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The Effects of One-Sided Darwinist Education

By spreading the lie that there is no purpose to human life, Darwinist education turns people into psychologically sick individuals, pessimistic and psychopathic, devoid of all hope and joy.

One of the examples of this is the Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik. Breivik admitted to perpetrating twin terror attacks in Norway on 22 July, 2011. One of these was a bomb attack on the government building in Oslo in which 8 people died. The other was an attack on a Labor party youth camp on the island of Utøya. Sixty-nine people lost their lives in that attack.

Before the attacks, Breivik set out his views in his ”European Independence Manifesto.” On page 1518, he stated that he regarded himself as a champion of the scientific world view and modern biology. Among the books he “most valued” was Charles Darwin's Origin of Species.1  According to Breivik, "a perfect Europe" must include the laws of social Darwinism.2

On page 1202 of his book, Breivik says that he entirely agrees with  the Darwinist biologist from Princeton University Lee Silver regarding the re-implementation of eugenics. He agrees with Silver’s view that radical policies will have to be applied in the future if the world population is to be reduced to less than half of the current figure, or 3.8 billion.3 On the same page, Breivik makes it clear that he has signed up to Darwin's argument that "genocide and natural selection … go hand in hand ":

“Even if the second and third world countries ignores the call of this ”hegemony” [to stop having babies], nature will correct their suicidal tendencies as they are unable to feed their populations.”4

Breivik goes on to say that there must be no intervention in this natural process, or famine:

“If starvation threatens the countries who have failed to follow our [population capacity] guidelines we should not support them by backing their corrupt leaders or send any form of aid.”5

“Food aid to 3rd world countries must stop immediately as it is the primary cause of overpopulation.”6

These words written by Breivik in person clearly show that he had lost all moral values because of his Darwinist education, as a result of which he cold-bloodedly perpetrated his terrorist  attacks that cost the lives of dozens of people.

Another example of the moral collapse and savagery caused by Darwinist education is the American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed and ate 17 children before he was caught. In a last interview with the Dateline NBC channel immediately before he was put to death, Dahmer made the following statement:

“If a person doesn’t think that there is a God to be accountable to, then what’s the point of trying to modify your behavior to keep it within acceptable ranges? That’s how I thought anyway. I always believed the theory of evolution as truth, that we all just came from the slime [by chance]. When we died, you know, that was it, there was nothing.”7

Darwin’s superstition that has poisoned vast numbers, turns people into serial killers and even makes them psychopathic enough to eat human flesh. That is what comes of this false religion that seeks to indoctrinate people with the idea they have no responsibility to a Creator, that convinces them they are purposeless, irresponsible and aimless entities, that regards human beings as animals and that seeks to turn people away from the fact of the hereafter by portraying death as the end.

Darwinism was the worst deception and scourge of the last century, killing, oppression, terror, mass slaughter, degeneration and afflictions of all kinds for the last 200 years. DARWINISM WAS THE WORST DECEPTION AND SCOURGE OF THE LAST CENTURY, and was behind the world wars and the communism and fascism that led to irreligion, racism and mass slaughter in societies at one time.

The unfortunate effects on society of this dark scourge initiated by Darwin have persisted down to the present day. The latest book by Richard Dawkins, one of the most committed devotees of Darwinism today, contains suggestions far removed from belief in God that will inevitably lead to pessimism and despair. One of the most significant instances of this was the way that  Jesse Kilgore, a 22-year-old student in America, committed suicide under the effect of Dawkins’ book he was recommended by a teacher.8

The effect of Dawkins’ terrifying views based on the sinister ideology of Darwinism are by no means limited to that example. In the foreword to his book Unweaving the Rainbow, Dawkins himself admits that fact:

“A foreign publisher of my first book confessed that he could not sleep for three nights after reading it, so troubled was he by what he saw as its cold, bleak message. Others have asked me how I can bear to get up in the mornings. A teacher from a distant country wrote me reproachfully that a pupil had come to him in tears after reading the same book, because it had persuaded her that life was empty and purposeless. He advised her not to show the book to any of her friends, for fear of contaminating them with the same nihilistic pessimism.”9

This sinister scourge, Darwinism, is a perverse religion that inflicts death, murder, despair, lack of feeling, terror and savagery and encourages people to think they are nothing more than animals that came into being by chance. The few remaining representatives of that faith are still striving with all their might to turn people away from belief in God. That is why they strenuously oppose the teaching of the weaknesses of Darwinism in schools, hide away fossils that prove creation, and never admit that protein cannot come into being by chance and that more than 350 million fossils totally refute Darwinism. Yet despite all these measures, people in the 21st century are no longer taken in by lies. All the efforts made to keep Darwinism propped up after it was exposed as a fraud have been in vain.


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