamophobes who fear those radicals realize that the true Islam has nothing to do with this  terrifying, loveless and hate-filled faith. The radicals of Islam have inflicted damage on the whole world, but on Muslims most of all.

That explains the emergence of the term ‘moderate Islam.’ As if there were a savage model of Islam and a moderate one, those Muslims who oppose the savagery of the radicals have begun being described as ‘moderate' Muslims. Voices opposed to Islam have in their own view given their approval to the proponents of moderate Islam, but regard them as weak in the face of the radicals.  They have even described this as ‘reform in Islam’ and the proponents of moderate Islam as ‘reformists'. The fact is that nobody has been able to show that this was not reform but real Islam. Although the opponents of Islam approve of the ‘reformists,’ their belief in the strength of the radicals deriving from violence - and that these radicals represent Islam - has grown even stronger.

Muslims who support peace and are devoted to the Qur’an are not trying to soften, reform or moderate Islam: Our aim, as Muslims who advocate peace, is to use knowledge to eliminate a falsehood that has been propagated under the name of Islam for many years. Our aim is to eradicate radicalism, nonsense and fanaticism and that nonsensical faith that has nothing to do with the true Islam and to describe the true Islam with supporting evidence from the Qur’an. It is to put an end to the great slander perpetrated against Islam by the radicals.

‘The Islam of the time of the Companions’ has nothing to do with the fanatical concept of Islam today adopted and applied by a large part  of the Muslim population in the world; indeed, the two mindsets are diametrically opposed to one another. The fanaticism applied  by many Muslim societies is a superstitious and devilish faith filled with nonsense and distortions that emerged after the time of the Companions.

The Companions Applied Modern Islam in the Finest Manner

Modern Islam is not a modernized form of Islam, a modern mindset or a form adapted to modern ways of living. Modern Islam is not a covert admiration for intellectualism, communism, various degenerate cultures and superstitious philosophies on the part of some Muslims, who fail to grasp the lofty nature and superiority of Islam and who are wracked by feelings of inferiority and other such complexes.

Modern Islam is far superior to all concepts past and present, and in fact represents the loftiest possible idea of modernity. The source that best describes this ultr-amodern quality of Islam is the Qur’an itself, the word of God. Therefore, modern Islam consists of a pure and sincere life based on the most accurate understanding of the Qur’an. In short, modern Islam expresses that idea of the modernity that lies at the heart of Islam.

Our Prophet (saas) Was the Most Modern Human Being

Modern Islam is the Islam of our Prophet (saas) and the Companions. The most modern person in the world is our Prophet (saas), who understood and implemented the Qur’an in the finest way. Of course, our Prophet (saas) applied the concept of modernity within the framework of the socio-cultural conditions, the means and the general technological level of his own day, and taught and recommended that lifestyle to believers.

For example, while today’s radical mindset regards it as legitimate for women to be ill-groomed and unhealthy - and apparently wants them to resemble men - our Prophet (saas) definitely prohibited women from looking like men and men from looking like women, and commanded that women should always be well-groomed, wear make-up and look attractive. Devout women of that time would dye their hair and were exceedingly well-groomed, and would make use of all the materials available in that age, such as henna.

Had the Messenger of God (saas) been living today, there is no doubt that he would have been the finest example of the modern man and modern religious devotion. Of course, what we mean by 'modernity' is not just a narrow sense of wearing designer clothing and generally living a luxury lifestyle; being the most modern person of all involves being the most high quality person in terms of moral values, understanding, culture, intelligence, awareness, depth, behavior, attitudes, personality, clothing and dress, esthetics, art and love, and of setting an example to others in those respects, and being well- loved and admired.

The Only Salvation for the World Lies in People Living by the Modern Islam of the Time of the Companions

There is no other salvation for the world other than living by modern Islam. God will not allow any model other than the faith he has selected for mankind to flourish and survive and reign over the world.

Were the true Islam of the time of the Companions in existence today, by God’s leave, none of the horrors currently occurring in it would be happening. There would be none of the troubles, scourges and pains currently afflicting the Muslim world, and the Western world would be dealing with an immaculate model of Islam entirely different to the model it had been familiar with before. Rather than being hostile to such an immaculate faith, people would be doing everything they could to be friends and allies with Muslims and to become a part of Islam. They would personally witness that Islam is superior to all religions, faiths and thought systems. There is therefore no reason why the whole world should not accept the Islam of the time of the Companions. Indeed, by the will of God, people will  see this happening very soon.

A Muslim who lives by the modern conception of Islam of the time of the Companions will put love and humanity above all else. He would watch over and protect, not only Muslims, but also Christians, Jews, members of other faiths, Alawites, Shiites and Wahhabis; he would protect communists and atheists, too. He would embrace Armenia, Greece, Russia, Israel, Europe, the USA, China and all countries. He would respect everyone’s opinions and lifestyles. He would desire a world ruled by democracy, love and science. Muslims will strive to unite and build Islamic Unity in a spirit of brotherhood, putting an end to all the petty disputes and disagreements among them. They will then work for all mankind to come together under the umbrella of Islamic Union.

Fanaticism Is a Terrible Scourge for the West

The way that Muslims have abandoned the Islam based on the Qur’an and instead adopted a radical way of thinking  has inflicted enormous pain and darkness, not only on the Islamic world, but on the Western world  as well. The radicals bear the greatest share of the responsibility for the way that both Muslims and non-Muslims have come to have a  false understanding of Islam and thus live bereft of this great blessing and mercy of God.

As a result, unaware of and divorced from true religious moral values, the Western world has been suffering for many years. Monstrous ideologies such as Darwinism, materialism, fascism and communism, which flourished in  the absence of the true faith, have come to dominate the world. Scourge after scourge has poured down on the people of the West and paralyzed their souls.

Since people’s souls have become atrophied and they have lost all their fervor and faith, arts such as the novel, music, painting and sculpture have progressed no further than the Middle Ages There has been a steep decline in the numbers of people capable of that producing works of that power, quality and honesty. There has been a huge step back from the magnificent buildings of the 18th Century, which have now been replaced by cold, soulless and unattractive blocks of concrete. There is nobody left capable of producing the great works of art of the past.

By God’s Leave, the Age of the Companions Will Return with the System of the Mahdi

The world is in its death throes. The only power that can pull the world and mankind back from the brink of death is the system of the Mahdi. The faith will be restored to its essence in the time of the system of the Mahdi, the true Islam of the time of our Prophet (saas) and the Companions will guide the world and all mankind will be enlightened by the radiance of the Qur’an.

In an appearance on A9 TV, Mr. Adnan Oktar summarized a general outline of the time of the system of the Mahdi as follows:

“It will be just like the time of the Companions. The joy of that time, the liberty, the conception of women’s freedom, the sense of humor, the spirit of love and the conception of art and science of that time will, Insha’Allah, prevail across the world.”

One verse says this about those who strove to spread Islam and who were the forerunners in the faith:

“The forerunners – the first of the Muhajirun and the Ansar – and those who have followed them in doing good: God is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him. He has prepared Gardens for them with rivers flowing under them, remaining in them timelessly, for ever and ever. That is the great victory.” (Surat at-Tawba, 100)

Adnan Oktar's piece on News Rescue:


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